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1 Jun
In honor of the old adage "You are what you tweet", I have analyzed the president's tweets from last month as our nation faces unprecedented times, including numerous racial justice protests all around the country and a public health crisis that has killed over 100,000 Americans.
In the month of May, the president tweeted 1083 times.
The mean (±SD) number of tweets per day was 35 ± 21, averaging to about three per hour for a 12-hour “work” day. The day with the largest number of tweets was May 10th, which was Mother’s Day. He tweeted 125 times.
65% of @realDonaldTrump tweets are re-tweets. Of those, 11% are self re-tweets, and 7% are White House re-tweets. These do not include re-tweets by other Trump affiliated accounts, including Team Trump or War Room Trump.
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24 Apr
👋 I’m a scientist who's spent the last decade of my life doing research. Everyone reading or watching the news lately has been exposed to more science & data than they could have ever imagined (or hoped for), AND THE TIME HAS COME TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT HOW SCIENCE IS DONE!
Most scientific research is funded by federal agencies (@NSF, @NIH, @USDA, etc). These agencies are allotted funding by Congress every year, and they then decide how to dole out that funding to researchers.
Researchers like me do not just get handed money to do our research. We have to apply for grants to do so.

These grants are REALLY competitive!!

For example, the NSF and NIH fund around 30% of proposals that they receive.
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19 Apr
It may surprise no one to learn that as a scientist with a PhD in animal behavior, I keep the company of nerdy friends who like to host PowerPoint parties and drunken lectures. Lucky for you, I’m here to share my latest one that was a hit. I present to you:
5. Sneaky-f&$*%er males

This is an *actual term* used by biologists. Here’s the sitch. You might look at this image and think this is a nice happy fish family.

But you’d be wrong.
In some animals, like these plainfin midshipman (which, by the way, sing!), large males (middle) defend territories for building a nest & keeping their young safe. Attracted by their hums, females (right) choose between these large males & release their eggs in their territories.
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11 Mar
One word for why this red tape, though unpalatable in time of a crisis, is necessary: Theranos
This is the thing we should all be angry about - “The availability of testing for coronavirus remains uneven, with some people able to easily obtain tests in certain parts of the country while others have been turned away.”
How many people are presenting symptoms but being turned away or denied testing because they are not “high risk”? I’ve heard several such stories in DC, and surely there are others in places where it has spread.
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22 Jan
As someone who has suffered through a number of TBIs after a freak accident, I can assure you that the most important part of your body is your brain. When it can’t function properly, you can’t function properly....
A TBI is so much more than headaches and migraines. It’s feeling imprisoned in your own body. It’s not being able to do simple and normal tasks that you used to. It’s anxiety and depression, driven by the fear that you’ll never be normal again. It’s chronic pain and confusion.
It’s loneliness because it’s an invisible injury and people look at you and think it can’t be that bad because from the outside, they can’t see how broken you are.
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18 Dec 19
Impeachment proceedings but where votes are cast anonymously so that the remaining time is spent in a whodunnit frenzy because the numbers don't line up
Hmm, well I’ll be, they are anonymous! Now I’m eyeing that ‘Yea Republican’ column and praying for a defector to make this whodunnit dream come true...
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21 Aug 19
I had dinner last night with a Peace Corps volunteer who spent over three years living in Honduras. What they described was a living hell. They saw multiple people, including kids, get murdered. They saw violence escalate because of territory disputes by cartels....
They saw families living in fear for their safety because of these wars and because of gang violence run amok. Even if you’re on the fringe of these associations, you’re a target. You can’t escape the violence unless you get out....
As of 2012, Peace Corps volunteers are no longer placed in that region. As for locals, something I hadn’t realized is that only the relatively wealthy can attempt to get out using coyotes. They pay up to an entire year of wages to do so....
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9 Aug 19
Since the 1996 Dickey Amendment, the CDC has been forbidden to research the public health epidemic of #GunViolence in the United States. Lucky for you, I don’t work for the CDC but am a scientist who recently spent some time gathering evidence from publicly available information.
Listen: one of the coolest things about the United States is that it serves as a natural experiment. We can look at all of the differences among our states to ask and answer meaningful questions.
What every American should be asking themselves right now is this: what is the evidence that guns are not the problem, that good people with guns stop bad people with guns, or that gun control doesn’t work?
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6 Aug 19
As an American, as a Texan, as a person of mixed race with an Hispanic family, and as a scientist, I turned my anger and sadness from these weekend’s mass shootings into an opportunity to take a closer look into the public health epidemic of #GunViolence in the United States.
A diverse melting pot of people and ideas, our country sets the stage for a natural experiment across state lines in which we can use the variation across states to actually test ideas and hypotheses, including the effects of guns and gun laws on gun violence.
Common assertions are that guns do not cause violence, people do; the way to stop bad people with guns is good people with guns; and strict gun laws are ineffective at stopping gun violence because people will find a way to get them.
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28 Jan 19
I have tried to read the comments but there are JUST SO MANY! Of those I did catch, I saw some repeated comments/questions come up that I’d like to address:
I wasn’t paid for 60 days because I schedule my own pay, once a month, and I didn’t know the shutdown would affect my pay when it was scheduled for late December. That payment never came.
I *just* scheduled my pay, so we’ll see when it comes in. I’m lucky enough to get back pay, some friends are not so lucky. I’m really sorry for those of you out there in that situation, and I hope that you’ll be okay.
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25 Jan 19
As a furloughed scientist, I thought it worthwhile to use my PhD skills to look at evidence for the president’s claims of a national security crisis & whether his desire for a wall is an adequate justification for a government #shutdown that has cut off pay for 800,000 Americans.
What every American should be asking themselves right now is this: what is the evidence that our border is so unsafe that it constitutes a crisis and the need to #BuildTheWall? Evidence that would be needed to support such a claim are that...
(A) there has been a dramatic increase in people crossing our border over time, (B) there is an increase in crime with an increase in immigration, and immigrants commit more crimes than those within our borders, and/or (C) current strategies for border security are ineffective.
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3 Jan 19
Back at work today and thought I’d finally put an idea I’ve had into action: a power fem board that I can look to for inspiration when I need that extra kick to meet my goals. 🤜🏼🤛🏼
@AOC - Best of luck tomorrow!!!!! 🙌🏼
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