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। मूल कर्तव्य: क्षत्रिय इतिहास अध्ययन ।
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5 Nov
Dhārāvarsha Parmar(Marwad Branch of Parmaras)was one of the most distinguished figures of the Indian history, who offered strong resistance(along with Mulraj Solanki) to the Ghurid invaders led by Muhammad of Ghor in the Battle of Kasahrada(1178 A.C)

When Muhammad of Ghor reaching Ābū in his further march, he was opposed by the joint forces of the Chaulukyas,Chahmanas & Parmaras led by Chief Commander Durjanshal Jhala included the armies of thier feudatories
__ such as the Abu Parmara ruler Dharavarsha,Naddula Chahamana ruler Kelhanadeva,the Jalor Chahamana ruler Kirtipala.

Muslim forces suffered heavy casualities; a number of there soldiers were killed & Muhammad was wounded.The Muslims thus lost the field and retreated to Guzni.
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4 Nov
Rana Raj Singh of Mewar defeated Aurangzeb Thrice.

Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Marwar broke mosques & built temples on them during Aurangzeb's rule.

Kunwar Bhim Singh broke 300 mosques in Gujarat in retaliation to Aurangzeb's farman on Temples.

Kaha hai ye history books me?
Only Mughal emperor to b killed by an Indian was killed by Maharaja Ajit Singh of Marwar, mughal emperor was Farukhsiyar.
Sawai Jai Singh got mughals to remove Jaziya & Bathing tax at Gaya.
Evn after all this,our history is strategically sidelined & ignored both by left & right.
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21 Oct
A teenager who fought invaders to protect his motherland & grew up among those invaders.
Conquerer of Pashtuns, Baltis, & Tibetans. Liberator of Duggar Desh, Uniter of squabbling kingdoms of J&K.

Remembering Maharaja Gulab Singh ji Jamwal on his birth Anniversary.
Had he been an opportunist, he would have taken the British proposal of ruling Peshawar & Jalalabad, but instead he was a liberator who chose Laddakh, he's the reason of Laddakh being part of India today.
He first made a name for himself in 1808, when he fought alongside his clansmen in defending Jammu unsuccessfully against a Sikh army sent by Ranjit Singh. Subsequently, in 1812, Gulab Singh enlisted in Ranjit Singh’s army, becoming the commander of a Dogra cavalry contingent.
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20 Oct
Absolute exaggeration of FACTS.

It wasn't the Mughals who made Mathura-Vrindavan a focus of Krishna Bhakti, but solely the efforts of Rajput Kings like Raja Man Singh & Bir Singh Bundela.
Rajputs literally snatched the rights to construct temples in these places in Mughal rule.
Raja Man Singh I was the ruler of Amer and a devoted Hindu and Krishna Bhakt, he built the famous Govind Dev Temple at Vrindavan at a cost of Half a Million Rupees of those times all from his pocket, it was because of his own stature that no one could appose this construction.
He not only built this temple but built & renovated thousand other temples throughout India, and even in Jammu & present day Pakistan.
Not only this he built a temple of Lord Hanuman in Delhi, present day Hanuman Temple in Connaught place is the same temple.
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17 Oct
On the Auspicious Occasion of Navratris, a manifestation of our Civilisation's celebration of Maa Shakti, an extension of the importance of women in our culture, sharing a glimpse of a British view on the Position & importance of Rajput women in their families in the early 1800s.
"There was 1 respect in which the Rajput could vie with the most civilized men of any age or clime, namely, in his devotion to the fair sex. Like the ancient German or Scandinavian, he consulted his wife in every transaction; from her ordinary actions he drew the omen of success,
In spite of her incarceration, the influence of the
Rajputani in public, as well as domestic affairs, was
often far more powerful than that of her husband.
Nothing fired his resentment more speedily than an offense against female delicacy,
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16 Oct
Tributes to Veer Banda Vairagi on his 350th Birth Anniversary. 🙏🏻

One of the greatest War generals, slayer of Wazir Khan(Mughal Governor of Sirhind), conquerer of Shekhs & Saiyads (Battle of Sadhaura) & upholder of Kshatriya Dharm.
He was born in Jammu in a Minhas Rajput family. Image
In the Battle of Chappar Chiri, 1710, Banda's forces killed Wazir Khan, the Governor of Sirhind who was responsible for the martyrdom of sons of Guru Gobind Singh. Two days later the he captured Sirhind. Banda Singh was now in control of territory from the Sutlej to the Yamuna.
He was a Benevolent ruler & ordered that ownership of the land be given to the farmers, to let them live in dignity and self-respect. He also abolished the taluqdaari system. In 1713, Banda Vairagi captured Kalanaur and Batala. In 1715, he was captured after an 8 month siege at
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13 Oct
And this is the copy of the letter in which Rani Lakshmibai writes to Maharaja Mardan Singh to fight against the British.

Here Lakshmibai writes in Braj Bhasha-

“हमारी राय है कै विदेसियो का सासन भारत पर न भौ चाहिजै और हमको अपुन कौ बडो भरोसो है और हम फौज की तयारी कर रहे है”
- Our opinion is that foreign rule should not be allowed to take over Bharat, and we are confident on ourselves, and we are preparing our army.

But sadly, the history of Raja Mardan Singh has been forgotten in the history books of Indian schools and cinema.
Rani Laxmibai is not concerned just about Jhansi, but Bharat. Also notice her use of Vikram Samvat and Hindu calendar which was prevalent in the Bundelkhand.

Source: “Bundelkhand Ka Vismrat Vaibhav: Banpur” by Kailash Madavaiya, Pub. Manish Prakashan (author), 1978.
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12 Oct

Arms:Tiger statant,in chief a tilak proper.

Crest-A dexter hand ensigned with a flame proper.


Motto-मृगेंद्र प्रति द्वन्द्व ताम्मा प्रयात्॥
"Do not fight with or make war against tigers."

The Katar is Favourite weapon of the Baghels.
The State belongs to the Baghel branch of the Solanki or Chaulukya Kshatriyas Which played a very important part in the history of Gujrat before the Baghels migrated to the country called "Baghelkhand" after them.

The founder of Baghel Branch of Solanki Rajputs was Vyaghra Deo.
The popular account connects the house of Rewah with the village of Vyaghrapalli 'the tiger’s lair,’ lying some ten miles to the south west of Anhilwara,which gave the name of Baghela to the dynasty.
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6 Oct
A King who revived Classical Indian Music in Central and Northern India.

Who founded the Dhrupad style of Indian Music and also wrote Mana-Kutuhala.

The great musician Tansen was also initiated in his Gharana before going to Akbar's court.

Maharaja Mansingh Tomar of Gwalior.
According to S.M. Tagore "Gwalior Gharana" begins with ManSingh Tomar. When Sufi tradition was dominating India and Arabic,Persian music covered its form at that time._____
___Mansingh Tomar propagated a serious style " Dhrupada" and made a remarkable and commendable contribution in upholding the ancient traditions of Indian music.

In the field of music Man Singh's main object was to re- establish the lost glory of #Indian_Classical_Music.
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5 Oct
#Hathras case:

Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party leader Kamal Bharti announced Rs 1 Crore to any man from Kshatriya community who will bring his daughter/sister to sleep with him.

Here, the Bhabhi of the victim is inciting people to rape Kshatriya women. How r we related to this?
This case is a perfect example of how political vultures and propaganda media outlets can incite hatred against a whole community? What is our fault or how are we related to the so called Assaulters of this case?

Another addition to our systematic targeting in last 70 yrs.
Don't want to comment on the merits of this case but afa the oppressor Thakurs are concerned, the picture of the house on the left is that of the Oppressor Zamindar Thakur.

On right is the house of that victim.

People can understand that who is capable of being the oppressor.
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5 Oct
Rajputs and the Bhoodan Movement

The largest donation to Bhoodan Movement was done by Raja of Ranka GIRIWAR PRASAD SINGH who donated 1,10,000 acres(all of his private uncultivated land so that it can be distributed to poor & marginalised sections).

@RakeshSinha01 sir JFYI :)
Rajputs for last 70 yrs are institutionally demonized for being the oppressors/dictators and what not by both the left as well as right, while very conveniently ignoring the fact that same Rajput rajas made the highest donations for a cause that would have any way not sufficed
their interests, little did they know that after 70 yrs of democracy not only they but their whole community will be projected as Dakus/Looteras and oppressors.
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2 Oct
Lord Rama on the Gold coin of Vigraharaja IV of the Chauhan Dynasty of Ajmer. (Circa 1150-64)

Lord Ram is seen holding a bow & arrow in this coin with “Sri Ra Ma” written in Devanagari above bird and flower symbols across field / “Srimad Vigrahraj-deva” written in Devanagari. Image
Vigraharāja IV was the greatest ruler of the Chauhan dynasty who enlarged his dominion over a large part of north & western India, consisting of states of Delhi, Haryana Rajasthan, UP, Uttarakhand & MP. His capital was located at Sakhambari or Sambhar (ancient name: Stambhapura).
Vigraharaja conquered the region between the Himalayas & the Vindhyas and reinstated Bharat as Aryavarta by defeating Ghaznavid dynasty, routing them to greay extent. Shivalik Pillar & Prabandh Kosha define him as 'Conquerrers of Malecchas' who kept safe the boundaries of India - Image
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29 Sep
☀ Status of Women in Ancient & Medieval India ☀

On left is a sculpture of a women adjusting her ear ornament by looking into a mirror located at Rani Ki Vav at Patan built by Rani Udayamti Solanki

At right is a women warrior with swords in both hands locate at Jaisalmer Fort. ImageImage
Amazing fact is that Rani Ki Vav is a 900 yr old structure built by Solanki Rajput Queen and the usage of Mirror was still a prevalent practice then, whereas the common usage around the world started very late, though we have evidences of invention of a mirror in AEA 1200 BC.
Second sculpture is frm the 800 yr old Jain temple at Jaisalmer fort built by Rawal Jaisal the Bhati Rajput king.

Sculptures both at Jaisalmer & Patan indicate how much important women were in Indian society & were not only confined to the indoors bt wr seen as warriors as well.
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26 Sep
'लहू दासता का क्या जाने जौहर व्रत की परिभाषा को'

Wokes are calling Jauhar as a patriarchal & misogynist action.

But wokes don't know that Jauhar can't be seen in Isolation, Juahar & Saka r part of a combined action. Where Rajput men used to fight till their last breath & women-
used to give supreme sacrifice by entering into fire. It wasn't like women were forced into fire and men were partying. Both gave the supreme sacrifice, men were respected for not bowing down to the enemy but sacrifice of women was seen as even greater to those men -
& Even today those women are seen as embodiment of Maa Shakti.
This practice was taken as a last resort, where the men and women promised each other to meet in their next life, while positioning the Honour of their house as supreme and continuous while life as a mortal.
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24 Sep
I am not sure by 'our' you mean Indians or Bengalis(as you are).

Those who don't understand the nuances of diplomacy, let me tell u.
Battle of Haifa has been an important part of our shared history with Israel & a key stone of our diplomatic success with Israel in last 70 yrs.
A war was fought against a common enemy of both Britishers & India: Ottoman Turkey, the centre of Sunni & Hanafi school of thought.

Battle of Haifa is still a great example for defense logisticians & strategists around the world, an example of Indian soft power and muscle power.
Maharaja of Jodhpur himself volunteered for the battle as the enemy was none other than the Ottoman Turks, and kept the Hyderabad forces away from the main battle, seems like he was a greater visionary than you.

Regarded as 'The Last great cavalry charge in World History'
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23 Sep
Remembering the Brave Warriors of Jodhpur & Mysore Lancers who under Major Dalpat Singh Shekhawat & later under Aman Singh Jodha won the city of Haifa from Ottoman Empire with just a band of 700 soldiers.

The outnumbered Rajputs under Dalpat Singh fought & defeated Turkish
machine guns during which Major Dalpat Singh attained martyrdom.

The Leader of Baha'i Faith was sentenced to death on the eve of the attack and hence Major Shekhawat decided to directly face the enemy charge rather than waiting for it to be neutralised. Image
The Teen Murti Chowk of New Delhi renamed as Teen Murti Haifa Chowk, Battle for Haifa as a symbol of friendship between the people of India and Israel.

September 23 is celebrated as Haifa Day in India and Israel every year as a mark of respect for the soldiers. Image
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23 Sep
Remembering Maharaja Hari Singh ji of J&K and on his birth anniversary.

He was a great visionary, true patriot & a great social reformer.
He made primary education compulsory in the state, introduced laws prohibiting child marriage, & opened places of worship for Harijans.
Maharaja Hari Singh demanded an equal status for all Indians at par with Britishers at Round Table Conference in London.
In the conference presided by British Crown, he roared and said: “ I am an Indian first, and then a Maharaja”.
He advocated self rule for Indians.
He consolidated his vast empire with people belonging to different ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

He opened gates of temples for people of marginalised sections of society and can be rightly termed as true social reformer.
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22 Sep
Rao Jodha Ji's statue at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Rao Jodha ji(1438-89), one of the greatest rulers of Rathore clan and founder of Jodhpur city, formed an alliance with several Rajput clans like Deora's and Bhati's & attacked & defeated Delhi sultante, capturing Merta, Phalodi,
Pokran, Bhadrajun, Sojat, Jaitaran, Siwana, Nagaur and Godwar from the Delhi Sultanate. These areas were permanently captured from Delhi and became a part of Marwar, making it 1 of the powerful state of Rajputana.

Rao Jodha ji made a treaty & tactical alliance with Rana Kumbha,
the treaty came to known as 'Awal-Bawal ki Sandhi' in 1453. The treaty aimed at recognition of power of Rao Jodha in Rajputana and taking on of muslim sultanantes around Rajputana in Gujarat and Delhi.

Rana Kumbha's grandmother Hansa Bai was aunt (Bua sa) of Rao Jodha.
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15 Sep
Remembering CAPTAIN ARUN SINGH JASROTIA, Ashoka Chakra, SM | 9 PARA (SF) on his martyrdom day. 🙏🏻

Captain Jasrotia led the hunt for terrorist on an arduous climb of 10 hours, at a height of 3000 ft in Lolab Valley, J&K aftr receiving info that 20 terrorists were hiding - Image
in caves there. As the troops reached the location, fierce gunfight broke out, with para boys coming under heavy rocket and gun fire.

Seeing that his troops were in danger, Capt Jasrotia in a bold move, killed one terrorist with his commando knife.
He then lunged forward towards the cave and killed one more terrorist with a hand grenade. Still moving forward towards the cave, he was hit by a bullet in the shoulder and was grievously injured.
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11 Sep
The Gop temple at Jamnagar, is one of the earliest surviving Sun Temples in India, constructed around 6th cen.

Built by Suryavanashi Maitrika Dynasty, which ruled Gujarat from their capital Vallabhi, till 754 CE.

Suryavnshi Mewar Dynasty is considered to be their descendants. Image
The ancient temple of Gop is considered the earliest surviving stone temple of Saurashtra.The temple is an unusual architectural variation on the Nagara style. It has resemblances with early Dravidian temples of Pattadakal and Aihole. Image
There are two figures of deities in yellow stone inside the shrine. They are locally known as Rama-Lakshaman. The Ram figure has high square Mukuta or head-dress while Lakshamana has low crown. The temple features iconography of Vishnu, Skandha, though Surya being the main deity. ImageImage
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8 Sep
Only unread Pendulums like @madhukishwar can disregard contribution of Chauhan dynasty in Indian history.

From Arnoraj Chauhan to Vigrahraj to Prithviraj Chauhan to Hammir Dev Chauhan to Ajay Raj Chauhan to Panna Dhai Chauhan, Chauhans have given great fighters to this country.
While Vigrahraj Chauhan crushed Turks, Ajay Raj Chauhan defeated ghaznavids, Arnoraj Chauhan defeated the Yamini Dynasty, a kingdom twice of his. The great Hammir Dev was one of only 2 warriors who defeated Khilji, & Panna Dhai who saved Rana Udai was a Khichi Chauhan rajput.
But she knows only 1 chauhan who too died fighting for his motherland but will miniscule not only Chauhan but whole Rajput community. What does she mean when she says Itihas ke Haare huye Khiladi? Either she doesn't know Or conveniently ignores the fact .
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