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Apr 3, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
1. The fear that BJP has whenever #RahulGandhi walks on the streets! Law Minister of India attempts to slander RG by talking about “generally”. Generally, the government governs rather than become the PR Executive to the PM. & the drama that Rimini refers to is actually the PC by 2. Sambit Patra where he asks 4 Questions to #RahulGandhi taking 16:30 min of repetition of “jale mein ghee & kate par namak.” Mind you, this chap is the national spokesperson of the BJP. Of the 4Qs, 2 are about OBC insult. Any person in their sanity will never believe that Rahul
Apr 3, 2023 7 tweets 4 min read

मोदी जी की छवि धूमिल नहीं होनी चाहिए

That’s the biggest concern the PM has when he meets officers from the Armed Forces! @SupriyaShrinate you hammered the beetle 🌰 back in his mouth by showing him all the instances of failure of RajDharma under him

2. What is the obsession of the PM with his image? & why should India suffer if the image of the PM crumbles under the heaviness of his inflated ego? Do not we deserve better? Do not we deserve answers?
Answers? We never get. Because the media is way too scared to question the PM
Apr 3, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
1. #BharatJodoYatra imparted the Congress with an important lesson - that of “triumph of love over hate.” Nafrat ke Bazaar mein Mohabbat ki Dukaan was the single most important takeaway for everyone in the Congress & the opposition. It worked. & it should have continued. How? 2. Rahul Gandhi should have led a Ram Navami procession in Amethi. & so should’ve Congress leaders & cadres across the length & breath of India. It has a symbolic connection to the Exile. Congress led Ram Navami processions would’ve signified the victory of love over hate.
Apr 2, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read

देखिए ना
कहाँ खो गया विकास
खो गया या सो गया
छोड़ दे जो बुझ गया
छोड़ दे वो आश

ढूँढते हैं
चक्षु मेरे
नौकरी छुप रही यहाँ
छुप रही या चुप रही
कोई तो पूछो कहाँ 2.

कीर्तन थे जो
आज गर्ज़न बन पड़े
ख़ुशियों के चौराहों पड़
क्यों आग बारूद चल पड़े
डूबता है देश मेरा
सूर्यास्त प्रेम का हो रहा
जल रहा मकान तेरा
मानुष हृदय सो रहा
Apr 1, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
1. India has become a Fool’s Paradise
Those who “dare” to speak the truth are persecuted & mocked upon. Those who spread propaganda laced with falsehood & lies live through a govt sponsored programme of Rewards & Recognition.
In the studios of news channels, each day is a sorry Image 2. demise of journalism. Stories of state oppression, big corporate cons, farmers’ protest marchs, criminal mismanagement of pandemic are blacked out. Not one ‘journalist’ has the courage to ask the govt for facts & question its actions.
What you instead see are Hate Stories & Image
Apr 1, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
1. “Sansad Bhavya hona chahiye”
Listen @Aloksharmaaicc brick by brick dismantle the vainglorious king’s megalomaniac project at the graveyard of democracy. When you build a new Parliament by destroying Democracy, the building will be a relic of what India

2. was when Parliament heard voices of dissent so powerful that they still echo in the chambers of the old house. A smaller well to dissuade protests is the best ingenuity of sycophancy that Anjana can come up with. But imagine a Parliament without discussions & debates? Imagine
Apr 1, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
1. There seems to be a battle between Jai Shree Ram & Jai Siya Ram. Not 2 Bhagwans just their “MANifestation” in the hearts of the devotees. It’s both ironic & true to the nature of God. The latter because we’re told to worship the deity in the form we want to. The former because 2. devotion has crossed personal boundaries & entered an arena of confrontation. Who Has The Mightier Ram? That’s the battle we’re engaging in. What a pity!
Back when I was younger, my Hanuman was affable, strong like a mountain, sweet as a candy. He was Dara Singh from Sagar’s
Apr 1, 2023 15 tweets 6 min read
1. I’ve a set of questions. However they’re not relevant if you’ll answer on the basis of your political affiliations & membership. They cloud our judgement. Touch the Indian heart, read on & answer if your care 2. Do you think India will be a better country without opposition?

Yes, I’m talking about One Nation-One Party like they’ve in China or had it in Germany. No political parties, no need for an election, why the hassle, why the wastage! Karnataka & UP will have the same ruler.
Mar 24, 2023 5 tweets 4 min read
1. The article reads dangerously dystopian. The more paranoid will almost wait for a reichstag fire. How that turned out, we know now at a devastating cost. There is a crisis of democracy at hand. The BJP wants you to blow air into it. Avoid the ploy & think. @SupriyaShrinate 2. We can begin by doing a few things. The entire trick is to take the narrative away from hate (BJP) & to Congress (Harmony). Some suggestions are below. Please feel free to add/amend & spread.

Write an open letter to #rahulgandhi. He has been brave & untiring & has faced an
Mar 24, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
1. It’s not about defending #RahulGandhi. It’s about defending India. Why?
RG spoke against Rafale scam
RG spoke against Demonitisation
RG objected to the flawed GST regime
RG spoke against crony capitalism
RG stood with the victims of rape
RG stood with Farmers of India Image 2. RG objected to discriminatory CAA-NRC
RG was the 1st to warn against Covid to a gov that didn’t listen
RG questioned the gov on Covid mismanagement, migrant plight, O2 supply
RG spoke against the Adani scam

RG was attacked, mocked, called an anti-national by BJP & Godi media.
Mar 24, 2023 13 tweets 8 min read

1. There is 1 thing that #RahulGandhi is at fault completely. Personal Branding. No, not the narcissistic ways of supreme leader but the inspiring & personal stories that people of India deserve to know.
nails 3 here, listen in. 2. The infamous, inhuman & brutal Delhi gang rape case shook both the UPA at the centre & the Congress gov at Delhi. The protests in the aftermath turned into a vile personal attack against the Gandhis & Sheila Dixit led primarily by IAC gang & supported by RSS-BJP. But the story
Mar 24, 2023 15 tweets 9 min read
1. There is 1 thing that #RahulGandhi is at fault completely. Personal Branding. No, not the narcissistic ways of supreme leader but the inspiring & personal stories that people of India deserve to know. @SupriyaShrinate nails 3 here, listen in.

2. The infamous, inhuman & brutal Delhi gang rape case shook both the UPA at the centre & the Congress gov at Delhi. The protests in the aftermath turned into a vile personal attack against the Gandhis & Sheila Dixit led primarily by IAC gang & supported by RSS-BJP. But the story
Mar 22, 2023 9 tweets 4 min read
1. The stated reasons UPA lost the 2014 General Elections were the charges of corruption that plagued the 10yr rule. CWG, 2G & Coalgate. Mostly the cases were dismissed or trials are still on-going. Beyond the stated goals was the high decibel IAC campaign led by Anna Hazare & 2. Kejriwal. They targeted the Cong on charges of corruption as well as the unfortunate Delhi gangrape case. Before the BJP, it was the IAC & Team Kejriwal that weaponised social media to run slanderous & malafide campaigns of defamation against personalities, namely Sonia Gandhi
Mar 22, 2023 11 tweets 5 min read
1. Why is Khalistani movement alive again? It’s happening in the backdrop of,
a. An AAP gov in Punjab that is accused of going soft on separatists
b. Farmers’ protest & the gov’s extreme measures to deal with it
c. A history of RSS Vs Sikh conflicts in Punjab
d. Major upheavals 2. in Pakistan
e. Global conversations around India (G20, Hindenburg, BBC)

Kudos to the IHC in UK for its measured & patriotic response! However, Modi gov seems to be utterly clueless & lacking in action. Though at a time when the EAM Jaishankar is carrying the baton of attack
Mar 19, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
1. There are important lessons to be learnt from @SupriyaShrinate’s annihilation of BJP’s fake news peddler Amit Malviya & Rahul Kanwal, a dedicate godi media acolyte.

a. Focus & not allow Conversation hopping

Ms. Shrinate kept the discussion on fake news, the sole reason of Image 2. existence Malviya’s troll army. The commander-in-chief, Malviya himself was not spared & fully exposed. The RW has a tendency to hop conversation when tackled with tough questions. & a most common tactic is a personal or leadership insinuation. Keep them locked in the
Mar 19, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
1. & your pt being? By the way, the author slips (accidental or deliberate) with his Headline management. The MC survey never calls Modi the world’s most popular leader. Both you & the author should read the report, its sample & in case you find it challenging consult me 2. The author slips again on Gujarat story where it was rather the stigma of the riots that pushed him to create the vibrant Gujarat after burning Gujarat. Moreover, the author credits Modi for Gujarat or Indian economic development w/o the customary data or critical analysis of
Mar 18, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
1. Aroon Poorie’s abject bowing down to Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave shows how dangerous the media’s loss of independence is for the country. Mr. Poorie should welcome the PM but to act as BJP’s personal radio in the run up to the polls is a media shame.
As a media 2. industry leader, AP has an added responsibility of conduct that never shows the media as supplicant to the government. It’s their moral obligation as claimed ‘gold standard of journalism’. However, by waxing unhindered eloquence on the PM, AP weighed all journalistic courage
Mar 17, 2023 9 tweets 2 min read
1. When to silence the voice of one man, an entire machinery acts in unison, you must understand that the man has something to say that scares the system. Listen to that One Man because what he is saying will concern you all. This is as much true to Rahul Gandhi as it was to 2. Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi & all the men & women who fought & spoke fearlessly against oppression. Rahul Gandhi is an Indian on a mission to Save Democracy in India.
The threat to Indian democracy is not coming from outside, it’s coming from a combination of dictatorial
Mar 17, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
1. The only thing that Rahul Gandhi should apologise about to the people of India is that as a Parliamentarian, they share the collective responsibility when the Voice of the People is silenced. All the MPs including 303 from the BJP should join him in this apology to India 2. Asking question is not a crime. Talking about India & its failing governance is not a crime. Being fearless is a virtue & Rahul Gandhi has proven again & again that he is a fearless Indian.
When BJP, its leaders, its ministers shout their lungs out demanding a Rahul Gandhi
Mar 17, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
1. There are a few opinions w.r.t #adaniscam

i. It doesn’t matter to common ppl
ii. It’s similar to Rafale

I believe these are misplaced. Why, I’ll try to answer below,

a. Adani scam is of concern to every Indian. Adani controls businesses that matter to us - gas, fuel, 2. infrastructure, energy. Like the Tata of yore, there is some or other Adani services that have become integral to our daily lives
b. Now imagine, a single company owning all these. You’ve been paying higher & increasing prices for all these ESSENTIALS, thanks to #Adani
Feb 13, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
1. The BJP is not against #ValentinesDay, at least not officially. But almost all the people in India who oppose the day of love will also be found to be supporters of or associated with BJP. Is there a relation? Obviously! For people whose only calling in life is spread of hate 2. coming to terms with love cannot come easy
Love demolishes all boundaries, but when one's favourite pastime is to discover Jihad even in Love, any day will just be a doom's day. Hatred guides the cadre of Bajrang Dal, Sri Ram Sena, Karni Sena, some of the vigilante groups one