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Historical theologian, preacher, & trauma informed soul care provider. Current work emphasizes racial & spiritual trauma. 4 kids & married to @vythoward. ✌🏽❤️
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Jul 4 6 tweets 2 min read
(1) Good morning White people, I know today is your special day to celebrate your freedom but given silence over weekend I want to make sure you’re aware a young unarmed Black man was shot over 60 times recently. Police formed a circle around him & unloaded their clips. #July4th Image (2) As you are celebrating YOUR freedom, many Black people are spending the day soaked in the reminder that we are not free, and though a White man can kill 10 Black people in a grocery store & be apprehended, & if it’s a Black church apprehended & taken out to lunch b4 jail.
Jul 4 7 tweets 2 min read
(1) The tendency of White people to pay other White people, even White people who are mediocre in a field, full asking price for their services while at the same time expecting BIPOC, who even excel in the same field, to take scraps from them & just be happy they got to serve. (2) There is a sense of entitlement many White people have towards the expertise, services, & work of BIPOC. I’ve been blessed to have White people go financially above & beyond to demonstrate how much they value my work & have been met w/ the expectation of me being free.
Jul 3 6 tweets 2 min read
Personally, I encourage White people to watch it, Black people not to. Black folks, we don’t need to see a young man be shot by the police 60+ times, but I feel like White people need to cuz it’s THEIR police, this is what THEIR “protectors” do to us. I’m blocking any White people who enter mentions on some, “I can’t watch, too traumatizing.” Like, it’s way more traumatizing being Black in America. These are YOUR police, White people, they arrest White mass murderers no issue. Your refusal to watch has Always been your problem
Jul 3 5 tweets 2 min read
(1) We have created an entire society of toxic men who are a danger to women b/c they’ve been trained to view women as mere tools for sexual gratification rather than human beings. Men who are professional gaslighters, emotional manipulators, & you can’t tell be appearances. (2) These men often have “professional” jobs, look normal, and often are extremely well kept & even “attractive”. The whole “unkept man living in their mother’s basement just doesn’t fit.”

And this is the environment single heterosexual women have to navigate while dating.
Jul 2 15 tweets 4 min read
:::Deep breath::

(1) I am hesitant to share given the nature of my haters & the fact that they will likely weapon is what I say in some way. Still, I regularly care for victims of Child sexual abuse & so I wanna speak on this briefly.… (2) I was 14 years old the 1st time I had sex. It was with a very attractive woman who was a little more than twice my age at the time. I was pressured into it as a “Rites of Passage” by men I trusted & whose job it was to protect me. She was pretty, felt good, it was traumatic.
Jun 30 12 tweets 3 min read
(1) I was tagged in a post & don’t mind saying, I think they idea that there is no eternal justice is VERY convenient for White people & I find the rise of anti-hell theology among White progressives/liberals troubling. They are essentially saying there will never be justice. (2) While fully understanding the sadistic theology of some conservative views of hell; There are still many oppressed & marginalized groups who are thankful that God has promised eternal accountability for the evils done unto them; in many cases, largely by White people.
Jun 30 4 tweets 1 min read
(1) As a fan of Ms. Marvel/ Kamala Khan from the comics to the animation to the video game to now watching the show; I’m just not a fan. They’ve fundamentally changed her character’s personality & turned who cool ability to rainbow sparkles. #MsMarvel (2) The diversity & cultural representation is great. The casting is generally great minus random White dude who has to be her best friend cuz the show can’t be all brown leads (🙃). I know it’s main actress’ first acting gig, but I wish she embodied Kamala’s personality more.
Jun 29 6 tweets 2 min read
(1) I’m gonna just throw this out there, do w/ it what you may. I will pray for JD Hall b/c the Bible commands I pray for my enemies, but when JD put out a $2,000 bounty on me, not a single prominent voice in the White survivor community said a word. There was silence w/ this too (2) I even reached out to a few prominent voices who are known to advocate for survivors who I was aware knew him personally & asked them if they’d ask him to remove bounty b/c it put my family at risk, given it highlighted my past gang affiliation, I’m not supposed to “get out”.
Jun 29 7 tweets 2 min read
(1) So I just got into it with IHOP management. 😅🤦🏽‍♂️
We left our card at table on Sunday, our waitress picked it up & put it in safe, management lost it, & now they are trying ti blame our waitress for stealing it. They didn’t expect me, as customer, to advocate for her. (2) They had me in the back looking at footage & in my mind I’m looking for where management lost it, but she comes in and tells me, “Kyle, they are trying to pin this on me. They are trying to frame it as me stealing your card.” I could tell she felt utterly powerless.
Jun 29 14 tweets 3 min read
(1) Okay so this happened. I’m at the chiropractor this morning & the doctor comes in and she says to me, “Hey Pastor Kyle!” My heart immediately got twisted in a knot, it was a little triggering, & I think I finally understand why. I have a ton of baggage around that term. (2) When I was in seminary, I served our local church as a lay leader. More than that, I was it’s primary crisis counselor. Not only were Vy & I community group leaders w/ an open door policy to our home, I was on call 24/7. Full time student, full time non-paid minister as well.
Jun 28 5 tweets 1 min read
(1) White men: “The problem w/ Black community are the Black men.”

Also White men:
Spend centuries destroying the Black family, centuries emasculating Black men by beating them in front of Black women & forcing them to watch their wives & daughters be raped, racial trauma/terror (2) Also White men:
Create ghettos, import guns & drugs in, declare war on drugs that target drugs Black men use/sell (while Timmy snorts coke & goes Ivy League), mass incarceration, underfund Black schools. Buy out Black liberation music & shift focus to glorifying Black hate.
Jun 28 5 tweets 1 min read
White people, learning how to not self-center in social/political/theological reflection will be 1 of the hardest & most long-term works of self improvement you’ll undertake. I promise you it’s worth it, but most will give up along the way cuz of depths of humility it requires. For most of you, your entire lives have been self-centering Whiteness. You’ve been trained from childhood to see Whiteness as normal & to consider the world thru the lens of how things most impact those who are like you. You won’t break that overnight. It’s a long & painful work.
Jun 28 11 tweets 2 min read
::deep breath::
(1) I’m gonna need more BIPOC to talk about the fact that the very concept of “choice” is rooted in racial privilege & classism. That there are places in our society where there is no choice, and where abortion serves as a mechanism of racial & class cleansing. (2) Our society is sick beyond comprehension, & Abortion & sterilization have been used as tools for wiping out entire future generations of non-wealthy BIPOC bodies. Romanticizing “choice” is an elitist privilege.
Jun 27 7 tweets 3 min read
(1) In the spirit of occasionally posting examples of emotional/verbal abuse from White people in order to help my BIPOC people get free, here’s another example from over the weekend, let’s talk about it. (2) Notice in first interaction that individual wrote a paragraph long rebuke to me. He tells me I lack understanding, didn’t read statement properly & jumped to extreme conclusions, & then poses Q of whether I am simply wrong or am being insidious.

Notice my 1 sentence reply.
Jun 24 5 tweets 2 min read
I don’t trust nor desire to have any relationship whatsoever w/ White Evangelicals who are like “our prayers were answered today!”

Your prayers ain’t have 💩to do w/ it. It was your embrace of a White supremacist sexual predator, hypocrisy, & power driven means to justify an end You tryna spiritualize things now as if it was your faith & piety that led to this SCOTUS ruling is spiritually manipulative and is a testimony to why so many want nothing to do with you or your toxic faith expression. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jun 23 4 tweets 1 min read
Please know, I try my best to respond to every DM & email I get, especially those that are clear cries for help. At same time, please know/remember that I am not only providing trauma care for individuals throughout the day, but also have my own trauma & clinical depression. I also struggle with chronic pain & have other mental & physical health challenges. I often sincerely lack the emotional, mental, & physical capacity to respond to messages. Between multi layers of self care & intentionality given to my counselees; I am often at full capacity.
Jun 23 5 tweets 1 min read
(1) The message I constantly tell my kids, “with me & your mother, you will never get in trouble for telling the truth, you will always only get in trouble for lying or trying to cover up the truth.”

This is the message we’ve been teaching our children for 13 years now… (2) When we first started teaching it, we knew it set us up for potential heartache. The truth can be painful at times. However, we have always strived to reassure our children that no matter how bad things appear, how bad they’ve messed up, their is always safety in our arms.
Jun 22 4 tweets 1 min read
(1) I just want ethnic minority Christians to be free from the burden that they must invest their limited time, energy, & emotional/spiritual capacity in trying to convince White Christians to love them. It’s such a dehumanizing yoke/burden that no one should have to carry it. (2) My beloved BIPOC, you don’t have to continue spending yourself, traumatizing yourself; breaking your body, soul, & mind trying to convince White Christians to love you. Especially when there are a multitude of White Christians just chillin’ on side lines. Let them step up.
Jun 21 4 tweets 1 min read
(1) Dear Christian journalists, y’all really have a problem balancing the line between reporting on toxic/abusive/predatory people and platforming said toxic/abusive/predatory people. It seems you prioritize being viewed as “fair” by abusers rather than their victims. (2) It would serve you all so much if when writing articles, especially about people who have a reputation of being harmful, that you prioritize how your reporting will land on their victims over how your reporting will land on the victimizer. You tend to disregard victims.
Jun 21 7 tweets 2 min read
(1) I struggled greatly in Evangelical spaces until I began applying hood principles & codes to said space. Christian ministry isn’t much different than the gang culture I was once a part of. The problem is, when I became a Christian, I truly committed to leave that behind me. (2) To be clear, I’m not just talking about White Evangelicals, I’m talking about the entire Evangelical enterprise including BIPOC leaders. The loyalty dynamics, the power dynamics, the ethics leaders move by; it’s all hood politics but in Jesus’ name.
Jun 21 6 tweets 2 min read
(1) So what you’re saying is, if young White boys were actually taught racial history, & historical role White men have played in oppressing others for their own glory & wealth advancement, then they would have a better grasp on things rather than a superficial one like below? (2) So we either remove racial history from schools entirely so White boys don’t have to wrestle w/ & consider the place they, by virtue of being born at top of racial caste, inherently have unless they divest & become advocates of equality OR they will embrace White supremacy.