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Scot by birth, senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. Married to Christine with five children and eleven grand kids
23 Jan
I’ve been asked recently what preaching is as opposed to teaching. My understanding is that the goal of preaching (as opposed to teaching) is not instruction but adoration. 1/7
Teaching may take place in a variety of settings but the context of preaching is within the church as the earthly body of Christ. Preaching takes place within the liturgy of the church’s worship. 2/7
Teaching provides things to learn and to do while preaching should leave us aghast and awed in the presence of God whose voice we have heard. Teaching must send us out to serve; preaching must lift us up to heaven! 3/7
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30 Nov 19
If you believe parables have only one point; texts have only one big idea; that every text means only what it meant to it’s human author; you dislike systematic theology & think that moderns are the only ones who read texts well you might be a biblicist. Don’t be a biblicist. 1/5
By biblicist I mean that you may be like Arius or Socinius or you may be drinking at the fountain of 17th cent enlightenment; 18th cent rationalism; 19th cent liberalism or 20th cent neo-evangelicalism. Don’t be like Arius. 2/5
Consider how Jesus modeled the interpretation of the parables (eg the Sower); how the New Testament mines OT texts (like Ps. 2 talks of eternal generation & its demonstration at the resurrection; and John 1 echoes Proverbs 8) 3/5
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