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22 Feb
Let's review Densities, as explained in Law of One, together ❤🤲

A great explanation can be found in the Gaia series from Mathias, or in the channeled work, Law of One

Also, Aaron Abke's video on YT, which I have surmized and added personal touches to enhance the information
Density = the entanglement of light within a certain vibrational range.
Higher densities vibrate faster/are higher evolved. See Dr. Hawkins Consciousness Map

1st Density = awareness —earth, fire, air, water ; root chakra/atomic body
When the aforementiomed elementa spent billions of years interacting w/ each other,

💥2nd density = growth movement—all bio/chem life w/ autonomous mvmt from microorganisms to plants and animals. Consciousness becomes aware of itself thru communication; sacral chakra
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19 Jan
Personal prothetic lucid dream 1/13/21

I became fully conscious in the astral & immediately communicated to myself that some DARK energy was present in the room where I lay asleep. I couldn't dispell them so I called upon Archangel Michael to sanctify my physical space. Then,
He brought me to my childhood bedroom & I could feel this GIGANTIC 100ft presence behind me. I asked "how do I know if it's really you & I am protected?"

The wall became dripping with oil. Immediately, I knew & I anointed myself w the oil by drawing a ✝️ on my wrists & forehead
Ive never called upon an Archangel before. I normally call for God to dispell any low vibrational entities in the astral.

This was diff bc the entities werent in the astral but physically in the room. I knew confronting them wasnt option. This reaffirms angel protection

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19 Jan
1/3 Thoughts control your vibration. Our minds are akin to a TV. If your mind-chatter is always self depricating, your vibration will be low. Then, the effort/action you put forth will be low. Guess what that breeds? Little or no results. Inspiration is not flowing.
2/3 But, if you practice OBSERVING YOUR THOUGHTS so you may detect & habitually replace negative thoughts w/ 5 positive ones, your vibration will raise! Our brain operates at a higher frequency where inspiration flows, action will feel effortless & you will reap your rewards
3/3 Practice OBSERVING your thoughts throughout the day.
Practice detachment meditation—

learn you are not your thoughts and come into your I AM awareness.

You are the infinite consciousness watching the thoughts roll by!

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19 Jan
The 7 Stages of Spiritual Alchemy (credit: lonerwolf.com)

1. Calcincation: The stage in our lives when we start seeing the tricks, illusions, misleading beliefs, & harmful habits of our egos & put them aside so thay we can finally explore what lies underneath
2. Dissolution:
The gradual or sudden breaking up of tormentes sense of self; ceasing to identify so strongly w/ the ego to male way for the Higher Self to emerge.
3. Separation: The process of allowing burried thoughts and emotions to surface ao that we can become conscious of them; isolating and identifying sources of pain within us so that healing can occur.
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14 Jan
Imagine a school that teaches one how to die without leaving a body behind.

The term Rainbow Body or Light Body comes from the realization, through Dzogchen meditation practices, that we are, in essence, pure light in perpetual motion.
Light/Atomless Body
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