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#Crypto & #NFT investor. I love getting into low caps early. Take profit, don't be a dumbass. I won't DM you. Trading with πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
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May 14 β€’ 7 tweets β€’ 3 min read
1/ You have months to deep-dive and research the best #altcoins to accumulate in the #crypto bear market.

Don't waste that time being angry that $BTC dumped.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use your time productively πŸ‘‡ 2/ Research cryptos that survived the last bear market and came back strong.

You can learn a lot from these projects. Like what makes a resilient crypto.

A few examples $BNB $ADA $TRX $DASH $XMR $ZEC $EOS $XRP $XLM and many more.

What makes them tick? What keeps them strong?
May 4 β€’ 23 tweets β€’ 7 min read
Will YOU survive the BEAR MARKET?

Here's a little secret, bear markets mint millionaires.

In this in-depth MEGA thread, I share the SECRETS of how to survive!

πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ 2/ - It's Your Decision -
The decisions YOU make now will decide if you MAKE IT in the next bull run.

Did people who made 7+ figures last year buy in 2018-2020 or 2021?

SPOILER: They bought HEAVY in 2018-2020.

But what cryptos do you buy in a bear market?
May 2 β€’ 15 tweets β€’ 4 min read
This is my ULTIMATE guide to managing a #crypto portfolio.

Here I show you EXACTLY how I manage my portfolio. Including how I manage my #alts, my #hodl bags and what I do when I want to go full degen and ape into shitcoins.

Like n retweet if you found this useful!

πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ 1/ -- PORTFOLIO SPLIT ---
I split my portfolio into three sub-portfolios

HODL (40%) - I don't touch this much other than to DCA.

Trading (55%) - Where I take most positions I share on CT.

Ape (5%) - More on this later.
May 1 β€’ 11 tweets β€’ 3 min read
In 2019 at 23 I told myself if I could earn Β£30k per year by the time I turned 30 I made it.

In 2021 I gave up what I thought was my dream job for #crypto

Here is how I did it.

🧡 πŸ‘‡ 1/ -- Failure --
I was horrible to start, I really was. I started iNvEsTiNg in tech stocks.

I made all the mistakes, FOMO, greed, you name it.

I tried scalping, not for me, too stressy. I tried day trading, same. Eventually, I found swing trading which was more my speed.
Apr 30 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 3 min read
Here are 30 or so #crypto tiips, divided into categories for your reading pleasure.

πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡ 1/ -- MANAGING MONEY --
- When you're up 100% take your seed investment out.
- Stake stable for APY. Your money should always be working for you.
- Split your portfolio up between HODL cryptos like $BTC n $ETH and medium/high risk plays.
Apr 19 β€’ 8 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ Most people should be investing long term and not trading. Just DCA and #HODL.

But how?

It's actually easy to DCA in #Crypto, here is a guide.

Pick five, I would day $BTC, $ETH, $LUNA, $SOL and $MATIC or a dinasour like $LTC or $ADA 2/ -- SPLIT --
You need to decide on a split. In my HODL portfolio, I've started focussing on #Bitcoin as my biggest hold. My split is 30% $BTC, 20% $ETH, 20% $LUNA, 20% $SOL and 10% $LTC.

Everyone has their own opinion on what to HODL and what not to and splits. You do you.
Apr 15 β€’ 16 tweets β€’ 5 min read
I make mistakes.
I make bad calls.
I get greedy.
I panic.
I'm not perfect, who is?

#Crypto isn't easy. Here are my biggest mistakes and the lessons I learned. 🧡 below. 1/ -- Getting Caught In The Hype --
I first got into #GameFi and #PlayToEarn in early 2021 and I did very well when the sector mooned.

But I got so wrapped up in the hype that even when the sector started to become oversaturated I kept on apeing into gamefi projects.
Apr 11 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ Finding a 10x project in this bearish #crypto market isn't easy if you don't know what to look for.

Here are a few tips on EXACTLY what I look for when researching a project.

Like and retweet if you find this useful! 2/ -- TEAM --
I always look for a good team with experience and connections. I basically turn into a stalker and find out everything I can about the team. Who are they working with? Who have they worked with in the past? Do they have connections with big exchanges?
Apr 10 β€’ 6 tweets β€’ 3 min read
1/ I see so many people losing their #crypto or #nft bags by connecting to dodgy sites.

There's an easy way to prevent this.

The first and best way is to never connect to dodgy sites 🀣 but I want to be able to do that sometimes to mint #nfts etc. Here's how I handle this 2/ -- DUMMY WALLET --
Create a dummy MM wallet and keep little in it. Use this wallet as your top-level MM wallet and import your main wallet as a secondary. Your main wallet should only ever be used to connect to legit sites you 100% trust. Your dummy is for everything else.
Apr 7 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 4 min read
1/ Everyone wants to find the next 10x #crypto gem

But how do you find them?

This year as $BTC was dumping I shared $GMT (20x), $WBOND (10x) and took others I didn't share. How did I find these?

Here's how I do it 😘 2/ -- LAUNCHPADS --
You do not need to use the actual #launchpad, although you can. Monitor which projects good launchpads are launching, research them and buy post-launch (wait for a dip). My fav launchpads are @TheDaoMaker, #Binance, @FantomMaker and @terraformer
Mar 12 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ There is still money to be made in #crypto. Invest in new low cap projects on new or trending ecosystems.

For example, a new #DeFi project launches on $METIS or Terra, it has a few 100k market cap. Unless it's absolute trash it will do a 5x or more. 2/ Take partial profit at 100% to secure your initial investment and from there you are good.

I won't shill any specific projects because people on here are annoying and will say I'm pumping and dumping. Also, my sharing might cause a pump n dump naturally.
Mar 1 β€’ 4 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ I'm not bullish on $BTC medium term but I am bullish short term... obviously after a big green candle.

46k resistance still in the way, then 52k. So I'm taking PARTIAL profit on recent buys at resistance AS USUAL. Still mostly in stable and accumulating. 2/ Last two times I tweeted about taking partial profit on alts was Feb 7 and Jan 12. Not magic, just taking profit when BTC is at resistance.

Hopefully, alts give us a nice enough push by the time BTC approaches 46k resistance.
Jan 19 β€’ 10 tweets β€’ 4 min read
1/ How do you NOT get rekt in a bear trend or a bear market?

We've been in a two-month long bearish trend that could easily turn into a bear market.

I am not saying it will, I am saying it could. Once you accept that reality, you can plan for it.

Here is how? 2/ -- MY EXPERIENCE --
When I offer advice on bear markets someone is quick to point out I am too new. I trade in a team of 3 guys with decades of forex experience who switch to crypto Nov 2017 and saw the worst of the bear market. My plans are based on their experience.
Jan 18 β€’ 10 tweets β€’ 4 min read
1/ How do you BTFD, take profit and not get rekt when #crypto is bearish?

In a bull market, you can take a lighter approach to taking profit (TPing) as TPing too aggressively can be counterproductive.

In a bear market, an aggressive approach works best.

On new bags where I take profit conservatively my first objective is to secure initial investment (ii).

To do this I would take half my ii at 50% gain and the other half at 100% (from the start point). Strong resistance is an exception.
Jan 6 β€’ 7 tweets β€’ 3 min read
1/ @jimtalbot made a very good point in response to my dip thread. I said I would give a detailed response, here it is.

I believe both approaches are valid, and performance ultimately depends on what the market gives us. 2/ -- APPROACHES --
I need to make some assumptions here on Jim's trading, sorry if I get anything wrong.

In the below scenario, if consolidation occurs, Jim would outperform me. However, if we get a strong bounce, I leave myself open to a few more favourable outcomes.
Jan 6 β€’ 14 tweets β€’ 7 min read
1/ #BTFD they all say, but they never say HOW.

Buying the dip is a science.

The more $BTC bleeds, the more #altcoins bleed. With blood comes profit. Red is green.

In this MEGA-THREAD I'll show you how to turn red into green.

Like, retweet and follow for more 😘 2/ -- DIP FUND --
I routinely tell people to keep a min of 30%-50% of their portfolio in #stablecoin. This is your dip fund.

When #crypto is bullish, you can get away with 30%. When it's bearish or crabby, 50%+ is a good dip fund.

I hope you have a dip fund ready to go.
Jan 4 β€’ 6 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ I often talk about keeping a high-risk portfolio for blindly apeing into things like my spectacularly bad $KIBA buys.

I'm not a #memecoin trader so when I do buy them I use my high-risk portfolio. This portfolio holds 5% of my total #crypto capital but risk per trader is <1%. Image 2/ I use this portfolio when I want to be a full-on degen and ape into projects with no research.

The money in my high-risk portfolio is not actually counted towards my total capital.

This means that psychologically I can trade this money without fear of losing it.
Jan 3 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 5 min read
1/ #Crypto can be made easier with the right tools.

These are the tools me and my team use on a day-to-day basis to make crypto easy.

If you have some tools you use. Share them! 2/ -- CHARTING --
@dexscreener < ref link
Jan 2 β€’ 5 tweets β€’ 3 min read
1/ $LUMEN is a very exciting micro-cap on ONE. You can buy it on defikingdoms!

βš”οΈ 7m market cap
βš”οΈ #Metaverse real-estate (huge in 2022 imo)
βš”οΈ #NFT & #PlayToEarn
βš”οΈ No VCs to dump πŸ‘€

Not financial advice DYOR.

@TranquilityCity #Play2Earn #P2E all the buzzwords lol 2/ -- TOKENOMICS --
15m hard cap
5m circulating

Read up on tokenomics here…
Jan 1 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 2 min read
1/ Timed stops are a special kind of stop loss I use in day trading. I learned it in #forex, but it works equally well in #crypto.

The concept is simple. If your trade doesn't hit X% in X hours, you close the trade.

Sounds arbitrary? It isn't. Here is why. 2/ -- TIME & LOSSES --
You will need to track your trades methodically in order to calculate a timed stop.

If you do, you should analyse your past trades to see if you find a pattern between run time and losses.

There are a few things worth calculating.
Dec 29, 2021 β€’ 9 tweets β€’ 4 min read
1/ Volume analysis on $BTC is often useless and misleading.

Here is why.

- Volume is calculated per paired crypto/currency.
- Volume is calculated at an exchange level.
- More exchanges the less accurate the data. #Bitcoin #CryptoAnalysis 2/ -- HOW ITS CALCULATED --
Volume is calculated at an exchange level, which means that the volume indicator differs from exchange to exchange.

Volume on #Binance may be different to #Gemini or #Kucoin. Gemini's clientele are predominantly Americans, Binance bans Americans.