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May 20 21 tweets 5 min read
1] My brother @AmChambi, I cannot imagine that there is anyone capable of properly applying their mind to any discourse, who would be 'anti-reforms'

Furthermore, there's no need to choose between 'mass registration' & 'electoral reforms'

Ideally, why choose when both are needed 2] Secondly, there is no such a thing as "mass registration", as an antidote to "election rigging".

What is actually needed is "massive voting to overwhelm the rigging".

That needs to be phrased properly, least WE needlessly wast valuable time, fighting imaginary opponents.
May 12 18 tweets 5 min read
1] Thank you brother @BantuPower for this submission.

I hope noone insults you for your choice, yet in the spirit of engagement and normalizing having conversations regarding our politics, I felt compelled to do a quick response as a mere supporter of CCC & Advocate Chamisa. 2] Firstly brother @BantuPower, I felt disappointed by your inability to explain further on what it is, that would make a leader be able to "unite Zimbabweans".

Accusing Adv Chamisa of not having something you didn't bother explain, only but made your submission confusing.
May 11 5 tweets 3 min read
1] @OurMDCT National Spokesperson Morgen Nkomichi:

"There's nothing new anymore, the people have sent a message to us that they prefer @nelsonchamisa as the Opposition Leader. There is no doubt about that."

citytimes.co.zw/2022/05/09/mor… 2] Nkomichi:

"If we (MDC-T/MDC-A) are to be in the competition ourselves, then we have to change the approach and strategy. We've learnt a lot of things (from the by-elections). We need to deal with our brand, our strategy, tactics, mobilization and recruitment."
Apr 15 18 tweets 8 min read
1] When will CCC hold its inaugural Congress?

A thread....

Have noticed growing sentiments, around the inaugural Citizens Congress, both from well meaning citizens, as well as the regime counterintelligence structures.
I've decided to share some random views on the matter. 2] A few weeks ago, I wrote a (long) article, on how @nelsonchamisa's opponents had failed to understand his #plan

I equally argued that Zimbabwe isn't a normal democracy & thus CCC wouldn't survive for long, if it's leaders behaved & acted as if we were

Apr 7 17 tweets 10 min read
1] Once again, ZanuPF is exposing it's desperation

For this who may be unaware, @daddyhope is currently in Switzerland, at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights & Democracy

@daddyhope delivered a powerful speech on corruption, plunger & human rights abuses, by ZanuPF & its cronies 2] @daddyhope drew parallels between poverty/underdevelopment & corruption.

For instance, Zimbabwean gold worth US $100 m, is smuggled #monthly, at a time where ZanuPF has failed to built a single maternity ward in 42 years, contributing to death of 2500 pregnant women annually
Apr 5 14 tweets 6 min read
1] As the inaugural Citizens' Legislators take the other...

Today, 5th of April, was another significant day in as far as Zim politics is concerned.

As their 75 counterparts have been doing all week in Councils all over the country, 19 @CCCZimbabwe MPs were officially sworn in Image 2] The significance of the CCC MPs swearing in, is that its a stamping on electoral humiliation of Mwonzora

The onus was on MDC-T/MDC-A to use by-elections to 'reclaim' their seats

They had claimed their hand was forced, as those MPs nolonger represented their party interests Image
Apr 1 15 tweets 11 min read
1] Breaking News....

'Suspended' Chairperson of @OurMDCTHarare, @ZMhetu has broken rank with embattled party leader, @DMwonzora accusing him of a litany of charges, including leadership failure & responsibility for @OurMDCT by-elections humiliation

fb.watch/c6QzOkSDPZ/ 2] #Mhetu

'Was blocked entery into HH after reporting what the voters said. I'm being victimised for telling the truth. I wanted to raise a vote of no confidence motion on Mwonzora in the National Council. Since the formation of MDC, it has never failed dismally in elections'
Mar 31 15 tweets 3 min read
1] I realise that slowly, yet surely, we now have a conundrum, pertaining the issue of pro-CCC MPs & Councillors elected under the "MDC-A banner".

Because it open needless room for propaganda & infighting, this issue needs clarification, especially amongst the general supporters 2] It has always been important for Adv Chamisa to know the MPs & Councillors who were rallying behind him.

Post the Supreme Court Judgement, there was a deliberate decision to have MPs especially, sign affidavits affirming their membership to MDC-A party, when MDC-T broke away
Mar 27 21 tweets 10 min read
1] Yellow Nation, I greet you.

Couldn't stay away today, and miss being part of history.

Would have tweeted from the grave, if circumstances were that way.

The beautiful journey we citizens began on Jan 24th, has culminated into a yellow victory, totally worth celebrating. 2] Don't be dragged into downplaying the significance of the by-elections outcome.

Our movement is just but 2 months old.
We had no funds.
Our rallies we're systematically disrupted.
Many were beaten, some killed.

We found comfort in knowing we had each other, & we delivered.
Mar 14 14 tweets 7 min read
1] Postcard from Zimbabwe Grounds

Pursuant of the ancient wisdom "dzokororo ine simba", Simboti decided to redo his Harare Rally, after the unsurprising, yet embarrassing Zororo ground disaster.

Took time later on, to watch the rally, and a few things are becoming clear. 2] In terms of optics, one wonders why they decided to redo the rally

Evidently, Zororo Rally (1st pic) had predominantly Hararians, while for Zimbabwe Grounds rally (2nd pic), they mobilised from far & wide

If the end was supposed to justify the means, this was a disasterclass
Mar 13 34 tweets 20 min read
1] Yellow Citizens

Summary of @nelsonchamisa's speech in Beitbridge:

Thank you Beitbridge citizens for braving the threats I'm told you were receiving from the state from yesterday. That's vintage ZanuPF. Violence shows a behaviour of people who know they are on their way out 2] @nelsonchamisa:

We are here to campaign for the March by-elections, yet fully away of the real fight, coming in 2023 where I'm going to finish off ED.

We will imitate whay transpired in Malawi & Zambia, & deliver a landslide victory because we are number 1.
Mar 12 14 tweets 9 min read
1] Evidently, the Harare regime, which had not budgeted for the Yellow revolution that has taken over the country, is now going out of its way, trying to contain @nelsonchamisa

Just like the MDC-A party before it, @CCCZimbabwe has effectively been outlawed by the junta regime Image 2] @CCCZimbabwe held its inaugural #YellowSaturday rally at Zim grounds Harare, under stringent measures, albeit successfully.

Since then, it has been total chaos.
The Gokwe rally was cancelled while citizens were butchered in Kwekwe.

Other rallies were systematically thwarted Image
Mar 10 34 tweets 22 min read
1] 🟡Yellow Citizens

Here's a summary of @nelsonchamisa's #CitizensAction4Change address this evening.

Background: The Zimbabwean Situation

•common future at stake
•shattered dream
•broken hope
•no fuel, energy, food; no civil servants grants, no jobs, high cost of living 2] @nelsonchamisa

Background: The Zimbabwean Situation

•dilapidated medical facilities
•children dropping out of school
•high company closure
•civil servants & service men struggling
•pensioners including warvets struggling
•corruption has become a national religion
Mar 9 13 tweets 7 min read
1] Did a thread, January 6th, after the proclamation of by-elections vacancies, pieces of which I shall attach to this thread.

This thread, part of what I'm terming #YellowReview, engages citizens on their views regarding political developments affecting the democratic project 2] One of the issues was to do with the party name, after months of uncertainty.

The then MDC-A party, could have opted against participating in the by-elections, thereby keeping opponents guessing, on the intended way forward.

This had its consequences

Mar 3 33 tweets 14 min read
1] The Mwonzora circus has taken another twist

True to its identity of being a judicial reconstruct, @OurMDCT through Mwonzora's legendary tactic of using proxies (something he employed against Tsvangirai himself), is now attempting to stop the March 202 by-elections, he caused 2] Great political minds, such as Dr Magaisa, countless times, warned Mwonzora against overplaying the court card, as 'politics is about the voter'!

Whereas admittedly, this isn't rocket science, it would seem like everyone else except Mwonzora, understood this warning.
Mar 2 13 tweets 3 min read
1] Been thinking a lot about the whispered CCC "coalition" with various parties from Matebeleland, especially the MaKhupe outfit

The proponents of this idea, argue that having multiple Opposition parties is the South, is splitting the anti-Zanupf vote, to the benefit of ZanuPF 2] I've consistently said, as uncomfortable as this topic is, it should be had.

It benefits noone to point fingers & raise political emotions.

In fact, ructions over this issue will draw the attention of ZanuPF, who will in turn manipulate the whole thing, to their benefit.
Mar 1 15 tweets 4 min read
1] #KwekweRallyHorror

Was doing a followup on a colleague from Kwekwe, whom I shan't name for his own security, who was stubbed at the Yellow Sunday rally, addressed by @nelsonchamisa last Sunday

The story is chilling & leaves you fearful & frustrate beyond anyone's compression Image 2] His story goes....

He was eventually alerted by commotion behind him, & turned back to saw machete welding men running towards him, randomly hitting CCC supporter.

One of them began chasing him & eventually caught up, & proceeded to tackle him to the ground, where he fell.
Feb 20 31 tweets 19 min read
1] @CCCZimbabwe President @nelsonchamisa's speech:

"We gathered here today, less than 400 days before the 2023 general elections, 35 or so days before the by-elections. They thought they had dealt us a heavy blow. I warned them, Save left me with a vision of where we are going" 2] @nelsonchamisa:

"They claimed our kraal, & we said stay behind with it, together with your herder, Dhakaboy. You can capture the leaders but can never capture the people. You can even entice some people, but the citizens of Zimbabwe will not tire, until change is realised."
Feb 14 9 tweets 4 min read
1. How does ZanuPF even begin to talk of "the legacy of Tsvangirai"?

Tsvangirai's legacy was never about an institution, let alone a party name.

Why would they admit that the MDC "disappeared", when Mnangagwa captured it & offered it to his stooge, @DMwonzora? 2. One is tempted to ask, if ZanuPF is convinced that MDC is dead & buried in the history books, what is @DMwonzora leading now?

Does Mwonzora himself realise that ZanuPF assisted his MDC takeover, knowing fully well, it would "destroy MDC"?

What happens to their dialogue?
Feb 11 19 tweets 4 min read
1] Politicians are strange human beings.

This strategy by the ZanuPF youth league to armtwist the 'Zimdancehall genre industry' into their party commissariat department is self-flattery.

Evidently, this free show-cum-rally will attract thousands yet it could be meaningless. 2] The event will be meaningless because all rational young people are fully aware that ZanuPF has no program aimed at changing their lives.

Heck, ZanuPF hasn't introduced any deliberate policy/program to assist those artists on the poster.
The covid situation made things worse.
Feb 9 16 tweets 7 min read
1] Dr. Magaisa:

"After a nervy period of unsureness & deliberation, the political midwives eventually attended to the arrival of the CCC on the 24th of Jan 2022. That date earned a place in the history of party politics in Zimbabwe when MDC-A underwent a metamorphosis into CCC" 2] Dr Magaisa:

"Those who live through moments of history do not usually grasp their significance. It's those who look back and therefore have the advantage of hindsight, who can appreciate the weight of such moments."