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19 Sep
1) In rock and roll there was an unwritten rule: Never let them see all your tricks. Always keep more in reserve for next time.

2) The DemoKKKrats, as I have said for some time launched too early.…
3) Maybe they couldn't control the timing of the China Virus, but they could and did control the launch of the riots. These were highly organized, orchestrated, and coordinated. There was nothing "spontaneous" about them.
4) I suggested that they did so because they had to do something---anything---to stop Trump's momentum. He was already crashing the 40% range, was up in ALL polls, and was on a massive roll.

5) While temporarily the riots worked, they have already worn off and to the extent . .
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18 Sep
1) @rushlimbaugh is reading the Lee Smith piece---I'll get a link for you--but this ties ALL of it together better than anything I've ever heard.

2) Smith explains that in the early 2000s the internet DEFUNDED ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN news and reporters. Since news could be . . .
2) contd . . . gathered and disseminated free, it eliminated the livelihoods of most of these "news" orgs and reporters. They HAD to become nothing but partisan advocates.

3) When Bezos and Jobs' widow bought the Compost and the Red Sea (Atlantic), they didn't know that . . .
3) contd. . . a major presidential candidate was about to have them completely de-linked from the ChiComs. Smith's point is that Trump is LITERALLY taking away the wealth from these people.

4) Smith (and Rush) maintain that the sheer hatred of the China Controlled Elites . . .
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18 Sep
1) @rushlimbaugh playing a clip from Lurch (John Effing Kerry) saying as Sec State that "there will be no Middle East peace without the Palestinians."


This is the kind of thinking that says, "We can never explore any other alternatives than those we always worked with."
2) What does this remind me of?

In the 1970s EVERYONE thought that "defeating" the USSR was impossible, that we had to have "detente" but couldn't beat them.

EVERYONE thought that except one man.

Ronald Reagan.
3) Do you remember his response when he was asked for his view of the Cold War?

"It's easy. We win, they lose."

4) You could hear the breath going out of the State Department and the think tanks from Arizona.

5) "Why, that's impossible. We can't win a war with the Soviets!"
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18 Sep
1) From the NR article on the struggline Biteme "campaign:" The reason [voter Don] Sabbe can’t find a dedicated Biden campaign field office is because there aren’t any around here. Not in Macomb County (MI), the swing region where Sabbe lives. I
2) contd "It’s not even clear Biden has opened any new dedicated field offices in the state; because of the pandemic, they’ve moved their field organizing effort online. The Biden campaign in Michigan refused to confirm the location of any physical field offices
3) contd . . . despite repeated requests; they say they have “supply centers” for handing out signs, but would not confirm those locations. The campaign also declined to say how many of their Michigan staff were physically located here.
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17 Sep
1) Lotta new followers so, just FYI.

I don't do polls. There are a couple of good ones, but I think this cycle because of the massive pending shortfall in student (18-24 year old voters) & because of the very real safety concerns by Trump voters ("shy voters") NO poll . . .
1) contd . . . is going to accurately capture what is happening.

2) I follow real, tangible #s, not polls which are stated intentions of what people might do in the future. And remember Dr. House: "everybody lies."

Instead I watch trends in special elections (ALL toward . . .
2) contd . . . the GOP since 2018 with the exception of one WI Supreme Court race; voter registrations (ALL in the GOP direction and I mean BIGLY in FL, NC, NM, NV, PA and slightly less so in IA and NH, but still in the GOP favor.) AZ briefly saw DemoKKKrats gain, knocking . . .
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16 Sep
1) Rush @rushlimbaugh yesterday correctly said that "if the DemoKKKrats win this election, it is the end of the two-party system. They do not believe in legitimate opposition."

Fully agree: spocksockets like Minion, Broken Kristol & any other neverTrumper are advocating . . .
1) contd . . . the end of the two party system.

2) Rush argues that the DemoKKKrats would pack the Supreme Court. We would never again get a favorable ruling; they would pass statehood for DC and PR, immediately ending any hope we have for winning the senate.
3) It's actually worse: the DemoKKKrats are today's brownshirt gestapo. They may conceal it with their armed militias of BLM and fascist so-called antifa, but these ARE the DemoKKKrat party.
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15 Sep
Ten songs that you should hear if you never have:

1) "Restore my Soul" the Choir
2) "All Right Now" Rod Stewart (Live);_yl…
3) "8:05" by Moby Grape

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14 Sep
1) Demented Perv Biteme and every single DemoKKKrat gov & mayor is cupable in the assassination attempt on two LA cops.

2) Full stop. Period.

3) Unless you are actively resisting & attempting to destroy both Black Lives Matter & the fascist so-called "Antifa" you aided/abetted.
4) "Silence is violence." Yep. You spoogemonkeys are actively fomenting violence against police, fire and EVERY OTHER CITIZEN by propping up these Brownshirt terrorist organizations.

5) That includes every corporation that pays hush money to these blimppimples.
6) This includes you, racist NBA & NFL.

No cop or security person should ever work a one of your little games. They are literally funding their own assassination attempts.

7) Corporate America, now in the grip of SJW/Karen/Snowflake marketing departments better recover fast.
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13 Sep
1) "The Patriot" at 20. A timely film for a tyrannical world.

2) I must have seen "The Patriot," Roland Emmerich's timeless 2000 film about the American Revolution, a dozen times.

3) It is a profound story about a man of principles, Benjamin Martin, in 1776 South Carolina.
4) Martin, a veteran of the French and Indian War (of which it is revealed that he engaged in what would today be called "war crimes" against the French) now lives peacefully with his family minus his dead wife.

Martin has had enough of war, and especially fears . . .
4) contd . . . as he says, "his sins may come back" to him and would be "more than I can bear." He also fears losing his sons to war.

5) But Gabriel, his oldest boy, is a patriot. Gabriel believes deeply not only in the cause of freedom FROM England, but TO build a new world.
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11 Sep
1) Some of you are not going to like this column, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

2) After 9/11, the Bush administration had two strategic objectives: destroy al-Qaeda regimes that gave them safe harbor, and rebuild Middle Eastern states as stable democracies.
3) I would argue that while failing miserably at the second, for the most part Bush then President Trump---with no help from Zero---accomplished the first.

4) Think about this: except for the memorials today, when was the last time anyone even mentioned al-Qaeda or OBL?
5) Indeed, this week the biggest news was that OBL's niece SUPPORTS TRUMP!

6) Unquestionably Zero's regime destabilized Libya, Egypt for a while, & other ME resorts. And we paid the price for that with ISIS.

7) So, without downplaying the horror of ISIS or its early success . .
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10 Sep
1) All right. You asked for it.

"The Pope Drives"

After hanging around the Vatican Pope Francis learned the Vatican had a new Popemobile. He told his assistant he wanted to take it for a drive.

"Holiness," said his aide, "that would not be good. You haven't driven in years."
2) "Still," said His Holiness, "I insist. Bring it around."

Moments later the Popemobile showed up at the gate & Francis climbed behind the wheel and sped off.

3) Before long his inexperience showed. He was clipping light poles and fountains. An Italian motorcycle cop saw him.
4) The Pope knew what the lights in the mirror meant. He pulled over. As the cop came up to the window, the Pope hit the button to lower the window. The cop saw his face, and went pale.

"Uno momento," he said, and walked back to his motorcycle.
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5 Sep
1) I have come to the conclusion that some of you really don't want news from conservative (i.e., honest) sites, but would rather just whine & moan about Faux News not being conservative.

2) Well, they aren't. Yes, there are some good personalities/reporters at Faux.
2) contd . . . @cvpayne @LouDobbs Steve & Peter Doocy are top notch. For commentary, while the Tuckster isn't my cup of tea, he's ok. I can't listen to Hannity any more, but every once in a while he has real information.

But others?
3) So called "reporters" like Jennycide Griffen, Brett Bayer Aspirin, Neil Computo, Bill Hemorrhage, Martha McCallump and others are utter lib tripe puckermonkeys.

4) It should not surprise any of you that Jennycide confirms an unsourced story about Trump with . . . no source.
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3 Sep
1) Hearing through the grapevine that @BurgessOwens is running very strong in UT4 forcing McAdams into negative ads already. Word is a poll done earlier this month STILL hasn't been released because it's horrible for McAdams.
2) If Owens is up by as much as I'm hearing, that's significant. McAdams barely beat Mia Love by 1.

3) While just one race, it is significant. First, it's an urban/suburban district with a potentially big flip in the #s; Second, it resembles what Mike Garcia did in CA25.
4) President Trump has said twice we would take back the House. I think they have polling in the WH that shows that all 20 of these 1-point losses are now leaning the other way. Sean Parnell in PA (outside of Pitt) is another example.

5) Hearing the race in WA is also close.
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2 Sep
1) Apparently there are hysterics about the "OMG constant late vote counting."

No. PA court set Nov. 6 as the date for counting all mail ins. Any after that are disqualified. Even NY and NJ set 3 weeks, i.e., Nov. 24 for all late ballots to be counted.
2) Statutory law says that all SecsState must certify their counts by Dec. 14. That date is immutable.

3) Don't forget that the USSC reaffirmed that this date cannot be changed in Bush v. Gore.

4) Any state that doesn't submit its slate of electors just won't be counted.
5) No state would be so foolish as to do this.

6) On Jan. 3 the U.S. Senate, with 2 tellers from each party, counts the electors, and Grassley reads the final tally.

7) The ONLY time in American history where there was a dispute about the electors was 1876.
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31 Aug
Folks on what the "electorate" looks like: some say D+2, Gallup (last I saw) was D+1.

It's irrelevant if on election day turnout is R+2.
These are wild guesses as to who "might" turn out on election day. They were wildly off in 2016.

For ex, in FL, PA, NC black turnout was . .
contd . . . a full THREE POINTS lower than "normal." In FL, that was almost enough by itself to give Trump the state.

If black turnout, for example, is ANOTHER three points lower this time (and Biteme is in the 70s after Trump gets 11-15% and Kanye gets 1% . . .
contd . . . this is not some insignificant number. We're talking 2-3 million votes nationally.

Likewise, I keep harping on student diminished turnout. Remember many colleges are 100% shut down. If the student turnout is MERELY down 30% you're looking at 1-1.5m fewer votes.
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31 Aug
1) @rushlimbaugh had a great monologue on 5 signals that Demented Perv Biteme has fallen behind.

2) First, Michael's convention speech urging people--demanding people--vote. Now why? If Biteme has a 10-14 point lead? Second, Blind Lemon Don's on air admission that . . .
2) contd . . . the polling and focus groups on the riots were bad for DemoKKKrats; Third, Cankles' out of the blue recommendation to Biteme not to concede; Fourth, Botoxic's statement that Biteme shouldn't debate; and Fifth the fact that ALL the DemoKKKrat media on Sunday . . .
2) contd . . . unanimously tried to blame Trump for the violence. (Won't work, he says).

3) Rush argues that it just dawned on them Biteme will lose.

4) I agree these are important signals, but disagree with the premise. I think they have known for TWO YEARS that . . .
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30 Aug
1) Folks, I keep hearing concerns about a Torricelli "switchout" with Demented Perv Biteme.

2) Won't happen. Cannot happen.


4) If they "switched out" Demented Perv Biteme with anyone--inc Harris--it would be a disaster.
5) If you vote "Biden president Harris Vice President" & he isn't on the ticket, SHE doesn't automatically move to the top.

SHE is elected "vice president."

6) So, you write in Harris. But then you can't vote for "Biden/Harris" above b/c it would cancel your ballot.
7) ANY attempt to switch out Biteme with ANYONE would at very minimum cost the DemoKKKrats a good 5 million votes simply in confusion, multiple disallowed ballots, etc.

8) No, they are stuck with Demented Perv Biteme.

9) They are stuck losing in what is now . . .
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29 Aug
@ForecasterEnten 1) Since you are by far the absolute WORST "predictor" other than Fat Frank Luntz, you might want to consider:

Nationally Demented Perv Biteme will come up short of 2016 #s (Cankles lost, remember?) by 3m or more black votes & 1-1.5m student votes. Doesn't even count those
@ForecasterEnten 1) contd. . . . DemoKKKrats who have switched to Trump. This number is significant. Could be 1m nationally.

2) In FL, since you apparently are immune to actual stats, Rs have added 250,000 NET more to the state that Trump won by about 150,000 in 2016.
@ForecasterEnten 3) There is no---ZERO---drop off in Trump support from 2016. There is 95% GOP support.

4) This means Trump will win FL by somewhere around 250,000-400,000 votes.

5) He is also ahead in OH, IA, WI, MI, and PA (I'm sure you didn't know that). His campaign is spending time in MN.
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27 Aug
1) There has been a lot of commentary on the RNC Convention--how professional it looks, how well produced.

I was skeptical that a convention without delegates would work but it has several advantages.

With no crowd the focus is always on the speaker.
2) Without a crowd interrupting with often obligatory applause, speakers have up to 30% more actual speaking time.

3) Cameras can't cut away to irrelevant delegate interviews ("So Sen. Romney, how terrible is President Trump?)
4) However, when small crowds are needed, the RNC has them as with Melania and Pence's speeches.
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26 Aug
1) A little musical break. One of my all time favorite bands was "Survivor," a Chicago-based band. Gary Smith, one of those who did not die in the "Chase" plane crash, and fellow "Chaser" Dennis Johnson joined Jim Peternick (guitar) and Dave Bickler (vocals).
2) Smith was a Phoenician, and I am sure I heard him with many bands back in the day, but don't remember his style (vs. that of Prairie Prince of the Tubes and Harold Aceves of Quicksilver Messenger Service, both of Phoenix, both awesome drummers).
3) The band caught a break when Sylvester Stallone heard their latest song, "Eye of the Tiger" and wanted to use it in Rocky III.

That was a #1 song for 6 weeks.

The band couldn't reproduce that groove, Bickler got nodes, and was replaced.
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25 Aug

An ok article, but fails at a key point:

"Marx’s economic model might be credible when applied to a peasant or artisan subsistence economy, but it is hideously inapplicable to a free-market industrial economy."

2) He's writing about the Labor Theory of Value (LTV) & this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

3) To review, LTV says that only physical labor makes value. Adam Smith's capitalism has the Market Theory of Value (MTV).
4) The Market Theory says that other people decide what is valuable to them (demand). If you don't serve someone else FIRST, you don't get rewarded.

5) I always point this out: intention is irrelevant. It doesn't matter WHY you serve others. You can be totally selfish.
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