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20 Jun
Why is Geoffrey Berman getting canned and resisting?

My best guess:…
Both Weber and the Podesta Group played roles in the spygate $hitshow. Mueller knew that crimes uncovered must be dealt with himself or referred. That's why a case he wanted to see disappeared was referred to a district that really wasn't the logical venue.
Berman burried the Podesta/Weber cases for Mueller, Durham knows.
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31 May
This morning my mind has drifted to this excerpt from the 2nd Comey memo which was during his dinner with Trump on January 27, 2017👇
We know there were two significant countries who got the return call on saturday Jan 28th: Germany and Russia.…
But now we have a bit more information from the Flynn/Kislyak transcripts👇
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31 May
@themarketswork @smc12256 I've always felt Boente was problematic. He had over 35 years in it was hard to explain why he essentially took a demotion to be Wray's counsel other than to ensure a proper cleanup. Vangrack being a protege doesn't help.

That said, this may simply be a necessary cleanse
@themarketswork @smc12256 It was never a good look having an official who signed off on a fraudulent fisa warrant dealing with fisa reforms... The recent failure to pass fisa reauthorization probably plays a role here.

But there's also the Flynn debacle and a lot of EDVA baggage.
@themarketswork @smc12256 But my intuition tells me that Durham has uncovered the Guccifer 2.0 hoax and this is just the first of many heads to roll from nsd, FBI, and EDVA who either facilitated or turned a blind eye to reality.
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30 May
Actually, Mr dossier boy, he was representing the policy the American electorate chose and wanted him to pursue on November 8, 2016. He didn't undermine anything but clearly conveyed the incoming administrations intentions. Go whine to a think tank.
And while your at it perhaps explain the amazing coincidence that your wife and the person Seth Rich spent over 2 hours on the phone with right before he was murdered shared the same Michigan address. But you be you dude😬
Not just same address but exact same apartment number. Coincidence? Perhaps. But the coincidences are adding up.

What exactly is the relationship between Michigan St and the CIA / State dept?
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14 May
I'm late to the game looking into burr getting raided but I can't overlook this
Look who broke this.…
Same guy who was Brian Paarman presstitute
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12 May
@nick_weil @ClimateAudit Tie in David Kramer's comments about the 5 supposed sources Steele showed him. 4 Russians and one from "the region". 2 he recognized as serious people, he implicitly said he could vouch for. ImageImage
@nick_weil @ClimateAudit If Kilimnik was actually a trusted source for the state department in Ukraine, Kramer was probably aware of that.
@nick_weil @ClimateAudit I'd also add that Vladimir Kara-murza, besides checking a bunch of other still a Russian citizen and also someone Kramer would view as a "serious person" he could vouch for.

It would also explain why he took the fifth when called back to testify.
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8 May
@15poundstogo Actually it was in the DNC lawsuit that they tried to claim they were staged for exfiltration around the 25th or 26th. Why? So that it appeared Mifsud/papad convo would be related...despite all appearances they were taken may 23 and 25th.
@15poundstogo Them after they prob figured out or were tipped off Mifsud was friendly asset they made ridiculous claim they couldn't serve him cause he's believed dead.😂
@15poundstogo The irony in all this is that they paid crowdstrike half a million dollars to consult to put together all the phony claims in the lawsuit. And when I busted them on that the FEC tried to fiddle with original filing. But alas....i kept receipts😉
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7 May
I just finished reading the withdraw motion. One big takeaway:

They just set all the coup plotters against each other. Let the Yates, McCord, McCabe, Comey $hitshow commence.

Good job Jensen.
My second take away is that a critical Durham witness just got his credibility restored by this exoneration.

Thank you @GenFlynn
Since I wrote these tweets...the transcripts are all out via dni and more coming. DONT overlook this timing.

Right now all the big fish are in panic digesting all these realizing who has thrown each other under the bus.

Good sign Durham is now onto bigger fish.
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6 May
So with @RichardGrenell telling is today we're getting the 53 transcripts whether Schiff likes it or not: When they drop where are you going first? I've got dibs on Podesta and Shawn Henry.

What say you?
It'd be funny if Schiff tried to stall and then release them with hos own "house reactions"

I gaurantee @RichardGrenell , badass that he is would immediately release his versions to show everything schifty tried to hide😂
* his own house redactions

I hate autocorrect.
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6 May
My spelling was atrocious, cause in was responding in time listening to Wray testify during a house hearing just days after strzok/Page texts first emerged.
But what have we learned since to put some more context to this interesting moment where ghomert seemed to catch Wray way off guard?
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4 May
So on January 12, 2017 at 7:44 pm EDT Ignatius at the WAPO first posted this article with an interesting snippet, and by just pure "coincidence" at 7:12 pm EDT (a half hour earlier) Guccifer 2.0 awoke from a 68 day slumber to make one last post?
Note: Ignatius story was posted at 744 had to have been written earlier than the G2 post, it even mentions seeking comment Thurs evening.

This all seems a bit to coordinated. Did someone cue up one last G2 post to try and reinforce the new narrative/talking points?
Fyi I deleted an earlier similar tweet with am/pm discrepancy after other good folks helped me sort that out.
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3 May
Spygaters: we need our collective heads together to figure out what the "list" was all about now given we know strzok had just salvaged "Razor" earlier that day on Jan 4th👇…
First off, my guess is the originator of this chain might be Brian Brooks, who was deputy assistant director at OTD at that time. If so significant as he was also on MYE.
Secondly what "idea" did the AD of Cyber (Scott S Smith) have that the OTD guy (Brian?) needed to bounce off strzok and page?

Who messaged him after being pinged by SF?
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30 Apr
Hey Jazz....what date did Woolsey actually officially resign from the trump transition and how does that line up with Razor being closed?😉
Answer = Yes.

Double-crossing bastards elf👇
This confirms all we thought. Woolsey was a mole.
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30 Apr
I've never been the guy to bitch and moan about Twitter. But it's been blatantly obvious what they've been doing to anyone outside "their lane"

This is just a sample I've noticed over the past few weeks. They show less than half when you look at your own tweet. They show closer to real if you hit analytics. And in that mode if you go to screenshot you see it adjust downward before your eyes😒
I really don't care but I think the end goal is to end about discourage folks to make them think No ones seeing what they tweet. I can't be the only one who's noticed this.
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27 Apr
@Dust_Off70 @JarradKushner Sergei lived in Brooklyn/Astoria😶 Image
@Dust_Off70 @JarradKushner Just saying.... Image
@Dust_Off70 @JarradKushner Funny I think Sergei blocked me last year because I pointed out the irony that he got Toyota settlement and that Brian Ross staged the fake Toyota accelerator story too. 😂
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27 Apr
Remember: Durham has been investigating former FBI gen counsel James Baker since 2018, and supposedly it had nothing to do with the Dossier leaks.…
Now today we learn the exculpatory evidence withheld from the Flynn defense apparently includes bakers hand written notes outlining the setup.
Which begs the questions: Was it Durham who uncovered this key evidence and it's only being passed along now because it was critical in the overall case he was building?

Did Jensen ask for this evidence from the FBI and not get it, but only found it thanks to Durham?
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24 Apr
Reminder : government status update in Flynn case due at noon today.
B.S. Covington knew the deadline😒…
Covington basicslly dumped 600 pages at the last minute, government continues to drag this out. At some point Sullivan just needs to say enough is enough.
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23 Apr
18 U.S.C 371

It is a federal crime

"if two or more persons defraud the United States, or any agency thereof on any manner or for any purpose."
There are basically four elements that must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt for tge government to successfully prosecute a conspiracy case.
1) the defendant entered into an agreement

2) to obstruct a lawful function of the government

3) by deceitful or dishonest means, and

4) committed at least one overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.
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21 Apr
@akamaimom @OversightGov @realDonaldTrump Michael Mcgarrity might fit the bill as well. Here he was replaced by Jill Sanborn just back in January.…
@akamaimom @OversightGov @realDonaldTrump Comey named mcgarrity sac in NY criminal division Nov 4 2016. Then Wray made him "assistant director" of counterterrorism Jan 19 2018. He was just replaced in Jan.

On March 2, global guardian announced him as new VP of global risk servicrd.
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20 Apr
Found something small but interesting in this Judicial Watch production #7😉…
This production was mostly a nothingburger, mostly just articles being forwarded by Sarah Isgur Flores to DOJ officials.
But, I found one email from March 8, 2018 where Stephen Boyd forwarded a New Yorker article by Jane Mayer to Scott Schools.
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