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Feb 15 13 tweets 7 min read
Say hello to software engineer, Patriot Front associate, and UTR attendee Andrew Mark Liebenow (32) aka "Eurogenicist" of Austin and Round Rock, Texas!

This neo-Nazi is a huge HitIer fan and is STILL actively posting propaganda online. #IgniteTheRight…
Screenshot of eurogenicist twitter profile, Andrew at UTR, Andrew holding an unlit torch in a Texas parking garage Andrew Liebenow's name originally began circulating in 2018 after he was caught flyering Texas State University in San Marcos with Erik Sailors and Paul Gray.

Local antifascists and publications promptly reported on it and made the community aware.…
Nazi punks fuck off flyer, naming 5 local nazis including Liebenow, Sailors, and Gray
Feb 12 9 tweets 7 min read
NEW: Please say hello to neo-Nazi and Patriot Front associate Jordan Thomas Fracht (35) aka "Mooch TX" of Houston and Beaumont, Texas!

Jordan Fracht attended Unite the Right with Vanguard America. #VanguardBlueGlassesUTR #IgniteTheRight
Fracht wearing a helmet and glasses at UTR
Fracht's face
At UTR, Jordan Fracht spent his time filming on his DSLR camera amidst other Texans and Vanguard America members, and was seen trailing behind William Fears IV into the park.

Fracht was also photographed next to James Alex Fields, who ended up murdering a woman later that day.

Fracht walking behind William Fears
Fracht in a group of Texas and Daily Stormer nazis
Fracht in a crowd of nazis, one sieg heiling in front of him
Fracht standing next to James Alex Fields
Feb 7 8 tweets 7 min read
Hello to groyper and HitIer fan Saran Sankar aka Ethan Stykes of the Washington DC & Baltimore area, the person behind the 10k+ follower WeCrusaders account.

He's a big promoter of Nick Fuentes & all of this is information he posted himself publicly.

Saran Sankar's linkedin photo.
Modern Crusaders twitter account.
The replies to his account and the account IDs in archive source code can verify his handle change from "EthanStykes" to "WeCrusaders".

Twitter search showing the old EthanStykes handle showing in replies to WeCrusaders
Name change history for WeCrusaders showing EthanStarks
EthanStarks account volunteering to be a software engineer for Elon Musk
Feb 5 7 tweets 3 min read
More for #IgniteTheRight -
Timothy Evans Doerr Noonan (32) aka Timmy Matlock aka Chad Vandal aka oxycolton aka Voltar attended UTR. He now resides in North Richland Hills, #Texas.

He's a neo-Nazi podcaster tied to the Daily Stormer & was a TWP member.

Timothy Noonan at UTR
Timothy Noonan wearing a black sun shirt, posting to the Bowl Patrol discord
Timothy Noonan lived in Portland, Oregon for a while and previously appeared among a group of fascists and neo-Nazis at a 2016 “PSU Students for Trump” gathering.

h/t @RoseCityAntifa…
Noonan holding up a "border wall" sign at a build the wall event
Feb 5 5 tweets 2 min read
Another for the #IgniteTheRight DB:
David Balabon aka "John Cholisniky" of Austin, Texas was an Identity Evropa member who attended UTR.

He was previously identified by antifascists in 2019, just wasn't listed as a UTR attendee.

Photo of Balabon in a helmet at UTR
Photo of Balabon in a youtube video.
David Balabon of Austin, Texas had horrific online behavior across platforms.

Link to his Discord posts:…
David Balabon calling someone a k*ke and telling them they should have been gassed. Someone spamming the N word underneath that, and Balabon agreeing.
Feb 3 8 tweets 5 min read
Today we're introducing neo-Nazi and League of the South member Clay Pinkston (26) of Christiana, #Tennessee.

Not only was he present at Unite the Right, it appears he was involved in an act of violence at the event.

#MSSouthUTR #IgniteTheRight

Photo of Clay Pinkston with a missing sunglass lens at UTR
mugshot of Clay Pinkston
Pinkston was featured prominently in news images alongside other League of the South shield carriers.

Many shield carriers were identified shortly after UTR, while this one slipped by until his DUI mugshots were spotted.…

Reuters showing Pinkston ready to fight, holding a baton and shield at Charlottesville
NBC News cover image with Pinkston front and center, walking with League of the South and others up the street at cville
Feb 1 4 tweets 2 min read
Got another one for #IgniteTheRight -
Identity Evropa member Kilian Glish of Troy, #Michigan attended the Unite the Right neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

He's the third from left in IE group photo.

ID from NoCARA:…

Photo of Kilian Glish with cops in swat gear behind him at UTR
Kilian Glish at UTR
Kilian Glish with Identity Evropa
Kilian Glish also attended the white supremacist National Policy Institute (NPI) conference in DC in 2016 alongside Andrew Ferguson and Shawn Mccaffrey of Michigan.

h/t @Idavox…
white supremacists in suits outside the NPI event in DC
Feb 1 5 tweets 4 min read
Looking at old archives, turns out that a violent Proud Boy previously identified by antifascists was also noticed by #SeditionHunters a while back.

Hello again to #J6er Jordan Tyler Camacho aka #SkullFlipper

ID by Identify Dixie:

Jordan Tyler Camacho mugshot for battery charge
Jordan Tyler Camacho at J6
More J6 images of #ProudBoy insurrectionist Jordan Tyler Camacho aka #SkullFlipper are available here.
Camacho in the J6 mob near the front doors of the Capitol
Feb 1 5 tweets 3 min read
Looking at old archives... turns out that a violent Proud Boy previously identified by antifascists was also noticed #SeditionHunters.

Hello again to #J6er Jordan Tyler Camacho aka #SkullFlipper

(2020 ID by Identify Dixie: )

Mugshot of Jordan Tyler Camacho
Photo of Jordan Tyler Camacho at J6
More images of #ProudBoy / insurrectionist Jordan Tyler Camacho aka #SkullFlipper available here.
Photo of Camacho storming the capitol
Feb 1 4 tweets 2 min read
Another for the #IgniteTheRight collection -

Hello again to Identity Dixie member and Army vet Jordan Lawhon aka Alex Lawhon / Alexander Snappingturtle / Chief Snapping Turtle / @NChukma of PA and VA, who attended UTR.

Old thread h/t ShermanMarching:

photo of Lahon at UTR
photo of Lahon at UTR
A couple more pics.

Also, more information about him here:

Lawhon doing the ok hand sign
Lawhon in a confederate larp outfit
Jan 30 20 tweets 9 min read
Let’s say hello to 32-year-old neo-Nazi Elleisa Ann Burden aka Elle Wilham aka “Ellie Ancap” aka “Moe Bible Verses” of Lexington, Kentucky!

Elle currently operates the AnimeBibleVerse account with nearly 19,000 followers and uses the guise of Christianity to spread of hate. Screenshot of the @AnimeBibleVerse account with a profile image of an Anime girl, next to a photo of Elleisa Ann Burden Wilham This identification was not in our regularly scheduled programming, but due to her still constantly posting antisemitism to a very wide audience we thought it was time to shine a light on her neo-Nazi activities.
Jan 12 5 tweets 3 min read
NEW from Jersey Counter-Info:
Evan Wendell Plumlee (54) of Feasterville-Trevor, #Pennsylvania identified as a neo-Nazi, J6 rioter, and leader of White Lives Matter (WLM) PA.…

Mugshot of Evan Wendell Plumlee
Plumlee's face marked as #Insider140
Evan Plumlee of Pennsylvania is more than just a banner-holding sticker Nazi...

Evan Wendell Plumlee face pic, wearing a mask
Plumlee holding a White Lives Matter banner
Another shot of Plumlee holding a banner outside with other Nazis
Jan 7 9 tweets 5 min read
ICYMI, hello to two more of Gosar's racist groyper ex-staffers Samuel King and Alexander Katsnelson!

Left: Sam King (SamuelGKing_); Right: Alex Katsnelson (RepGosarCreator/TNDRapist)

Short thread 🧵

Sam King's face above a tweet that says "Why are you disrespecting Hitler?"
Alex Katsnelson's face over a tweet that says "This is my 88th xeet, Heil Hitler"
Shout out to @zdroberts for capturing the above image of Sam King and and other white nationalists working their way into politics.

Another image shows King next to recently-unmasked groypers Wade Searle (ChikkenRight) and Lance W. Smith (UX).

Photo of staffers Samuel King, Lance W. Smith (UX), and Wade Searle (ChikkenRight) in suits
Jan 1 19 tweets 6 min read
LNAFA Year in Review!

We were happy to jump into the AFA research scene and have been grateful for the encouragement and support we've received over the past few months. Here's a look at some of the various projects and collaborations we were involved with this year 🧵🔥 Neon pink three arrows symbol over a magenta-shaded collage of identified nazis Our first project was one not highly publicized, but we released a dataset of "suspended replies" to accounts highly networked with white supremacists. If you're trying to hunt down previous handles of Nazi accounts, just search our blog for their name.…
Screenshot of a list of dates, ID numbers, and racist usernames of accounts that had been suspended.
Dec 22, 2023 10 tweets 7 min read
Meet J6er & groyper Christian Conner Balanda aka "Michigan Zoomer" from Ada Township, Michigan!

He was one of Nick Fuentes's "top guys", campaigned for Rep. John Gibbs, and is now a Director of Youth Ministry in Grand Rapids. #GroyperSeason…
Michigan Zoomer profile screenshot, a photo of Christian Balanda in a suit, photo of Christian Balanda in the violent mob right in front of the Capitol on J6 Identified earlier this year thanks to infighting between Nick Fuentes and Ethan Ralph, we have taken the time to verify the ID and see what else Michigan Zoomer has been up to.

Thanks to Mich Zoomer's poor opsec, it was easy to confirm.

Censored screenshot of Ethan Ralph posting Michigan Zoomer's info
Michigan Zoomer posting a photo of himself without his face on his account.
Side by side comparison of Michigan Zoomer photo with a Christian Balanda photo where he is campaigning for John Gibbs.
Close-up comparing the shoes. It's a match.
Dec 19, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
Meet white supremacist Robert J. Westman aka "Bob Westman" aka "Bobby Westman" of Madison, Wisconsin.

This guy boasts "100% Aryan on his Twitter profile and is an absolute mess. #MidgardExposed

bob's mugshot
Bob Westman twitter bio for bwest12b I am an I.S.T.J on the Myers Briggs test. I am a Conservative. I love to Sail. I am a Combat Veteran US ARMY(Iraq). I have A Negative blood. I am 100% Aryan... Madison, July 2009
Robert J. Westman of Madison was arrested after a fight on the dance floor at former Gov. Scott Walker's inaugural ball after Westman touched a woman inappropriately.
Nov 6, 2023 22 tweets 10 min read
Meet Connor Mitchell Banks, aka "Jiu-Jitsu Groyper," from Burlington, Michigan.

This Nick Fuentes fanboy has been spreading white supremacist garbage on the internet for quite a while. Let's take a closer look. #GroyperSeason…
Face photo of Connor M. Banks, who is in his 20s and wearing a denim jacket, next to a JiuJitsuGroyper profile screenshot with a profile image of a groyper frog holding a revolver. "Jiu-Jitsu Groyper," with about 2k followers on Twitter and nearly 2k on Gab, is one of the larger America First groyper accounts.

We were able to locate a handful of his handles and name changes, but there are likely more. Image
Oct 30, 2023 29 tweets 16 min read
Meet Shanta Lee Meeder (60) of Edmonton, Alberta.

Shanta is a fortune teller, tarot card reader, and stay-at-home oil wife.

She's also the neo-Nazi troll known as "Anita Bieverlekker" and "Kate Hikes".…
Photo of blonde haired Shanta Meeder next to a screenshot of her Kate Hikes "6 Gorillian" profile with the bio: I hate goblins. Cro-Magnin Alpine phenotype. Some people call me Anita. Recently, Shanta began selling tarot card readings under the brand "Mystical Fortunes."

Unfortunately for this mystical YouTuber, her face seemed oddly familiar to us... Image
Oct 28, 2023 13 tweets 6 min read
Meet neo-Nazi Paula Ann Morin (Coker) of Sandusky, Ohio, aka 'Helen FeralBlonde' aka 'Hope Williams'—another League of the South member engaged in racist & antisemitic trolling.

Paula returned to Twitter after Elon's purchase announcement in April 2022.…
Blonde haired Paula Morin, in her 60s, next to her Twitter account screenshot Paula Morin hasn't completely stayed under the radar. She was briefly mentioned an AFA blog post about the League several years ago, but we thought we'd take a moment to connect her face and name to her social media presence.

Paula claims to have lost at least 30 accounts. Collage of 9 Twitter accounts with Paula's heavily filtered selfies and handles with variations on "Paula" "Helen Feral Blonde" and "Hope Williams"
Oct 20, 2023 14 tweets 8 min read
For a change of pace on the tl...

Meet neo-Nazi and Unite the Right attendee Charleen Ryan (63) aka "Char Gasemall" from Villa Hills, Kentucky! #LOSBlondeShadesUTR

This dedicated League of the South member mingles with some of the worst racists on this website. #IgniteTheRight Image showing a Twitter profile for "Char" with the handle "char_g_em_all" and mention of "Cville vet" in the bio, a mugshot of a blonde woman with fringe bangs, and photo of the previously unidentified #LOSBlondeShadesUTR Though “Char Gasemall" captured our attention with her name referencing the gas chambers of the Holocaust, we more recently learned she used a different name thanks to an old tweet from @socialistdogmom.

Char, it turns out, had several accounts.

Screenshots of four different Twitter account names for Charleen, a Gab account, and a VK account, two with images of her LOS patches, four using art of a brown haired woman in a forest with laser eyes
Oct 1, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
NEW: Fash & Friends Twitter Files
340+ friend lists, follower lists, and timelines of various white nationalists and users in their network.

Come and get it:…
Fash & Friends Twitter Files Before this website started charging a premium for API access, all of this data was free and publicly available to anyone.

These lists were pulled using tools from TweetBeaver in February of this year. Thank you, TweetBeaver, we owe you one.…