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21 Oct 20
The National @NAACP has released its 2020 policy positions to guide voters' decisions in state and local races.

It does not endorse specific ballot measures, but the positions contrast with some endorsements made by the California @NAACP

National NAACP urges "each state and municipality to reject monetary bail requirements."

California NAACP opposes #Prop25, which would outlaw the use of monetary bail.
National NAACP supports "federal, state, and local legislation that mandates paid sick leave for most workers."

California NAACP supports #Prop22, which would exempt Uber, Lfyt & a few other companies from giving workers paid sick days & family leave.
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1 Sep 20
I've done a little more research since my last tweet raising q's about this, so here is a short thread...
On July 27, after a handful of lawmakers and Capitol staff got COVID-19, the Assembly passed a rule allowing members to vote by proxy during the coronavirus pandemic
"Pregnant people might be at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19," according to the CDC… , and babies "appear to be at higher risk," says the Mayo Clinic:
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3 Mar 19
This woman’s grief is so powerful. #StephonClark ‘s fiancée Salena Manni says “my family’s world was turned upside down” by his killing.
Mother of #StephonClark says: “The death certificate says ‘homicide,’ it does not say ‘accidental murder.’” (Worth noting that the medical definition of homicide is different from legal definition.)
Shane Harris says his group is backing legislation to mandate independent investigations of police shootings, by the Attorney General. He’s calling it the “Stephon Clark Act.” Similar legislation has stalled for the last several years.
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8 Jan 19
You know it's the end of an era when the one and only @DanCALmatters says he's letting go of his @JerryBrownGov archive. Luckily for all of us it's going to the state library for good keeping. But first, a few highlights. THREAD ⬇️
Walters clip, 1977: "The combined result of those policies has been a rapidly increasing dependence by California on low-sulphur crude oil from Indonesia, an authoritarian military dictatorship whose regime has had a lengthy and close business relationship with the elder Brown."
Excerpt of Brown interview transcript, 1974: "What has characterized government in recent years is a certain amount of banality, at the federal level corruption."
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