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(He/Him) #ActuallyAutistic Likes #DnD. Likes #Runeterra but has never played LoL. Evil SJW, trying to ruin everyones fun.
13 Jan
Netflix Show in which the Norse Gods actually descend down to Midgard to kill Nazis that use their symbols. As well as other Nazis, after the quirky, if slightly disfunctional, family they live with teach them to be less egocentric.
If I come up with a shitty tagline for this, too, Disney is running out of excuses to not let me write for their next crappy sitcom and you all know that's true.
Sassy Middle Child: "Thor, where are your hiking boots?"
Thor: "Hiking? I thought you said Viking!"
*Laugh Track*
"So I shouldn't have burned and pillaged a bakery?"
*Laugh Track*
"Do you want a crossaint?"
After a moment of hestitation, the child shrugs and takes the crossaint.
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