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Ret. Federal Reserve Board, Lee & Harris families date to American Revolution. Created 2 national prgms: Officer of the Month NLEOMF & System Interchange, FRB
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17 Mar
THREAD: Americans: If you haven't read this you should. Steve Bannon was Trump's adviser until he was ousted by former CoS Gen. Kelly. However, he's still friends with Trump & they speak frequently. There is a deliberate attempt to destroy the US administrative state (federal
...government) but COVID-19 got in the way. People keep asking what happened to the millions of coronavirus tests. Did they ever exist? If they did, by delaying the testing process Trump et al. are feeding into The Fourth Turning conspiracy theory that Trump & Bannon adhere to.
Remember dictators are malignant narcissists with sociopathic tendencies. They control people by keeping them ill, hungry, uneducated, and in fear for their lives. People keep trying to normalize Trump. It's not going to happen they are doing this deliberately and took
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25 Feb
AMERICANS: If you want to remove Trump, there is one way to do it. On March 2, 2020 we'll do the economic shutdown from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. Don't buy anything, anywhere, spend no money. If you have autopays, leave them alone. If you have a mortgage due pay it the day before.
2) The nation's daily GDP is $238.2 billion. We won't hit that but we can wake up the politicians & the government will know. Several small businesses have told me they'll open, but they personally won't spend any money. Tweet, FB, call, E-mail your House Reps & Senators & tell
3) them you're participating. Then we'll do another one in April, May, June, July, August, September & October. There is only one thing Trump & the GOP understand; that is money. This will not cause us to go into a recession, but it will slow the economy down. The US is the most
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16 Feb
Modified 3-step plan to take control of the US.
1. March 2nd, do not spend any money on anything. Don't change autopays, etc. Just don't initiate any purchases period. Our goal is to cause a 1-day $238.2 billion ripple in the US GDP. It's a semi-economic shut down. #Shutitdown.
2. Develop a one-day protest march & economic shutdown nationwide. The goal is to cause a bigger ripple in the one-day GDP plus combine it with strategic marches in DC, all states & points of entry. I'm working on a website. Our main goal is to unify the people & show Trump et al
3. the American people control the economy & we're not going to allow them to continue to destroy the country that we sacrificed millions of lives for - it's our country.

4. The third part of the plan is to get everyone who is eligible to vote registered & to the polls Nov. 3rd.
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12 Feb
THREAD: Save the date. Economic shutdown and protest March 2, 2020.
1) The late French President Charles de Gaulle, once said (and I’m paraphrasing) that Confederate General Robert E. Lee was one of the most amazing military strategists in history and that if Lee had had...
2) access to goods and services on par with the North, the South would have won the Civil War. Thank God the South lost. Donald Trump, his criminal family & administration led by AG William Barr, & the Republican politicians across the country led by GOP Senator Mitch McConnell,
3) have declared war against the American people. There are two things driving this, money and racism. They are systematically destroying everything on which our country is founded, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law while stealing taxpayer dollars, depriving
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24 Jan
ECONOMIC PROTEST & MARCH: Save the date March 2, 2020. Several people I respect have been asking questions about the Federal Reserve pumping money into the economy. So I spent some time researching it. They are pumping money in through the NY Fed's discount window at the rate...
2)...of about $70 billion a day and intend to do so until April. This affects economic outlook artificially. Ask yourself these questions. What do you think will happen when the Fed stops? Are you ready for another recession or depression? On top of that Trump said, publically...
3) that he is going to cut Social Security & Medicare & we know that the GOP will support it, the very same way they passed the tax bill that gave massive cuts to the wealthy and corporations. Now Trump & the GOP are in a panic because there isn't enough revenue coming in to...
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20 Jan
THREAD: Fellow Americans. Please be advised that I have submitted a formal request to USAF Secretary Barbara Barrett requesting that she initiate an investigation into Congressman Doug Collins' conflict of interest; specifically his
2)...conduct on behalf of @realDonaldTrump while he is also serving as a Lt. Col. for the Air Force as a Chaplain. He is not only violating his Oath of Office for the Air Force, he's violating his Oath of Office for the House of Representatives. By using his status as Chaplain
3) he is influencing his constituents and religious attendees by spreading propaganda in favor of the President before the Impeachment Trial. We may not be able to remove him from Congress; we may be able to remove him from the Air Force which will directly affect his income.
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12 Dec 19
Thread: I'm sick & tired of people still saying Jim @Comey caused Hillary to lose the election. It is a ridiculous claim & just proves how uninformed people can be. Please read this article & the rest of this post. We cannot waste time on this craziness. time.com/4828306/russia…
For several years I was the Chair of the Board of Elections for the City of Annapolis, MD. During that time I actively participated in "hands on" classes on voting systems. Also, I'm relatively technology savvy. When Trump won by the electoral vote, I tested one of the three...
...states he carried. I was able to access that state's voter files & if I had wanted to remove individual voter registrants, I could have. I DID NOT, because it is illegal. What I did do was report my findings to the FBI via their online reporting system. People who continue...
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18 Nov 19
Folks, I'm going to share something with you. I was the Chair for the Board of Supervisors of Elections for Annapolis, MD. I went through extensive training on voting machines & backup systems. When they started claiming hacks was what won the election for Trump I tested a state.
I won't tell you what state. I was able to access that state's voter registration files and I could have deleted files. I did not. However, anyone with a little IT experience could have accessed those files, deleted particular files those who normally vote Democratic &
altered the election. When there were claims that there were hacking problems, I believed them. Do not let people tell you otherwise. Why do you think #MoscowMitch will not bring the voter security package with the floor? He knows the GOP can't win without cheating.
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13 Nov 19
Folks: For 2 years I've suspected that a majority of Republican Senators & Representatives have accepted money from Russia & now they are compromised. Also, Trump knows who they are & uses the information to control them. It is a little more insidious than it seems because...
2) they've used diversionary tactics to acquire the funds. First, all GOP have received money from the NRA. As you know the NRA laundered millions of dollars that it received from Russia & they are currently under federal investigation. You can read about the NRA's 10 active...
3) ...investigations here. thetrace.org/2019/02/nra-in…

Second, in 2017 The Dallas Morning News...
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10 Nov 19
Folks, while Trump, the GOP Senate & GOP House are doing everything to destroy the US, our democracy & republic, there is one thing you need to remember. If they are successful, then our money is worthless. The value of our money is based on the Full Faith & Credit Clause.../1
..."A situation in which a government agrees to repay a debt no matter what. For example, if a bond is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States, the U.S. government must find some way to repay the bond. U.S. Treasury securities, Ginnie Mae bonds, and some.../2
...other debt securities are call full-faith-and-credit bonds because they have this backing. Municipalities may also attach full faith and credit to their bonds, but this means less than the credit of the United States." Trump & his administration have a plan to destroy the.../3
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25 Oct 19
THREAD: I've been sending this Letter to newspapers across the country. Especially those of the GOP Reps. who broke the law. 1.) The Ugly Americans
It was never a quid pro quo, it’s always been old fashioned blackmail. The illegally elected President of the United States, Donald
2) Trump, attempted to blackmail the new and legally elected President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, by threatening (albeit underhandedly which is how Trump works) to withhold $391 million dollars in military aide the Ukranians need to fight the Russians who are trying to take
3) over their country. President Zelensky’s people are dying and Trump knows this; he doesn’t care.

Trump is scared as he should be. Besides being a malignant narcissistic pathological liar (27 psychiatrists, psychologist wrote about this in The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump),
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10 Oct 19
THREAD: 1) Donald Trump conspired with two of the world’s worst dictators to commit genocide of the Kurdish people in Syria; Putin of Russia and Erdogan of Turkey. The same Kurds that fought ISIS for us, sacrificed 11,000 of their people and have kept the ISIS fighters and their
2) families in prisons, over 80,000 people. They trusted us. He is killing these people for money. The American people are responsible for this carnage, especially those who voted for Trump and do nothing to control his incompetence in the White House.
3) Trump was elected President with the help of Vladimir Putin; he is an illegal President. He is a malignant narcissist with sociopathic tendencies and a pathological liar. Psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health professionals have been warning us about his mental
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21 Aug 19
THREAD: @BetoORourke's report from a gun show. It is shocking & worth the time.
I went to a gun show the other day. As soon as I walk in, a guy says, “Hey are you Beto? I’m a fan.” That was the last thing I expected to hear at a gun show. He invited us to see his.../1
...booth. where he was selling AR-15s. Before we walked over I said, “I’ll be honest with you, part of the reason I’m here is because I’m concerned about gun violence, that we lose 40,000 people a year. I want to listen to everyone on this. So I came here to listen to you."../2
Tell me what you think. How do we fix this?”
I kid you not, the next words out of his mouth shocked me. He said he should not be allowed to sell weapons because he is not required to conduct a background check at gun shows. But he goes on to tell me that if you’re 18-years-old,/3
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15 Aug 19
THREAD: Please RT and give your comments. I recognize I am spoiled. I spent most of my professional career working with MDs, PhDs, economists, researchers and more. You learn so much & to a country girl from Oklahoma who thirsts for knowledge, it was wonderful. But with all.../1
that knowledge, I am so conflicted about this election. I want @joebiden to be President, I want @ewarren to be President, I want @BetoORourke to be President, I want @kamalaharris to be President, I want @SenatorBennet to be President, I want @PeteButtigieg to be President,/2
I want @CoreyBooker to be President, I want @amyklobuchar to be President, I want @JulianCastro to be President, you get the idea. We have so many great choices. This may be the most consequential Presidential election the American people have faced since WWII. We all must.../3
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9 Aug 19
THREAD: An Open Letter to the CEO’s of:
Blackstone Group, Kindred Healthcare, Humana Inc, United Parcel Service, Brown Forman Corp, Elliott Management, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp Inc., Peabody Energy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Atria Group, FMR Corp., …/1
General Electric, Ashland Inc., Eli Lil & Corp., KKR & Co., FedEx Corp., UBS AG, Apollo Global Management and others.
In the interest of full disclosure, my name is Lee Caudle, and I was born three days after Donald Trump in 1946. The similarity ends there. Both my families.../2
date to the American Revolution and my Father’s family the Lee’s have served in every war and/or military conflict since the American Revolution. Our Lee family helped settle the Indian Territory now Oklahoma.
My Father was a decorated WWI hero, a member of the 167th …/3
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8 Aug 19
THREAD - IMPORTANT: Let me see if I've got this right. 1) Mitch McConnell & Donald Trump are controlled by the NRA & 2) will do nothing to pass legislation that will keep us safe. 3) The NRA has taken money from the Russians & 4) has laundered it to the Republicans.../1
...The NRA is operating in the red (read this article from FireArmsNews) firearmsnews.com/editorial/what… and are being investigated by New York, Washington, DC & several states, plus the FEC & IRS. This article is written by Jeff Knox son of one of the NRA founders who is an insider.,,/2
President George W. Bush signed the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" in 2005 which keeps people harmed by NRA and gun manufacturers from suing them despite their illegal behavior and it was overwhelmingly supported by Congressional bodies which were GOP controlled.../3
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31 Jul 19
Hello all: I spent a little time on Sen. Lindsey Graham's campaign finance violations and evidently he is under investigation. What is interesting is his violations go way back and they also coincide with some of Trump's illegal campaign finance issues. Check it out:
Link 1: This dates back to Sept. 2011; it accuses a major donor of stealing $3.6 million from NIH and funneling it to Graham's campaign. washingtonpost.com/politics/donor…
Link 2: Report by Scott Dworkin, Democratic Coalition, Evidence of Graham's ties to Russian Oil Money and a campaign finance scandal. documentcloud.org/documents/4953…
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30 Jul 19
I spent a little time researching McConnell's Russian ties. #MoscowMich is really a traitor. Here are several links: Please read this, educate all people you know. It looks like almost all Senate GOP are taking Russian money and are selling the US to the highest Russian bidder.
Link one: GOP Campaigns to $7.35 million from Russian Oligarch - Dallas Morning News (I've been following this since 2017) dallasnews.com/opinion/commen…
Link 2: Here's a list of top Republicans who took Russian money - Blue Dot Daily bluedotdaily.com/heres-the-list…
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6 Jul 18
PLEASE READ THE THREAD IT IS IMPORTANT! OK folks this criminal has to be stopped. I just listened to Bob Ferguson, the Washington State Attorney General, state that five immigrant mothers he interviewed were told they would not get their children back when the children were.../1
...taken the mothers were told that the kids would be adopted out. DONALD TRUMP IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. He has kidnapped children, they are being tortured, he has taken them across state lines. he has told their mothers they won't see them again. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION.../2
... The petition asks the FBI to file criminal federal charges against Trump, Sessions, Nielsen et al., I am going to print the petition out, attach to a criminal complaint and hand carry it down to FBI headquarters in Washington. DC .../3
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