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4 May
Big week! 😬 On Thursday, these brand new, themed collections of letters are published. I love them; hopefully you will too. Letters about sex, fathers, dogs, grief, New York, and space. They fit in big pockets and make excellent gifts. Available in all the usual places.
Very proud of these books. I'll be showing you letters from all the titles in the coming days and weeks, on here and on Instagram (instagram.com/lettersofnote) and in the newsletter (news.lettersofnote.com) and anywhere else that springs to mind.
And there are audiobooks featuring all manner of talented people. We managed it, despite all of this [waves hands around]. I recorded my parts in a cupboard under my staircase. I'll let you know when they're available. x
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11 Jul 20
On this day in 1899, E. B. White was born. He was, in my opinion, the greatest letter writer.
I mean. How could you even reply?
Just look at this. In a letter.
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17 Jun 20
"My next astronaut is Buzz Aldrin."

(From the book, 'A Reluctant Icon: Letters to Neil Armstrong'.)
From the same book. Armstrong received this letter on his 70th birthday. He forwarded it to NASA and asked if they had "ever refuted the allegations or assembled information to be used in rebuttal?"
"Maybe you are one of those pensioners who do not surf the Internet, because you know precious little about how it works."

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16 May 20
Exactly 30 years ago, Muppets creator Jim Henson died. He left behind two letters, to be opened after his death. Read both here: lettersofnote.com/2013/09/24/don…
The Muppets "found out" about Jim Henson’s death when reading letters from kids (prepare yourself and skip to 2m40s):
And here’s Big Bird at Jim Henson’s memorial service.
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2 Nov 19
The decline postcard of George Bernard Shaw, who died on this day in 1950. bit.ly/2pqs32A
But Shaw didn't always send out that card. He enjoyed declining invitations. For example...
Here's one to Marie Stopes, general secretary of the Poetry Society, who asked him to be its President.
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30 Oct 19
Louis Armstrong signing off in style. A thread...
Swiss Krissly Yours,

(From a letter dated Nov 1940. ‘Swiss Kriss’ was his favourite laxative; ‘Satchmo’ was his nickname - short for ‘Satchel mouth’.)
Am Musically Yours,
Louis Armstrong

(From a letter dated 1941.)
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16 Oct 19
If this is real I'll walk away from letters, forever.
oh shit it's real. RIP me.
I think we all agree that yesterday didn't happen. Let's move on from this.
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30 Apr 19
Saigon fell on this day in 1975, signalling the end of the Vietnam War. US forces were airlifting thousands to safety when the crew of USS Midway spotted this small plane approaching the carrier.
It was being flown by South Vietnamese Air Force Major Buang-Ly, who had just fled Saigon with his wife and 5 kids, also aboard. With fuel running low, circling the carrier, he tried dropping notes from the plane. Before long, this one hit the deck, tied to a pistol.
His desperate message, scribbled on a map, read:

"Can you move the Helicopter to the other side, I can land on your runway, I can fly 1 hour more, we have enough time to mouve. Please rescue me.

Major Bung, wife and 5 child"
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11 Feb 19
Eton College writes to Boris Johnson's dad in 1982
A friend sent me that Boris nugget. Apparently the full letter was originally reprinted in the book 'Boris: The Adventures of Boris Johnson' by Andrew Gimson.
(I have not read that book, because I have no urge to learn more about Boris Johnson.)
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16 Apr 18
Spike Milligan was born 100 years ago today which means I'm duty-bound to do a thread about him. #SpikeMilligan100
Spike Milligan once jokingly sent a telegram to his paranoid friend, Peter Sellers. It simply read, "IGNORE FIRST TELEGRAM."
Spike Milligan served in WWII. When his dad was informed by letter that his son had "been hospitalised," he wrote back: "How DARE you turn my son into a hospital."
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10 Jan 18
This politely devastating letter from Michael Wolff's lawyers to Donald Trump's lawyers really did hit the spot. Thanks to the many people who threw it my way. Let's take a look at some other Legal Letters of Note *gestures towards thread*

Full letter: scribd.com/document/36869…
As all humans know, the greatest ever response to a legal threat was written in 1971, by Private Eye magazine. Concise, powerful, hilarious. A work of art.

Full exchange: lettersofnote.com/2013/08/arkell…
IN 1945, the great James Thurber took the piss out of a lawyer friend who was keen to reprint some of Thurber's drawings.

Full letter: lettersofnote.com/2012/07/sure-g…
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