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9 Jun
Howard Beckett and miners' compensation: a short 🧵
The ST reported in 2016 that Howard Beckett was fined £5,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in 2009 for misconduct in connection with miners' compensation. Beckett was, at the time, a partner in the Wirral firm of Beckett, Bemrose and Hagan.

Here is Beckett’s version of events as given in an interview to rs21 in May this year:
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9 Jun
The government's award of a contract worth >£500k to Public First Ltd to conduct focus groups was unlawful on the ground of apparent bias.
The govt was entitled, in the exceptional circs of a pandemic, to award the contract directly i.e. without notice or competition, but the absence of competition made it all the more important for the govt to use a fair process for selecting Public First.
The govt did not properly consider whether other providers could have done the work, and its failure to do so would cause a fair-minded observer to conclude there was a real risk that the award of the contract to Public First was biased.
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