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1 Apr
The contents of the #SewellReport should come as no surprise. @IRR_News and others warned of this when it became known that the commission was being put together by Boris Johnson's policy lead, Munira Mirza.

A short THREAD…
The #RaceReport features familiar arguments that Mirza has made in the past, including on sites such as Spiked Online.

An article Mirza wrote in 2017 in response to the Lammy Review on racism in the criminal justice system serves as a useful comparison.…
Mirza has regularly made the point that people's experiences (or indeed evidence) of institutional and systemic racism are actually driven more by a 'perception than a reality'.

One of the subheadings in CRED's report is 'Perceptions and realities'

Left: Mirza Right: Sewell
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27 Sep 19
THREAD: The Naga Munchetty affair has prompted debate over how the BBC applies its balance and impartiality guidelines when it comes to matters of race.

This reminds me of a show the BBC commissioned earlier this year entitled "Who Should Get to Stay in the UK?" (yes, really)
In this clip, Dillian, an asylum seeker has a conversation with an anonymous man on the street who explains that "we have let in too many who are committing terrorist acts."
Not only does the BBC platform this racist view, they also fail to challenge it, simply asking Dillian, "It must be different from home?"
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