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8 Apr
I’m in the process of refi'ing some of my assets as well as acquiring some new ones and wanted to share some insights on mutlifam loans.

If you are thinking of buying a MF property in Canada and want to learn how CMHC insured multi-res loans work this thread is for you 👇👇👇
CMHC insured loans multi-res mortgages tend to have the lowest rates on the market as they are priced based on Canadian bond yields. Bond yields on the 5-year are around 1% today and CMHC insured loan rates would be ~1% higher.
Now what qualifies for a CMHC insured mortgage? The property needs to 5+ LEGAL units and the property cannot have more than 30% of the Gross Floor Area (sq.ft) be non-residential i.e ground floor retail on a 2-strorey building.
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