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Jun 2, 2021 94 tweets 30 min read
Deep Dive Mega-Thread #2 - Syntropy

I connected through dial-up, swam in the matrix and weaved my way through the social fabric of the web.

Today I emerge, reborn and enlightened,…

...holding a giant bag of $Noia.

Here’s why... 0/n
Index: (tweet #’s)

Overview: 1 - 33
Tokenomics: 34 - 71
Staking: 72 - 82
Roadmap, Thanks: 83+

This is not financial advice. Do your own research. Disclosure: I am invested in $Noia and will continue to hold it long term, based on my analysis.

Ok, here we go...
May 25, 2021 67 tweets 14 min read
First up... #Ecomi (#omi) $omi mega thread. Part 1 of 3.

I studied the whitepaper, analysed the tokenomics and read the medium posts.

I watched every interview, read every tweet, and every reply.

And then... I sold all my $omi holdings.

Here's why...
Ecomi: The whole Ecomi and Veve ecosystem

Store: Ecomi’s store for buying new NFT’s

Drops: When Ecomi release new NFT’s

The Market: The secondary market, where users buy and sell second-hand NFT’s.