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Jun 25, 2019 14 tweets 3 min read
If you have images looping in your mind of children, cold and sitting on concrete floors, sick and begging for their parents, you are not alone. Like most of you, I am horrified and outraged by the reports of #MigrantChildren being held in crowded and unsanitary jails. (THREAD) For the last ten years, gang violence in the northern triangle of Central America has increased. Children are the most vulnerable to gang violence. Young boys are expected to join the gangs around the time they reach puberty, and girls are chosen as the gang's sexual property.
Oct 26, 2018 18 tweets 3 min read
My thoughts on the migrant caravan (THREAD):

There are some important things to consider about the caravan of asylum seekers coming to the US border. I am sharing these thoughts as an immigration lawyer who has practiced asylum law for ten years. 1. Ever since our failure to protect Jews during the Holocaust, the United States has righted that failure by recognizing its obligation to protect individuals fleeing persecution in their own countries. (cont...)