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10 Aug
With kids returning to school, the acting DHS deputy secretary is going for the 4Chan/reddit op.
As his followers (& anyone else this reaches on SM) go googling to decipher the memes, the algorithms are boosted.
He’s DHS.
He knows how it works.
He knows what he’s doing. /1
2/ The NPC meme is used to gather ASD/ neurodiverse gamers into a collective by “other-ing” what had already been termed “normies” with a previous op.

More importantly for bad actors behind these memes (either creating, or latching on & promulgating)...
3/ to gather/scrape data off players who like & share these memes.

This is a long-term, very effective op, & our intel agencies know all about it. Cuccinelli is no idiot. Neither was Jr., when he did it back in 2016.

The bad guys have been on this since 2006. Here’s why...
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6 Aug
By breaking the Decalogue, like...
- thread -
1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.…
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6 Aug
Having the IRS investigate the criminality of your operation is bad.

Should you have received 💰 from a foreign intelligence agency &/or its operatives, & then used your non-profit status to funnel any of it into a political party, &/or individual political campaigns is... bad.
Guess what happens now?
The IRS gets to look at all the books and measure whether or not the fees from NRA’s membership matches the output of money they spent not just on LaPierre’s fancy life, but on their NRAtv & political contribution endeavors.
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28 Jul
If I were on the committee:
“Why did you lie about arrests in Kansas City?”
“Should the AG lie to the America people?”
“Then why do you lie? You lie under oath & in front of cameras. Why? Is it because you’re in over your head & don’t want your buddies to know..? /1
2/ “Did you, Mr Barr, brag a little too much about your prowess?”
“Were you expecting to find the deep state email, evil pantsuit brigade in the SC investigation because you consume the Daily Caller like big jugs porn & spicy chicken wings..?
3/ “And when you, Mr Barr, actually saw the treason, you freaked, didn’t you? Because you’d told your cronies what you thought was in there, & how you were going to swoop in like “Captain Justice League of the South Operation Legend in My Own Mind” & stick it to the left?”
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22 Jul
If one spends merely an afternoon reading through on Ghislaine’s father, Robert, as well as peruse the years of credible reporting that he was an intelligence operative for at least 2 nations: Israel & Soviet Union... and then add onto that knowledge /1
2/ the fact that among his many ventures, Robert had companies with Semion Mogilevich Andrei Lukanov... & then add on top of that the fact that he was the intl. point man for selling PROMIS into Soviet & ME governments... & on top of that, that he was heavily involved
3/ in Iran-Contra arms deals w/ Adnan Khashoggi & the laundering (& beyond) operation for that multi-nation Fuckateering scandal at BCCI... and that Robert knew & helped mentor JEFFREY EPSTEIN through the machinations of the latter, eventually plopping him into the arms
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18 Jul
“If your life is a life of envy, you cannot bear being around goodness. You always attack it.

In Othello, someone asks Iago why he hates Cassio. Iago answers, ‘There’s a daily beauty in his life that makes me ugly.’

This is what we’re witnessing today w/ dJT’s trolls... /1
“...attacking anyone praising John Lewis.” - my father, just now.

LB ❤️
My add, to be clear, Senators & Congressmen/women who have spent their careers blocking Mr. Lewis’ life’s work of voting rights, are NOT praising him by marking his passing.

Honoring John Lewis means passing his voting rights legislation.

Anything less is empty & fraudulent.
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17 Jul
1. Unidentified, military-donned men snatching private citizens off the street in the dead of night.

2. The inability to leave our own borders - to travel for work or pleasure.

3. Corporate and state capture of the free press.

4. Extra-judicial internment camps for children...
5. Seizure of public tax dollars for payments to friends/family of POTUS.

6. Corruption & concealment of public health data in midst of a pandemic.

7. Commutations/pardons of co-conspirators in treason.

8. Aiding/abetting a foreign enemy that paid bounties for US soldiers.
9. Use of actual Nazi propaganda in official statements & documents.

10. Gassing peaceful protestors, including priests.

Just 10, off the top of my head.

Every elected & appointed official enabling this must face a truth commission & be charged where committing/abetting crimes
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7 Jul
A key point that remains unspoken or analyzed when a mafia family grabs power is how & why a community enables them.

“Mob Leadership 101”

When a mobster gains power over a community - whether a burrow in NY or an entire nation, the terrorizing begins... /1
2/ Extortion "shakedowns" are not just rackets, they're a means of control. If you're going to operate in a territory, you need that community to fear you first and foremost. To submit. So, you terrorize them.…
3/ It's also a sure way to sort those who will submit from those who will resist. You get to see exactly what you're up against. Your terror IS your loyalty test.

And the worse your horror - the more brutal & blood-drenched...…
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23 Jun
When those of us in 2016 were warning that this man would bring mass suffering & death, we were laughed at, ridiculed, dismissed.

I feel no schadenfreude in the moment we’re all now in. None.

SO, when I say #ReleaseHisCIFiles... /1
2/...& break the secrecy around this monster’s history with the mob, I do so from the same place of foreknowledge that I issued the warning of mass suffering. And what that act will save is not only countless innocent lives, but the institutions of secrecy themselves.
3/ Because it will all eventually come out. And no one - nor any institution - that kept secret his CONFESSED TO (there will be signed “deals” in his file) & documented life of criminality will survive the silence.

I know the rules. I get it. Really. Let’s repeat it, simply...
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18 Jun
Do I re-tweet again all the instances that straight-up Nazi & white supremacist propaganda flew out of the White House?
Is anyone ever going to be interested in this story, because it’s actually really f*cking huge that actual NAZI SYMBOLS & PROPAGANDA comes FROM THE WHITE HOUSE.
I’ve tried being nice and PC about it all. Made polite requests.
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16 Jun
Getting asked off public twitter (DMs, etc) what I think about the niece’s upcoming book.

I’ve read the books of, & spoken to, family members of crime bosses. Not all were aware of the true nature of their patriarch’s biz.

Likely, this book is palace intrigue... /1
2/...on family dysfunction, by an inside-outsider (family member kept at a distance), who is likely honestly appalled by her f*cked-up family and their brutality.

I believe there’s importance in that testimonial, and - if done with honest intention - very brave of her.
3/ The journalist who left the @nytimes investigation into the financial information she provided on her grandfather’s empire, however, is another issue.

He left to profit off her, by shaping the narrative of her book. By literally writing it. So, whether or not HE explored...
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10 Jun
Thank you John and Noel! It was a good time.

Here are some books & articles I mentioned, so your listeners can see the mob history in print.

1. “Trump” by the late, great Wayne Barrett. Covers Fred, donald, Roy Cohn, concrete cartel (Cody, Big Paul, Fat Tony et al) & more.
2. “Red Mafiya” by the late Robert Friedman. Details Russian Mafia infiltration of our criminal underworld, with a focus on Mogilevich.

3. “House of Trump, House of Putin” by indefatigable @craigunger. Lots of Russian names to wade through, but essential reading for our times.
4. “Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy” by Thomas & Dillon. This is Ghislaine’s daddy and Epstein’s mentor. If you want context to who & what a Fuckateer is, this guy created the space.

5. The incredibly important work of @RepCummings on Flynn’s treason.…
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8 Jun
What would the Freedmen’s Bureau look like today, if Lincoln hadn’t been shot (or Johnson hadn’t been such a Confederate-loving shitbird)?

What if the 10% Plan had been held, & Southern states needed at least 10% of voters to willfully acknowledge their state’s treason.../1
2/... and freely CHOOSE to be part of the Union, before getting let in?

This last “What if”, imo, was a lightening bolt of insight for Lincoln.

Those men became part of our Union because they lost a war & got dragged into it. It cemented a resentment & self-righteousness...
3/...that fuels violence to this day.

I’m so sick of it.

And that the “party of Lincoln” didn’t slap all their white supremacists in the face, repeatedly, until they left the party is the grossest political malfeasance.

Don’t let any of them use Lincoln’s name, ever again.
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5 Jun
Anyone really believe lazy-as-shit donald would have stayed in a job he hates, embarrassing himself for YEARS in front of a cabinet & Joint Chiefs - getting ridiculed by world leaders & comedians on a daily basis, with his only admirers being the very people he loathes, IF... /1
2/...some craven dictator wasn’t jamming at least a $billion a month into some hidden bank account?

(There. I finally told you the last bit of well-placed source “rumor” that got whispered to me.)

I want to find that money.
How about you?
“But, but, but... he can’t quit ‘cuz jail.”

He can run 4 shelter. Plenty have before him (many of his friends, actually).

“But, but, but... kompromat!”

He doesn’t care & knows his cult doesn’t either.

“But, but, but...”

He’s gettin’ paid.
It’s his only motivator.
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5 Jun

There is no coup. The Chiefs aren’t letting dipshit donald use our armed forces to generate his propaganda content. So, folks can calm down about that.

Even though they’re ammosexuals who hog lots of weapons, there aren’t enough F*ckaloos.../1
2/ carry out their “civil war”. Everyday civilians will just run over them by the tens of thousands - with minivans & electric bikes. There probably will be poodles too. And good music. Maybe dance fighting.

I’m here for it.

I’m not saying it’s not going...
3/ get depraved out there before donald collapses. Or that people won’t be hurt.

But the extremist fantasies - right and left, are just that.

And I truly believe the goodness, sanity, and righteous love in our nation will prevail.
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4 Jun
A little break from current moment, to share my two favorite details from researching Putin.

1. He commissioned a documentary of himself when he was still a mediocre shitbag. The part I love is that he scored it with “Memories” from CATS (6:47 in link).…
2. A controversial Pentagon-backed study by “Body Leads” researcher named Brenda Connors apparently got under his skin so thoroughly (aka “triggered” him), that (after observing lots of footage on him) my own, totally amateur analysis is that he intentionally changed his gait...
3...and from then on made a point of walking solo, down long corridors.

This guy is the OG convinced-he-a-genius-but-is-really-just-an-angry-boy-triggered-by-rejection-Incel troll.

And, I believe, it would help our mindset immensely if we started seeing him that way.
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2 Jun
Want it to end?

There are singular moves that would end the horror of donald, & put us on a path of restoring the institutions he’s destroying, incl the free press.

These golden tickets are 1 x moves, that break an institution’s core rule.

But we’re at “break the glass”. /1
2/ The free press itself is holding 1 of the golden tickets. They never have to use it again. Here it is:

All at once, in coordination w/ one another & in reference to specific reporting over the past 3 years of donald’s administration...

They can simply out their WH sources.
This admin, & donald personally, cannot survive being exposed. It’s a den of snakes & thieves, swindling & hissing.

Keeping their identities secret is not an honor they deserve, when the end game is to destroy YOU. And rest assured, they’re all out to destroy the free press.
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1 Jun
The con the Sulzbergers have been running with donald & Jared needs to stop.
That’s why I canceled my subscription and, other than archive content, rarely share anything out of @nytimes.
Shame for the great journalists there. Like Facebook employees, they should walk out.../1
2/ And soon-to-be trillionaire Bezos has plenty of resources to hire them all, as well as give his journalists a raise. Let’s not let him forget that, if anyone does walk out & ends up jobless.

Journalists & 🇺🇸oligarchs like Bezos can either save our 4th estate, or let it fall.
3/ Because carrying a fascist regime’s water can no longer be tolerated. We see through even the most subtle of Finkelstein’s methods.

And if change doesn’t happen from within, their embrace of donald & Jared will destroy them.

It will.

Here’s hoping, at the very least...
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1 Jun
donald doing his flag dance around our flag this morning (his musings on flag burning) is a direct reaction to being called out on THIS.

Of course he watched this ad, & got triggered. He doesn’t want it to stick, as much as he’s pimped it to court his terrorist base.
When the confederate flag showed up to greet donald in Poland (July 2017), it was time to start exposing this.
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31 May
Saw this when it happened, and waited to digest it a bit because of Sputnik.
Here’s where I land atm, & why I’m re-tweeting:
There’s nothing the Kremlin loves more than telling us exactly what they’re doing, watching us flail around absorbing that level of machination, then... /1
2/... fail to act on it - if not dismiss the entire thing as “conspiracy”.
They f*cking LOVE projecting our stupidity on a global stage and painting us as idiot puppets.
Putin especially.
This is his trolling. He is the original 4Chan troll.
3/ Read that thread above.
It’s likely the truth.
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31 May
I see people reacting to this thread negatively. I get it. And...

The warning is how authoritarians rise & stick, based on a playbook. There’s a reason donald feels no need to speak to our nation. He’s hoping to gain a 2nd term from chaos. And history tells us, he just might.
I have no clue whether that playbook will work this time. I’m just up in the middle of the night, knowing beyond all shadow of doubt that he’s engaged in it.

And I also know that if the message of peaceful protestors got more coverage by SM platforms & local/cable news...
... the authoritarian playbook would have less play.
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