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14 Mar
Today , our neighbours distributed leaflets about veggie drops for everyone in the village - - the markets are closed ; so local farmer is creating mixed veg boxes which he’ll deliver and leave by our gates ... the price ... €4 , but only if you can afford it .
We haven’t been out in 11 days - but needed a few things ... arranged over the phone for compost to be delivered so we can prepare our veggie beds ... it arrived ; 5m distancing rules ... the cheerful nursery guy also brought me a tray of lettuce - in a hazmat suit !
There was supposed to be a social in the village hall tonight ... but it was cancelled .. my other neighbour stood at my gate (after wiping it !) & told me only big supermarkets are open ; but we mustn’t go anywhere - β€˜we will take care of each other’ he said .
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5 Mar
Today finally did what I was dreading ... phoned HMRC to tell them I’d left the UK & to make sure that all was up to date ... Scottish HMRC call centre guy with the dreamiest Edinburgh drawl took the call .... 1/3
He checked my details ; asked why I’d left ... was cautious in my reply ; whispering β€œfreedom of movement β€œ he then asked what I was doing now .. β€œ fixing a house and planting veggies β€œ I replied ...
A few details about NI followed ... won’t bore you with that ! 2/3
Then dreamy Edinburgh accent guy said β€œMiss L ,you are free to plant vegetables & renovate your home : don't worry , we are here fighting the good fight with everything we’ve got ; have a very happy life β€œ being a mush , I burst into happy tears & thanked him - I’m Free x
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7 Aug 19
Dominic Raab write an article in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ The comments were very enlightening , I’ve added article and screenshots of the comments in this little thread -…

replies to Raabs article on Canada’s Globe newspaper :

replies to Raabs article on Canada’s Globe newspaper
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26 Jul 19
This post originally shared 12 months and Labour continue to flip-flops a year later. Labour is now an uninhabitable potting shed in the weed-infested corner of some ,soon-to-be-sold-off Parliamentary allotment. /1
Corbyn has thus lined up alongside an otherwise insecure Farage to prop up Brexit and Alex B. de Pfeffel Johnson and his band of electoral pirates and fraudsters. Tory High Command anoint their latest PM by pumping Facebook full of Johnson ads /2
an astonishing 554 versions of these things. Almost as if they're gathering data to rig an election using social media
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