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In November 2020, every voter in this country will have to decide whether they're #Americans or #Dystrumpians. I hope America wins.
20 Dec 19
1. Nixon was a "god" to my family - he halted the draft before my brother was called up. But when Watergate hit the headlines, my dad shut down my mom's, "Everybody does it; he just got caught" defense.

He said, "I signed up after Pearl Harbor. To defend the country and my
2. family and the America I believed in. That America didn't include leaders that cheat and lie and steal so they can keep a stranglehold on their power. That's not my America."

And he was right. This 180 by the .@GOP? It's distressing to me because that's not my America either.
@GOP 3. Clinton was a good president. I found him charming and effective. However, when he was impeached, I cut off the "But the economy!" defense by saying, "He lied under oath. However ridiculous a witch hunt anyone thinks it was, he lied under oath. That's not my America."
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24 Oct 19
He would have been 95 today.
He loved his country so much he quit high school and lied his way into the army on 12/8/1941.
He voted for Nixon, Reagan & Bush.
He believed in God, honor, truth & justice.
He would be horrified at America today.
2/He was at the forefront calling for Nixon's resignation because Nixon "was a crook."
He was at the forefront calling for Reagan's resignation over Iran-Contra because "goddammit, this illegal crap has to go."
As a NY family, we "knew" #Trump
3/My dad called him a blivet ("10 lbs of bullshit in a 5 lb bag"). My dad knew of Fred Trump ("one o' those goddamned racists").

My dad didn't vote party - he voted country. He was a true conservative. He hated cheats, liars and racists. He worried about debts/deficits b/c he
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24 Jun 18
Well-dressed, coiffed, manicured, diamond-wearing lady in grocery store, watching Somalian lady pay with refugee card to me: "There's our taxpayer dollars at work."
Me (loudly): "Why don't you just shut the FUCK up?"
I cannot fathom how a person wearing $3K worth of jewelry and $60 shoes - who probably sits in the front row at her genteel "christian" services on Sunday - can begrudge another person the right to eat. I cannot begin to understand a heart so closed.
And I cannot believe the idiocy of a person who - just because my skin is white - believes I'm in her "club." My children are brown. My ex-husband fled North Africa because of the financial and physical persecution of Coptic Christians by a Muslim regime.
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6 Apr 18
1. Dear You-Who-Can't-Understand-Why-I-Don't-Adore-Bernie:
I apologize for the length of this thread but I feel it is necessary to explain why there's a huge segment of #Democrats who can't stomach him. Let's first start with him - aside from attending one protest in college
2. where he was arrested and released, and claiming to have attended others, his record on civil rights is scant; as is his record on LGBTQ rights, women's issues and anything else that doesn't have to do with seizing the wealth of those detested "millionaires and billionaires"
3. he's obsessed with taking down and "redistributing" it. He was a back-bencher, quite literally, all his life. In 2015, mostly because of his dislike of the Clintons (one of those families who's wealth he'd like to seize) he (regrettably) got on the ticket for the
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3 Nov 17
RANT 1. I am so motherfuckin' tired of every hasbeen-wannabe making their bones on the back of a woman who has spent her entire LIFE in
2. service to the disabled, children, women, LGBT and the most vulnerable of Americans because of spite, jealousy or they know it'll give
3. them five fuckin' minutes of glory and bolster their goddamned bank accounts. Hillary Clinton has been a trailblazer since her 20s which
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