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do not waste this time
1 Feb 20
Last night 500 people came to be together in Oxford at the Town Hall, because we wanted to be together at such a difficult time in our nation’s history.
We were all there because this country has failed. Brexit is a failure of our education system and of progressive politics.

The media is of course complicit in this failure.
We never learnt enough what the EU achieved for all its citizens.

From peace and democracy to workers rights, environmental protections and equality.

Without question the EU has been a force for good in the world and a force for good for its citizens.
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9 Sep 19
@oxfordstays - an evening with @gavinesler and @doctor_oxford
Discussing Brexit & its impact on the NHS and the country.

@doctor_oxford spoke of her duty as a Dr to act in the best interest of patients, often the most vulnerable members of society, who are often those who lack a voice.
And there is no doubt that Brexit will harm the NHS. It already is, both in terms of personnel & in terms of resource. Our NHS relies heavily on EU27 doctors, nurses and staff.
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31 Aug 19
From the car workers in East Oxford to the 2 great universities with Eu students who are the lifeblood of what we do together and to the EU migrants who enrich our lives here.. we have come together to #StopTheCoup @OxfordStays
« We stand outside Balliol college, an institution that must cringe at its association with our current PM »
« We do! »
Remain labour, the Lib Dem’s, the Greens are here today to stand together to defend democracy against the coup. #stopthecoup
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