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27 Nov
Today we need to #AmendNHSBill

We must get changes made to the Health and Care Bill in the Lords to protect the NHS.
This is the petition that we need to get to 100,000.

It's at 35,000 now. If we can get it up to 100K then we can trigger the debate in the Commons.

Let's do this. #AmendNHSBill

1. Make NHS default for NHS contracts and tender competitively if not;

2. Ensure governance by those whose fiduciary duty is to patients, not shareholders.

3. Retain duty on Health Secretary to provide high quality health and care service, free at point of use.

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26 Nov
The Conservatives are VERY close to

1. Making protesting in illegal in the UK

2. Making every social media user identifiable by ID/Passport in the UK

3. Making protesting online illegal in the UK

4. Privatising the NHS

5. Restricting access to voting

#StopPatel #SafeRoute
The Conservatives are trying to bring "Serious Disruption Prevention Orders" (SDPO) into law.

These could be imposed on people whose activities “were likely to result in serious disruption”.

It's like an ASBO except you don't have to do anything wrong.

#StopPatel #SafeRoute
All you need to do to receive a SDPO is to be is near a protest and the Police believe you to be likely to "seriously disrupt" something.

Once the order is imposed, it eradicates your rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

You're silenced.

#StopPatel #SafeRoute
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19 Nov
If you're a partner in a £6,000,000,000 fund that manages its money in the Cayman Islands, avoiding UK Tax and deprives the NHS, Police, Schools, Hungry Children and Disabled Citizens of Support, you should not be Leader of the House of Commons.

The Leader of the HoC makes statements, even as an MP which change emerging market prices

His Hedge Fund has £2.5 Billion invested in China

"Brexit will mean cheaper clothes and food from China" - Mogg 2018

This increases the value of Chinese investments.. sell time

In 2020 Mogg's Hedge Fund exploited the coronavirus crisis, telling clients it provided a chance to make “super normal returns” from the dive in stock market valuations since the pandemic took hold and it had made an “excellent entry point for investors”.

Time to buy.

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19 Nov
Jacob Rees-Mogg is a partner in a £6 BILLION Hedge Fund making macro investments which the role of Leader of the House of Commons INFLUENCES.

Members Code of Conduct (V.11) states

"11.Members shall .. avoid conflict between personal interest and the public interest"

While acts undertaken in Ministerial Roles is Government by the Ministerial Code of Conduct it ALSO clearly states in (1-13 f)

"Ministers must ensure that no conflict arises, or appears to arise, between their public duties and their private interests"

The act of accepting the role as Leader of the House of Commons was done as an MP and violates the Code of Conduct of MPs (V.10) & should be investigated by #KathrynStone

Additionally, the PM should call Cabinet Office to investigate £6Bn Ministerial conflict (1-13f)

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18 Nov
Guess what day today is? It's #SackReesMogg day!

Today we are completing lots of Polls for the Media and Government to see how we feel about the Leader of the House of Commons. So I'll add them to this thread. Please vote in all!

Thanks Friends. We will #SackReesMogg, together. Sack Rees Mogg
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14 Nov
Jacob Rees-Mogg is a partner in Somerset Capital Management LLP, an


hedge fund managed by a company in the Cayman Islands. The company would pay Corporation Tax at 19% in the UK (for NHS, Police etc) but it is located in an offshore tax haven.

In June 2015, the EU began placing restrictions on Tax Havens and started promoting Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws.

The EU planned to make sure the burden of tax was not placed unfairly on working people like us by rich elites like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tax Avoidance.

Jacob Rees-Mogg began campaigning to Leave the EU, a move that would save his hedge fund partners £Billions.

He spoke everywhere he could to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about remaining as a member of the EU.

He lied that the NHS would get an extra £350M/wk

#SackReesMogg EU Contributions were not £350M/wk
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14 Nov
Here is how using the Hashtag #SackReesMogg helps:

1. If we all use #SackReesMogg it makes the hashtag trend. That means other people on Twitter see it and become interested.

2. Journalists and MPs see how you all feel. It's like a poll. They see there's strong Public feeling.
3. Journalists realise that if they write stories about #SackReesMogg then they will get visited a lot. More visits mean more and revenue for them and the media.

4. MPs feel confident to take on Rees-Mogg directly as they see the support. They will become more popular with us.
5. This becomes cyclical. The media creates more stories and start to dig for more details. Investigative journalism begins

6. As the details are published, more people share them and #SackReesMogg trends more. More angry people, facts, corruption exposed.
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13 Nov
BREAKING NEWS: Harper Colllins state that they are NOT in talks with Matt Hancock about a book deal.


Did Matt Hancock MP create an entirely fictional story?

Mr Hancock last night told the Mail: 'I have been approached to write a book, but no decisions have been made.'

Is this is case of an elected MP creating a fake story to distract from #ToryCorruption scandal?

"Ex-health secretary in talks with HarperCollins over blow-by-blow account of 'heated' lockdown rows with ministers, aides, scientists and medics"

The Daily Mail puts this firmly on Matt Hancock's testimony, direct words to the Mail.


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13 Nov
Matt Hancock MP is considering £100,000 deal on book entitled:

How I Won the Covid War

With Harper Collins. If you do @HarperCollinsUK, expect:


Authors, you can stop this: @1pcornwell @WriterPolly @Jeffrey_Archer @craigbromf @CarolineHirons @GlennHoddle
Author Craig Bromfield Replied supportively ❤️

We like Craig (@craigbromf)
Check out his new book:

Be Good, Love Brian
Growing up with Brian Clough

Be Good, Love Brian
Let's close the page on Matt Hancock's offensive "How I Won the Covid War" £100,000 book deal today...
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12 Nov
Steve Bannon, friend of Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg and VP of Cambridge Analytica has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.

An Arrest Warrant will be signed soon by the Magistrate Judge. DOJ has not charged anyone with criminal contempt of Congress in 38 years

Steve Bannon was VP of the behind the Mercer-Funded Cambridge Analytica (+ AIQ) which helped Vote Leave's Dominic Cummings and Leave EU win the Brexit vote.

CA used using 87 Million stolen Facebook profiles and psycho-graphic, manipulative micro-targeted ads.

Steve Bannon was also Donald Trump's Chief Strategist and has been subpoenaed to give evidence in the Jan 6 probe of the takeover of Capitol Hill in Washington DC, the seat of US Democracy.

He refused to comply and a warrant for his arrest will be issued.

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12 Nov
Michael Gove's Leadership Campaign was funded by Tory Donor Paul Marshall, who profited £50M while Michael oversaw the painfully slow response to Coronavirus by betting against the UK economy.

The slower the Cabinet Office responded, the more Gove's donor made.

#SackMichaelGove Paul Marshall and Michael Gove
Paul Marshall owns a large share of GB News who broadcast repeated anti-mask, anti-social-distancing, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine media.

All of these messages contribute to higher rates of Covid cases, economic damage & death.

And he shorts the UK economy.

Instead of investing in the UK, Paul Marshall's £32Bn Hedge Fund, Marshall Wace 'shorted' or 'bet against' the economy.

Betting on the economic damage from the spread of Covid is bad enough but Paul Marshall part owns GB News, who campaign against Covid safety.

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12 Nov
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Somerset Capital Management LLP
Asset Under Management: $8,000,000,000
020 7259 1300

Do the investors want to be associated with an attempt to destroy Democracy and portfolios publicly scrutinised?

Active Partners:

JOHNSON, Dominic Robert Andrew
ROBERTSON, Edward Manwaring
CRAWLEY, Oliver Claude Chetwode
DIGGLE, Robert Dominic Charles
FIVEASH, Peter Robert
HAY, Timothy
LAM, Edward

LINEHAN, Anthony Evangelos
MEHTA, Dhawal Kiranraj
REES-MOGG, Jacob William
SELIGMAN, Henrietta Eva
STEWART, Sebastian Duncan
WHITE, Christopher Michael
WILLIAMS, Mark Kennedy
WONG, Sharon

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12 Nov
17 MPs are claiming £1.3 Million from the taxpayer to fund their second homes...

..and renting out their first homes!

We need to lock these people up. This is fraud.
It's not a second home if you own another property in London. It's a third of fourth property.

These 17 MPs are renting out their owned property, then making a profit and making a claim for another property they are renting (from who, another 17 MPs?).

This is clearly wrong.
The taxpayer is paying £1.3 Million for property that the MPs do not need.

The 17 MPs include 5 ministers and 15 Conservative MPs.

This is effectively the same as taxpayers paying the profit on the rent they receive as landlords.
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11 Nov
Boris Johnson's brother was made a director of Dyson just two months before the PM ordered 10,000 Dyson ventilators on 26th March 2020 with no tender

Jo Johnson became Director a month *after* Covid reached the UK

#ArrestThePM #CrimeMinister #ToryCorruption #JohnsonTheCorruptPM Jo Johnson became Director a month *after* Covid reached the
If you would like to make an official report about Boris Johnson to the Conservative Party so it is registered and kept on record for 5 years, as it must be legally and may be used in any future case against him, please email:


#JohnsonTheCorruptPM Conservative Party Code of Conduct
The BBC Reported the Dyson order on 26th March 2020, worth an estimated £250,000,000 of Taypayer money.

Covid hit the UK on 23rd January 2020 and the contract was awarded on 26th March 2020.

Between those dates, Jo Johnson was made Director of a Dyson company.

#JohnsonOut Coronavirus: Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson
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11 Nov
It's 6pm and Jacob Rees-Mogg has not stepped down as Leader of the House of Commons.

Operation #SackReesMogg begins

A. Write as a member of the public to complaints@conservatives.com re. Jacob Rees-Mogg has violated Nolan Principles cited in the Conservative Party Standards

Please cite his motion to defend Owen Paterson and attack Parliamentary Standards and Kathryn Elizabeth Stone OBE, the Independent Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards of the British House of Commons.

And/or another event (he has so many 'events') such as racism, etc..

A mix of different complainants means they must be logged and dealt with separately. This creates greater overhead, resource requirements and also increases the statistics for complaints.

B. Write to the local newspapers in NE Somerset: @SomersetLive @BristolLive in reply

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10 Nov
Dear Mr Rees-Mogg,

You have failed to resign as Leader of the House of Commons after you led efforts to kill Parliamentary Standards.

This is what happens next.

We are going to focus all of our resources on your constituency. Before you would have lost a role.

Now you're going to lose your seat.

We are going to reach out to your constituents through social media, local radio, television, local newspapers, websites, local businesses and community organisations.

We are going to tell them how your actions affect them.

You are never going to be re-elected again. At this point, when this becomes inevitable, the Conservative Party are going to drop you like a hot potato.

That's because their donors will not want your publicity affecting their investments, it's bad for business.

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7 Nov
You passed 30,000 Tweets with #SackReesMogg 🔥 Sack Rees Mogg
You will be successful. The news does not come from printed newspapers. It comes from what you do, online.

The news comes from you. User generated content. You set the agenda. You can choose what to say.

You need to realise the power the people hold.

You can #SackReesMogg. You
You don't need to cross your fingers or wait for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to officially #SackReesMogg.

You just make a decision. When you commit to that decision and you say it to everyone else, you're telling them:

This is *my* vote

Do not ask for the right to vote.
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6 Nov
We need to Sack Rees-Mogg.

The Chairman of the Commons Standards Committee says he should resign.

Jacob Rees-Mogg talked for 45 minutes in favour of a #TorySleaze motion that was opposite to the rule of law to protect Owen Paterson #ToryCorruption

Sack Rees-Mogg

Should Jacob Rees-Mogg be sacked as the Leader of the House of Commons?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is an important piece to take off the chess board as Leader of the House of Commons.

Please do not listen to people who say it will not happen. They do not understand what we are doing or how we do it.

You pay his wages. Withdraw your consent.

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2 Nov
The Taxpayers Alliance have started attacking GPs in England. This is who the @the_tpa are

Founder: Matthew Elliott (@matthew_elliott)
Address: 55 Tufton Street

Matthew Elliott is also known for

⚠️Vote Leave CEO
⚠️Founder of Conservative Friends of Russia
⚠️Koch Links

#Tories Matthew Elliott at Vote Leave
The story they are trying to hide is:

"No 10 set to break promise of 6,000 more GPs in England, Sajid Javid says"

in the Guardian today... but Twitter isn't that stupid 😉

Drugs are Prescription-only to prevent drug misuse, nothing to do with tax. Vote Leave #ToryLiars again.. Guardian
This is the story they are trying to bury. Today, Sajid Javid admitted the 6,000 GPs in England in the Conservative Manifesto promise was a LIE.

RT to everyone 👇
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31 Oct
Coins thrown in the Trevi Fountain provide €3000 a day in food to Rome's poorest citizens.

We are in the unique situation that we who understand democracy, economics & law must explain the #Tories Corruption to those who don't.

Otherwise the poorest UK citizens will go hungry.
UK citizens will die from diseases that cost £500 to treat because they can't afford meds.

Our neighbours who do not understand how someone like Boris Johnson could lie like he does will die if they get sick and the NHS is Privatised.

We need to tell people a tsunami is coming.
Pensioners will die because they can't afford to heat their homes. People who love the Benny Hill Boris Johnson but don't know who Alexander Johnson is.

It's our responsibility to help people less able than ourselves to understand. The man by the Trevi Fountain is not for the UK
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28 Oct
Rishi Sunak trying to be down with the common people and not an elitist:

"Prosecco costs seven quid fifty. Being able to cut that is meaningful"

Maybe it'd be more meaningful to not waste £37,000,000,000 and send 840,000 into poverty with £20 UC cut and National Insurance rise?
Rishi Sunak, a man with a £180 coffee mug, £95 designer flip flops, who you pay £79,468 plus Chancellor's salary of £71,090, who is worth


Doesn't drink £7.50 Prosecco. He doesn't drink at all

People are paying £180 more in National Insurance for cheaper champagne
Rishi Sunak (worth £200M) thinks "seven quid fifty" is how "common people talk".

Rishi, it's seven and half quid. Or seven pound fifty. Or seven fifty.

But I guess they don't teach that at Winchester College where you went to school for £43,335 quid a year, right?
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