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25 Nov
Rule 1 of 12: Jordan Peterson

“Don’t develop a crippling addiction to benzos culminating in an experimental siberian artificial coma-induction.”
“Roughly speaking, I was really on one, bucko.”
Rule 2 of 12: Jordan Peterson

“Sometimes in a man’s life he comes to a certain point where, roughly speaking, he has to return to the underworld & become his old self, & in my case, this is me saying, roughly speaking, I’m barred out af”
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21 Nov
Liberal-Libertarian theory is itself a sort of MKULTRA discourse in which you have to "disassociate" into a pure noetical realm of symbolic logic before you're allowed to speak with authority.
They recently installed a backdoor with a Heideggarian phenomenology for "subaltern subjects"-- who aren't granted authority for their "lived experience"-- but rather, their "lived experience" is granted authority after a bunch of Dissociative Liberal Theorizing.
This noetic realm is actually not an actual noetic realm-- it's a metaphor for a productive industry-- "Science"-- which is actually just concentric with the Mandarin/Brahmin class-- so, deep down there's the "Harry Potter" script of dissociating from "muggle society" etc etc
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20 Nov
Meme (naive)
Cliche (conscious)
Archetype (self-conscious)
What came first-- the "soy" meme in reality-- people started to notice it everywhere-- it had become a "meme."

This "meme" was called the "Soy Boy"-- a cliche.

Then, "Soy Boy" became an Archetype-- the subjects of the naive meme were brought to self-consciousness.
What "the Left can't meme" really means is-- "The Left doesn't produce cliches"-- what the Left does is produce archetypes-- by becoming aware of the cliches produced by the Right (generally speaking), & consciously affirming them.
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20 Nov
Exists as a trend-- is not "explicitly" purchased

Exists as a trend-- explicitly not purchasing X

Exists as a trend-- explicitly purchasing X to own the Anti-X
Naive Soy:
"I'm just trying to eat healthier & do a veganism or something (my purchase of "soy" is incidental)"

"I'm sick of Naive Soy-types of people-- I am the opposite."

Post-Ironic Soy:
"I'm sick of these Anti-Soy-types-- I am the opposite."
Seeing this everywhere after watching trends rise & fall along this pattern-- general memetic fatigue lifecycle-- & what ultimately happens with the large "Anti-X" backlash is the beginning of the production of X-normalization-- drawing all toward conscious affirmation.
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20 Nov
No one can stop you from killing yourself (unless you are deemed incapable of stewarding yourself as a subject & become a ward of the state)— & even then, one could argue that a creative individual could find some means to do so with the requisite will.
That’s what “natural right” is meaning here— & this is an empty moral category incapable of distinguishing between things like “The Right to Citizenship” & “The Ability to Kill Yourself.” Once more— libertarian ontology— “freedom” as property rights, properties of objects
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19 Nov
Pretty funny that in Luciferian society the most heavily promoted holiday is called "Pride"
It's kind of funny that when Christians are like "Oh-- for real?" when they see this stuff the people holding the banners are like "It's like, ironic, we're just trolling you because you're bigots"
It's almost as if they're aware of being complicit in what can only be called "Psychological Warfare"... & this is called... Social Justice... or something...
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19 Nov
Luciferianism is just Liberalism is just Radicalism is just Libertarianism is just Democratic Socialism is just Eugenics &c-- all from the same sources. Crowley was a spook for MI6. Blavatsky was a British Intelligence agent. LaVey set up the Temple of Set with Aquino-- &c
Not even joking in the slightest, every outright "Luciferian" institution is cover for intelligence work & psychological warfare.
& this is deployed in defense of an Occult Commercialist Oligarchical "Libertarian" Technocracy. LaVey is just refashioning Malthusianism as an "Esoteric Election" by Nature's God (Lucifer, Satan, Urizen)-- Social Darwinism, another synonym for all this.
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19 Nov
Freedom is really quite a diminished faux-synonym for Liberty-- Freedom applies to objects, Liberty applies to subjects. Liberty is a relationship with the State-- "Freedom" can be applied to any relationship. & this semantic confusion is the basis of "Social Justice."
The Market is Free-- or is the Market endowed with Liberty?

Should the Market be endowed with Liberty?
Liberties are "Privileges" granted by the State-- so any discourse of "Privilege" would be more properly framed as a discussion of an inequitable distribution of Liberty. To seek to "reduce privilege" is only to diminish Liberty entirely.
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19 Nov
“Radicalism” in the political sense is a term directly tied to the Malthusian Benthamite Unitarians of the early 19th century.
It’s so wild that Curtis got so many ppo to think Carlyle was somehow standing athwart this when he was one of the leading luminaries & tutors & prophets for this sect.
Unitarianism in America coincides with the destruction of Anglicanism— Unitarianism could be called “Unionism”— it’s the National Faith.
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19 Nov
That really says it all eh
Anglosphere extremely cursed for combining Universalist-Protestantism with Social Darwinism as a Hydra called either “Liberalism” “Progressivism” “Anarchism” or “Eugenics”— & all of these positions are the same.
“Radical Liberalism” is not only very real— it’s a lindier term than anything anyone else is using to describe this phenomenon.
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18 Nov
He can do a coup if he brings all troops home for christmas-- & invokes the covid lockdown preventing Christmas as a WAR ON CHRISTMAS
Tired: Crossing the Rubicon

Wired: Crossing the Delaware
I could ghostwrite for Qanon it's easy.
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18 Nov
Yeah— that’s what every leftist hallmark card hashtag movement is— a slogan massively repeated that no one means literally— sort of like how you voted for Biden even though you’re “not like that”
These people are just too dumb to understand their role in manufacturing consent for technocratic elite governance by providing a kayfabe defanged “resistance” which amounts to— being a bratty sub— as aimee says
“What the fuck? You said baby would get a treat if baby was good? & there’s no treat?”
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18 Nov
Student Loan Debt forgiveness! That’s right $50k off your loans! A whole $10k off! That’s right— $10k off for private nonfederal student loans for the “economically distressed”!
Universal Healthcare! That’s right, Medicare For All! An individual mandate with a public option— & fines if you can’t afford it!
We’re ending the Forever Wars! That’s right, we’re removing some troops from Afghanistan! & increasing our drone program— & Pivoting to Asia!
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17 Nov
& retroactively refund the interest accrued from criminal & prefatory loans— yes
Most americans don’t learn calculus & interest is an abstract concept which they can’t fit into their conception of reality. It’s fundamentally cruel to create contracts with minors to indebt them for life— while also telling them they have no future if they don’t do it.
Usury is the root of all of this but it’s enshrined as a sacrament in commercial technocracy as the lord & savior jeremy bentham wrote himself. Notably, considered Violence Against God (in Nature) by Dante— the worse sin— False Council.
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16 Nov
Luke voted for Trump twice but no one knows this about him.

Kirk got really into "Kekistan."
Jackson & Suki got divorced in 2018 over Trump.
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15 Nov
Retconning J Bowden as a preppy alpha liftbro instead of celebrating the sickly & feverish lower middle class nerd temper is a no from me
This is like when people turn Nietzsche into a Self-Help GymBro instead of a drug-addled parson’s son conjuring the antichrist
Stop trying to pretend that “far right” theorists are Sales Execs— none of them are— every one of them was an exile on the fringe of society simultaneously enraptured with romance & sickened by the decadence which was most evident in their own febrile bodies— in love with Death
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14 Nov
Yeah this is what it is in America we just pretend like we don’t have a Hereditary Aristocracy because our favorite thing is gaslighting ourselves because we’re all sadomasochists who want to die because we can’t get rich
If you want a real blackpill it’s that americans are the most psyopped people in the entirety of human history & every american must he a node in a network of disinformation & scapegoating for our institutions to not immediately collapse— the machine runs on evil intentions
Like even this guy thinks we are “different” & thinks america isn’t a continuation of the british empire after being incorporated into an anglo empire during the 20th century— & this empire is now “diverse” by incorporating elites from colonial outposts
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10 Nov
They're assembling the FBI assets-- Malarkey Immanent.
Joe Biden -> Azov Battalion -> RAM
I wish I didn't sound absolutely insane explaining this but that's how it is
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10 Nov
This is where the hypothetical breaks down-- the Conservatives are nothing *without the support of their donors*-- they existed before Trump & will exist after Trump. Fox news will take a massive hit-- but that was determined to happen if Trump lost no matter what.
Fox has more to risk if it goes on the "Election Theft" line-- legally speaking-- & the independent MAGA-Media are pushing Election Theft already, & can do so without legal risk, because they're not big enough to attract reprisals for doing so.
You'll see a decoupling of the Trumpist-pundits from Fox-- when TrumpTV launches. That's about it. All that's going on now is Trump pushing a strong initial bid for negotiating his terms for stepping down-- & also, ensuring he has a loyal audience that will *actually* turn on FOX
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10 Nov
That’s how you win. That’s how America works. Corrupt Urban Machines “Steal” (Produce) Electoral Results.
Conservativism means “losing with honor”— seems to be what its ideological production incentivizes— while the real machine politics of the GOP is with its donor class. When the Republicans were labor-oriented, they provided patronage to their constituency.
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