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13 Aug
Covid is doing the work that American eugenicists want - killing poor people, people of color, disabled people, and especially those who are multiply marginalized.
It feels like a conspiracy theory. And yet, it's pretty clear that early on the Trump admin stopped caring because they thought it would harm the people they wanted harmed, and then it got out of control.
Eugenics is absolutely core to Trumpism. huffpost.com/entry/donald-t…
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7 Aug
Historian here: We will not be baffled. Cruel kleptocrats and societies whose elites don't care so long as they get theirs too are pretty normal over the long run of history.
what's unusual is justice.
the easy linear pathway from goldwater to trump is already clear. it will be easier to see with distance. In a few centuries or seven, there will not be a "gilded age" and "new gilded age," but rather just one arc of kleptocracy from the late 19th century to today.
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18 Jul
It's interesting how white racists appropriate arguments about cultural appropriation and indigeneity. From @StribGuy's piece on Asatru white supremacists setting up shop in MN. /1

@StribGuy 2) If a black man tried to join, "“We would certainly talk to him and try to suggest to him that his own ancestors would probably be the place to be,” Turnage said, +
@StribGuy 3) "noting that he and others had received a similar response in the past from Native Americans when they expressed interest in learning more about Native religious practices."
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15 Jun
1) Thousands of Americans are dying "mystery deaths" every week. Usually it's a few hundred per week die without cause. The reason is almost certainly a radical undercount of covid 19 deaths.

2) Covid 19 seems to spread through airborne transmission more than any other way. Which means social distancing isn't enough. A new study.

3) If all of us who can wore masks in all viable public spaces, the pandemic would be over. The /virus/ would still be around, but the pandemic would end.

We could start doing this immediately with real local, state, and national leadership.
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8 Jun
Holy shit. I can’t hold it far away enough for me to take a picture of it.
Honestly I can barely lift it. I’m gonna go wake up the kids.
8 lb northern
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31 May
Dear "good cops."

Please identify which of your colleagues decided to a) drive into a crowd b) ride a horse into a crowd c) illegally shoot people on their porches d) shoot people standing with anti-shooting signs in the street at distance from you e) shoot at press from afar
Because if you are the "good cops" you will need to point out who the "bad cops" are. Speak up. Name names.

I'm waiting for you to show it's just a few bad apples. Throw them out of the barrel. Go ahead. I'm waiting.
You know if the person next to you shouted "light 'em up!" and fired at a porch. You know who was on that horse. You know who was at the wheel. You know who is pulling their trigger. Name names, "good cops."
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18 May
"Models show that if 80 percent wear masks that are 60 percent effective, easily achievable with cloth, we can get to an effective R0 of less than one....Mask use in combination with physical distancing is even more powerful." @zeynep et al @TheAtlantic theatlantic.com/health/archive…
@zeynep @TheAtlantic "That’s enough to halt the spread of the disease."
80% of people 60% effective ... it's such a low achievable bar.
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18 May
I've written a lot about bodily autonomy as one of the cores of my politics. The way it works is that spewing germs on someone else is not actually practicing YOUR bodily autonomy but violating someone else's.
same goes for anti-vax. If you take your unvaccinated body into public space, you are endangering others. But feel free to not be vaccinated and stay home. This is where the edges of bodily autonomy lie pretty clearly for me.
Since apparently this is getting a few RTs, here's my piece at @thenation on bodily autonomy. Written in the very different time of September 2017.

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15 May
Social distancing was necessary to flatten the curve and give the Trump Administration time to invest in testing, tracing, and medical capacity. They have failed to do all three. Now we're in even worse trouble.

This is the answer to the bad faith whiners on barstool and fox.
Yes, we can't social distance forever. It's not economically feasible. It's not psychologically feasible. People just won't do it. Experts were saying this in February - that we try to pick the right couple months and make use of (not equally) shared sacrifice.
The Trump Administration failed to react in January, failed to prepare in February, failed to ramp up in March, failed to capitalize on the shut downs in April, and now are failing with the relaxing of distancing in May. So many will die, so many will fall gravely ill.
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23 Apr
It’s a quack autism treatment antivax parents use on their children (it is torture). Often in diluted enema form. No I am not joking.
Let me add a couple links here if this is going to pick up any steam.

Here's @oracknows from 2012. This is a long-running conspiracy theory.
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18 Apr
The vast majority of Americans have voluntarily isolated themselves, at great financial and emotional cost, in order to protect their communities. It's the most impressive civic-minded act I've ever seen in this country.
If a tiny minority of Nazi and Confederate sympathizers are getting outsized media attention due to their ties to the GOP's donor class, don't let it erase how impressive this has all been and continues to be, in no small part due to the majority of governors.
State leadership - including many Republicans in places like Ohio and Indiana - has been impressive. Coordination between state depts of health, private medical industry, and academic epidemiological researchers, is leading us towards testing and treatment solutions.
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6 Apr
Don't murder disabled people.

Don't murder disabled people.

Don't murder disabled people.

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28 Mar
A thread of reporting, op-eds, legal documents, government guidance, and anything else I can find on #EugenicsWatch for #Covid19 - on states saying they can remove/deny care to disabled folks for a variety of reasons (take ventilators, deny based on ID/DD, etc). /1
From @amysilvermanaz and @propublica on using ID to deny lifesaving care: propublica.org/article/people…? /2
From HHS saying no you can't waive civil rights of disabled people. /3

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10 Mar
... not every college student has a home they can go to
... not every college student can just buy a plane ticket for NEXT MONDAY
... not every college student has broadband at home
... not every college student can eat without the meal plan/work study
... not every
If you are an undergrad experiencing hardship as a result of these abrupt closures please email me - Lollardfish at gmail. Is your school helping you?
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26 Feb
1) ICE is using allegedly confidential therapy notes to detain children. #AbolishICE. Please RT.

2) Just following orders isn't good enough. It's yet another place where we need a #TruthCommission2021 to sort out what happened, who made the choices, who resisted, who complied. #AbolishICE
3) Thanks to @TheTinaVasquez and @madgifts for speaking to me.
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22 Feb
"Here's a simple guideline: don't post videos of your kids without consent. If you can't follow that rule, at least don't post moments from your children's worst day. Even if they might not object, they'll probably hate you in a decade." NEW @CNNOpinion

@CNNOpinion "My son loves to be seen...He wants a witness to his joy. He wants you to see him. But every time I hit send or share, I think, how will he feel when he's 16, 26, or 36? What is his digital legacy and will he be happy with me when he looks back? I hope so."
@CNNOpinion Other essays linked to in this piece or otherwise on point. You should read/share them with folks.

1) From @RebeccaCokley via @Rewire_News - On parenting and consent. rewire.news/article/2018/0…
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18 Feb
People act like the argument around Bernie bros is that he declared in 2016 and then folks got abusive. The actual argument is that the people on the left who were already organizing abuse against women decided to do so in favor of sanders and against Clinton.
They already hated Clinton
They were already misogynists
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27 Jan
This account worked hard to magnify the harassment of a sexual assault survivor and now he’s boasting about having gotten her suspended. I want to be clear that only one person is behaving badly here and it’s not Felicia.
this award-winning journalist is magnifying a hate storm against a sexual assault survivor whose reaction to the death of Kobe Bryant did not meet his standards
All of us have been around the Internet long enough to know what happens when women get targeted like this. There’s no excuse for it.
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21 Jan
Shout out to Professor Pierre Asselin at San Diego State for this nice, if wholly inaccurate, note. Which he also sent to my chair. This kind of bullying from faculty is intolerable. It's also false. #twitterstorians a letter saying my title is wrong.
Academic advising is organized at two ranks, junior and senior. I was appointed at senior due to having 10 years of work as an assistant, associate, then full professor (plus university admin work) before taking this job. It is the only rank advancement available to me. I'm done!
The ways that faculty members bully and demean academic staff is a systemic problem across academia (grad students do it too, often worse, treating staff as their secretarial assistants rather than people who know much more about university functioning than they do).
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19 Jan
Bernie Sanders lacks fluency in discussing oppressive ideologies not based on class.
This is a choice. It hurt in him in 2016 and he never really spent the time to learn that fluency over the intervening four years. I wrote this a year ago. I stand by it.

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7 Jan
Donald Trump Jr.'s crusader gun "plays into right-wing fascination with the European Middle Ages, one built on fantasy and linked [to] imagined apocalyptic war between the West and Islam.'" With @prof_gabriele via @PostEverything #medievaltwitter

@prof_gabriele @PostEverything "Its iconography, carefully documented in Trump Jr.’s photos, signals a commitment to a vision of a world defined by a clash between Christians and Muslims, thereby emboldening some of the most dangerous tendencies in right-wing America."
@prof_gabriele @PostEverything "Apocalyptic struggles are zero-sum, the ends justifying all means, the enemy worthy of nothing but earthly fury and fire from the sky. In the words of another shirt from the retailer of Donald Trump Jr.’s gun: “If God be for me, it matters not who is against me.”"
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