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7 Apr
There are very specific reasons why people cannot or will not see the truth about people they admire or even about themselves. When you wrap religion and any sort of “authority” around the criminality/deviance — it is that much harder to help the unseeing world see. #churchtoo
There is a lot at stake for people to come out of their #betrayalblindness. IMHO, the time has not yet come for communities of faith to reckon with their own religious deviance and they may never. #churchtoo #institutionalbetrayal
This is also enrobed in politic and wrapped tightly with individual rights and freedoms to be utterly insane and ardently admired. We are a LONG, LONG, LONG way from cherishing the #whistleblowers — we would rather run them through instead. #churchtoo
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7 Mar
@WarrenColeSmith @reachjulieroys @MinistryWatch @RNS @CTmagazine Yes in fact I can.

I could say more if I was not bound to a NDA.

You may be interested in this article regarding the lawsuit my husband filed in 2008.


Apparent extortionists?

Apparently NOT. 😡
@WarrenColeSmith @reachjulieroys @MinistryWatch @RNS @CTmagazine A simple google search would have turned up a different narrative — but that would require journalistic integrity.


@WarrenColeSmith @reachjulieroys @MinistryWatch @RNS @CTmagazine I hope I sound as outraged as I am — as you would be too if faith based organizations such as yours (virtual wave of hand) showed less integrity than atheistic ones.


Should you like to amend your publications I can be contacted through this platform.
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9 Oct 19
I’m going to say something that is equal parts hard to hear and helpful.

Listening to, watching, and reading about another’s primary trauma can become a secondary trauma for the listener.

Professionals are trained on how to handle thier own vicarious trauma.

A Thread.
Evidence suggests that simply being listened to is therapeutic and cathartic to the speaker. Evidence also suggests it can be traumatic to the listener depending on their own trauma, disposition, physiology etc. Graphic details may to too much for laity to process.
Absolutely yes.
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12 Mar 19
What is the victims responsibility?

To recover choice.
To find voice.
To restore the ruins.
To do the hard work of healing.

Don’t you DARE tell a victim it is his/her “responsibility” to tell the story.

It shows you are uniformed at best and utterly obtuse at worst. 🤨
Do you know how long it can take to do the hard hard work of healing what someone else smashed????

Years, I tell you.

Cowards look at the courageous and ask for more.


They are COWARDS. 👊🏻

You know not what you ask. You put a foot on the neck of the broken and you ask them to rise, to speak, yet you never remove your polished boot.


Shut thy mouth.
Fall silent.
Then no one will think you the fool.

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6 Mar 19
1. I spoke at length yesterday with a long time advocate who will remain unmentioned. We discussed the issue of health, hope in the face of hopelessness, betrayal, blindness and balance in the face of it at. #churchtoo #abuseofaith #metoo
2. I thought I understood that this was a marathon, not a sprint. Her farsighted showed me the importance of pacing, of rest, of picking with great care the corner of this garment of sorrow I choose to sow my strength in. #churchtoo #abuseoffaith #MeToo
3. I went to bed with a heart of lead. I know I cannot keep pace with others. I’m a plodder not a runner. I know my strength is small and my is weakness great. I feel my finiteness and the fragility of my frame. I am so human. #churchtoo #abuseoffaith #MeToo
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10 Jan 19
1. Scaffolding is a framework erected for workers to safely work while something is under construction. It is a place where the worker can be anchored, hold supplies, and rest, without constantly tearing down the support system. It helps you hold your place and reduces fatigue.
2. Scaffolding can be internal to a structure, or external to it, depending on the area being worked upon. Where you are doing internal work, you will need to set up and keep strong scaffolding to stay safe, upon which to rest, and to hold the ground you have gained. #recovery
3. If you are doing internal work, but have external scaffolding, your emotional health will continually collapse every time you are triggered, overtired, out of sorts, or overwhelmed. You must place the scaffold where it is needed, otherwise, you will fall like a house of cards.
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31 Dec 18

1. I/we survived (this was seriously in question still)

2. I left what was a 25+ career in the health field because trauma truncated and took over.

3. We made a decision to leave a toxic environment created by #churchtoo

4. I completed a course of four trauma intensives that covered the first 18 years of abuse. Phew.

5. I joined a community center and slowly started to uncurl my body from the curled up ball it had become from #churchtoo #trauma

6. I wrote for a #churchtoo documentary coming out this spring with


where I met



7. After the filming I had two things I had never had before: deeply true fellows and a restored voice.
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8 Oct 18
1. The singular reason that I am on social media is to share empathetic, evidence-based information regarding sexual harm against children and adults. I have a particular interest in elite deviance in faith based communities - for several reasons. A thread.
2. 93% of incarnated sexual offenders self identify as religious or very religious. The very religious committed the most heinous crimes, with the highest number, and youngest victims (Abel & Harlow).
3. "I considered church people easy to fool... they have a trust that comes from being Christian... I think they want to believe in people. And because of that, you can easily convince, with or without convincing words."

- an interview with a sexual predator

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