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7 May 18
Oh my God, listening to the interview part now and it’s so enormously frustrating. She’s talking about Republicans like they’re some persecuted religious faith and not the dominant elite of the country.
Oh no, the poor actors who sat in make-up rooms listening to people mock a powerful multimillionaire! While he was, you know, running a catastrophic war that has killed millions.
Who the hell uses the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome” in 2018? When most Republicans mock Bush as well? And God, that stupid North Korea anecdote. Clinton sent a basketball, while Trump is about to pay an actual visit.
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28 Feb 18
#10YearsOfLostInTheMovies begins right now - a 100-day trip through my archive leading to July 16, 2018, the 10th anniversary of my site. I will share 10 posts each day, moving chronologically from 2008 to the present. Hope this provides an interesting way to explore my work.
I will thread the links so you can scroll around, hopefully pretty seamlessly (though of course Twitter is not always great at handling this type of navigation). When there are interesting images to incorporate, I’ll add them in a subsequent tweet.
As a disclaimer I certainly don’t always stand by everything I wrote years or even a decade ago; opinions change and I may also have written something differently than I do now. In various ways I’ve changed over the years though I’m still happy with most what I’ve published.
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