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Love of the Lord before all things. He is the way, the truth and the life.
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25 Jan
Kind of interesting that this acct does not follow Joe 'The Prez'. If he was the CIC wouldn't they.

Just Sayin

Maybe Im missing something
Well, this is very interesting. Quite the list of accts that you would think would follow their CIC.

Or do they, he's just not on twtr anymore. 🤣

Just sayin. Very odd.
HT @LavenderLives

Why FL 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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25 Jan
Was it an inauguration or a funeral?
Old Guard
...around the world
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24 Jan
The fact that he turns into a Weiner at :57 on this studio set with clear skies in backdrop. Calm b4 the ...?
It was snowing, as stated here by someone filming. You can clearly see it's not sunny.
Noticed something interesting
Dispute Dates 1947
Weiner (3)(sic) Clinton/Bush/Obama?

What was Trump hinting at in his ‘Farewell Address’?
Whats an Address?
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22 Jan
Dark Winter
John Hopkins
Theres seems to be a script for everything.
Seriously, what did they have planned.…
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22 Jan
Understand why.

He is not the Commander in Chief of our military.
Proof is staring everyone in the face.

If he was, these men would have been reprimanded for doing this.
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22 Jan
A farewell speech can tell us a lot. Looking at things from a different angle sometimes helps figure out what we are looking at/witnessing.
Before I get into timestamps of angle changes. Lets look at the length of the speech video. 19:47

The USAF estbl'd Lookout Mt in 1947, secret film unit hdqtr'd in Laurel Canyon to produce propaganda disseminated by C_A for soc'l enginr'g.
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22 Jan

Lights were rg'd for red
7:33pm 1/18
What is ...

Is that why the 1st lady was wearing a dress that some are connecting to FL Gators. Crocs?

It goes from Dk to Lt (top to bottom)
43-days of silence as of 1/20 since 12/8. 43=bent arm

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19 Jan
The farewell speech tells us alot with timestamps. Listen and notice them. Look up what they tell us.
Breadcrumbs were dropped everywhere so we could see where we are going.

Depart from me those who practice lawlessness
Its Showtime
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19 Jan
Trust Kansas
26 = Z

End of the alphabet (orgs)
1000 pcs
35th President=Lancer
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19 Jan
Important to note
M Stand for....Marshals

The magnitude of this is beautiful and amazing!
Pay close attn.

The lights let you know when its OK to cross. (go)
Did you catch it?

Red light/green light
countdown. Ends at 30

Done in 30
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19 Jan
Interesting timing of this EO… ImageImage
Eventually all lights turn green
Mac ImageImage
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18 Jan
'Peaceful transition to Military Power....'

....heard around the world

NG - High Alert
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18 Jan
National holiday

A day on...not off.
Pronouns that Princess Peach banned. Interesting defiance.

His purpose not ours. Trust in God.

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17 Jan
What is a red line?
What is a blue line?

What does a red light signify?
The DC brothel
The Duece
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17 Jan
What is a redline
Dodge City
The Duece.
Seeing some similiarities?
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16 Jan
Transferring power back to you, the ppl…
Heart attacks can be dangerous
Changing of the Old Guard
Best of the Best

Battle of the Bulge
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15 Jan
The lights are about to come on...high beams

Marshal vs Martial

Saviors of mankind
Marshal vs Marshalls
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14 Jan
The significance of the diner...

Final E went dark for 10 (It felt like forever)
Only 2 ways out
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14 Jan
A call for the Blk Pearl

Circling the Drain ImageImageImage
Be prepared for what you are about to .....

Like I said, go back to the ship when the deck was last cleaned.
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