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11 Nov 20
Twitch is never going to reach a deal with Music in the same way Facebook, TikTok, or other platforms have negotiated. It's really unfortunate and sad. Why do I think this?

Let's look at how they addressed this question in their blog: blog.twitch.tv/en/2020/11/11/…
"the current constructs for licenses that the record labels have with other services (which typically take a cut of revenue from creators for payment to record labels) make less sense for Twitch."

Only true for YT VODS. This is FALSE for Facebook Gaming, most similar to Twitch.
Twitch is essentially making it sound like a deal would be bad for creators, that it would hurt our revenue. That if they reached a deal, streamers would bear the brunt. So maybe we shouldn't want a deal anyways...? The vast majority of our creators don’t have recorded musi
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24 Jun 20
Good morning! If you are streaming today during the #TwitchBlackout, here are some tips:

1. Tell your viewers what's happening. You don't have to be eloquent. Just talk about what you feel is wrong and needs to change.
2. bit.ly/TwitchAbuse - context info, resources, charity info, ways to take action. Share it with your audience.

3. Raise some money - @WeAreTiltify makes it easy and safe to raise money for charity. Check the doc for some charity suggestions.
4. Mute or turn off alerts to discourage subs/bits for today. Point your community to charity, Paypal, Patreon, Ko-fi, etc.

5. Tweet with #TwitchBlackout and use it in your stream title. We are all part of the movement. Let's spread our message.
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