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SA needs Economic Truth Commission.#TrueStateCapture. PRIVATISATION of SOEs is IN FULL SWING. Beneficiaries👉 WMC, DA,SaveSA,SACP,ANC WMC Faction,COSATU,...
Dec 21, 2019 41 tweets 54 min read
In 1992,
ANC head of economic Dept, Tito Mboweni told a journalist abt his GRAND PLANS to DISMATLE 6 CONGLOMERATES whch DOMINATED South African market & hd a DIAGRAM STRUCTURE of th local Market, wit tight CROSS SHAREHOLDING btw large companies

#StayWoke ImageImageImageImage Tito Mboweni & ANC economic structure
Trevor Manuel,Maria Ramos & Lesetja Kganyago

wer sent 2 Goldman Sachs by ANC fr"training"


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Dec 8, 2019 9 tweets 10 min read
When r these upstanding citizens going to th #StateCaptureInquiry to testify?
Cyril Ramaphosa
Julius Malema
Mmusi Maimane
Helen Zille
Sipho Pityana
Bishop Malusi Mpumlwane
Thabo Mbeki
Stephan Kosef
Derek Hanekom
Justice Malala
I want them to tell us who hs been LOOTING SOEs fr th last 20yrs.

*Hw come 99% of SOEs tenders hv been "awarded" to same companies fr last 20yrs?

*Hw come ppl who r vocal abt corruption hv been th major beneficiaries of BANKRUPT SOEs?
Nov 18, 2019 30 tweets 33 min read
Julius Malema:

"Pravin Gordhan enjoys respect frm everyone regardless of political party"

Banyise Pravin "Prime Minister" "WMC gatekeeper" Gordhan😂😂



EFF MPs giving Prime Minister Pravin Gordhan #StandingOvation👀

Banyise Pravin Gordhan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Nov 14, 2019 23 tweets 36 min read
In 1998,

Thabo Mbeki & Trevor Manuel redirected RDP fund away frm basic needs towards "corporate welfare"

Billions wer committed to Alusaf,partly owned by Gencor

Gencor ws owned by Zanele Mbeki's business partner,RUPERT👀

Wheres #ShamilaBatohi?

#StayWoke Pres Mbeki & #TrevorManuel introduced SOCIAL GRANTS.

Gov't pays 16 MLN grant beneficiaries thru GRINDROD BANK

Grindrod deducts R10

R10x 9MLN=u do maths

Who owns Grindrod?

Imagine if Grindrod ws linked to Zuma!


Nov 12, 2019 21 tweets 20 min read
A thread on SAA.

*Hw #SAA ws collapsed?

*SAA tender Beneficiaries

*Privatization of SAA fr th benefit of WMC & their Black stooges Thabo Mbeki, Saki Macozoma & Coleman Andrews stripped SAA.

They sold al SAA aircrafts & paid Coleman Andrews R230 MLN as thank you gift fr a job well done.

SAA stripping beneficiaries
WMC, ANC veterans,...

Aug 23, 2018 76 tweets 160 min read
@_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA I asked th racist @OUTASA abt this but they blocked me😂 instead of answering my questions.

OUTASA is the same as @Corruption_SA,@Our_DA, FUL,AfriForum,HSF,FreedomUnderLaw,...their MANDATE isto portray BLACKS as corrupt

👇👇 @_Revolution18 @SAReserveBank @amaBhungane @OUTASA @Corruption_SA @Our_DA ST GEORGE’S FINE FOODS should offer shares to Black staff members as part of reconciliation.