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Researcher. Former Goat Herder. Fascinated by a common criminal who calls himself/herself a Public Figure.
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13 Oct
(1) Any right thinking Zimbabwean should be asking himself/herself; What is it that Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to achieve now at 83 that he failed to achieve for all these years when he held many influential cabinet posts.
(2) To think of it, he served in some very senior gov't positions at his prime age, but failed. Now that he is senile, you hear some deranged people saying "ED is the game changer". Nxaa.
(3) At the time when he was supposed to be changing the game, he was ordering the killing of thousands of people in Matebeleland, and in 2008 he orchestrated the first coup in Zimbabwe, which resulted in hundreds of people dying.
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23 Aug
1. Let me do a short thread about George Charamba aka @jamwanda2. It is sad that we have to waste time on maggots like him rather than getting directly to the rotten carcass; but at times it is necessary to clear away the pus before treating the putrid sore.
2. In 2008, when Robert Mugabe lost the elections to Morgan Tsvangirai, a meeting was convened by the military junta in which they agreed to reverse the outcome. At that time, Mugabe had indicated that he was going to concede defeat but @edmnangagwa rejected the idea.
3. Mugabe was convinced that his intention to concede defeat was not in the best interest of Zanu PF & that it was tantamount to betraying the revolutionary party. Eventually he agreed to stay. However, the military junta was already infuriated by Mugabe's initial intentions.
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3 Jan
1. I know most of you do not realise that I am also a Respiratory medicine specialist. Today I want to do a thread about how people could be helped to relieve the symptoms of COVID 19 Virus. Those with questions, I am offering free consultation.
2. Antibiotics don't necessarily work especially in viral pneumonia like the one which COVID 19 virus cause but if a person develops bacterial pneumonia in the presence of viral pneumonia then antibiotics are necessary.
3. Anti-inflammatory medication like Prednisolone or dexamethasone are proving to be effective in COVID 19 virus. The virus is causing the inflammation of the airways resulting in a person becoming breathless, hence the need to treat people with anti-inflammatory medication.
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