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hi there! call me Mango 😊🥭 24 | they/them | RN | INFJ | virgo | wrote NurseCon AU now doing MerAU and werebear AU's for Hankcon | NSFW content 🔞🔞🔞
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15 Apr
Just a blurb but like--

Post revolution Connor moves in with Hank, but he doesn't ease Hank into changing his life. The lieutenant admits he wants to do better, try harder, quit certain things. And something in Connor just *switches*
What I'm saying is that Connor slapped Hank while he was passed out on the floor knocked-out drunk and I just really want Personal Life Coach Connor just going full ham on Hank, tough love because that's what Hank needs to get his life back in order.
Connor takes no prisoners. Absolutely methodical, waking Hank up mercilessly every morning to get him back on a normal sleep schedule. Cutting in his words and actions to straighten Hank back out to where the Lieutenant wants to be. If Hank needs a break, Connor knows he'll ask.
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6 Dec 19
This was haunting my thoughts earlier during my shift

Werebear Hank meets woodsman-sorceror Connor in the woods. Connor first encounters the bear at a distance while gathering berries, watches the shaggy way the beast moves through the dense foliage of the forest. It's the
Height of summer, and the forest is lush and teeming with growth. Connor admires the beast from a safe distance away, not wanting to spook it. It's big enough for Connor to know it's a Grizzly, as well as with the hump on its back. He can also tell its an old bear, the ends of
the beasts fur shine with silver. It must be a very wise and crafty brute to have survived long enough to gray. And with its size, it would have to eat a lot. Yes, this is a great king wandering through his domain, sniffing out roots and good things to eat.

Then the bear stops.
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5 Dec 19
it's sugar baby connor/sugar daddy hank hours i guess so here we go

When Hank started sugaring, it hadn't initially been sexual. It was just something he did because he had the funds as a CEO, he was bored, and he liked having someone cute and pretty to hang off his arm when he
attended important social and political events. Someone he could show off, adorn with things just as pretty, with crystals and precious gemstones, but also someone who could insight envy from his opponents and competitors.

Hank had two sugar babies before he met Connor that
didn't pan out. One was a beautiful young blonde that eventually left him because she was in love with someone, and the other a fiery redhead Hank had to dismiss because she was too much for him to handle.

Hank doesn't keep up with them or anything, but he hears they're both
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14 Nov 19
Good morning I just woke up did somebody say royalty AU
Prince Connor is engaged to be married to the monarch of the next kingdom over, to ensure peace and prosperity between the two of them. King Kamski.

It's purely political in nature. Connor understands that. He would be a fool to believe otherwise, naive to hope that any arranged
marriage would be more than that. He gave up such foolish hopes when he was a boy, told of what his future would be married off to another while his younger brothers were free to love and chase after whoever they chose.

But he was the eldest.

So it was his job to give the most.
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12 Nov 19
I know it's November but I don't care I have vampire ideas for Hankcon rn so-

Brought to you by: that primal feel when you suck out ice cream through a small hole in an ice cream cone

Cw for normal blood and vampirey stuff, vampConnor human Hank, willing blood donor
Hank has donated blood for vampire and non-vampire purposes for years, now. Apparently he's an excellent donor, real great veins that are easy to access and a rich balance of nutrients.

He does it less frequently, though, ever since Connor.

The vampire is small and young and
pretty in that pale and eternal way most of his kind are. But even being an undead, there's still a warmth that glows in those amber (and occasionally crimson) eyes.

Yes, Hank donates far less often..

But he gives way more than he usually does.

He can tell Connor is getting
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6 Nov 19
Oh yeah guys remember that dude in the square in dbh playing his guitar and singing? Doing his little Jim jam?

So anyway,

Connor, a deviated android post-revolution who never met Hank, opts out of returning to the DPD and instead finds a love for music.
It's slim pickings for an artist, even doubly so for an android one. There's still a lot of hate out there, and more often than not he's typically faced with bigots chasing him away than sympathetic ears willing to listen to what he creates. Him and his second-hand guitar.
He makes maybe a few bucks a day, if he's lucky. Enough to buy maybe a coffee, which would be nice, if he could drink any.

Connor spends his days playing away out on the street where he can. He doesn't have vocal cords like a human, so his voice never tires. He doesn't grow
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11 Oct 19
Aah I had this in my head so-

Hank, despondent from the death of his son and unsure of where to go and who he is from here if not a father, retreats to the mountains. It's fall, so while the valley and forests at the mountains' base are free from snow, the towering peaks are
covered in the thick, and pure white.

cw for Hank's depression, suicidal ideation

So he climbs. Hank has very little, if any experience climbing mountains, but he doesn't care. He just has to leave, wants to never come back. Maybe just disappear, let the snow and the wind and
the cold just swallow him whole. Turn his consciousness off and come back to life as a flower, or a drop of water to endlessly travel the cycle of sky to ground to sky again.

Hank keeps climbing, and he doesn't stop until every ounce of energy is drained from him, and he
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11 Aug 19

Aug. 11 update

*deep inhale*

it's finally friday, loves. let's not waste our time, shall we?


It's Friday.

Hank calls off work early, frees up his afternoon so he can go home and get ready for his night with Connor.

He goes home, freshens up.
Puts on his nice clothes. A light gray, cotton button-down, a pair of dark not-totally destroyed jeans and his formal shoes. Something nicer than he would wear to work, but not as formal as something he might wear to court.

Showers, brushes his teeth, washes his face, trims his
beard down a bit, smiles as ruggedly as he can into the mirror with that little half-smile he knows drives Connor absolutely wild.

Looks himself in the mirror and hopes that he's enough for Connor.

Reminds himself that he is, that he /is/ enough for Connor. Otherwise why would
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17 Jul 19
AU idea I've been toying with writing, kinda blurry on the details. Might take me a while to type it all out since I'm kind of preoccupied atm

NurseConnor gets hired by Hank because he needs extra help taking care of Cole.
Being Lieutenant and on the homicide division leaves him with unpredictable hours, and he feels bad having to call his neighbors at 2 or 4 in the morning if he gets called in, especially with Coles unpredictable condition and with the type of care he requires.
Cole is epileptic, has been since he was a baby, and Hank's ex-wife is less than helpful when it comes to helping her husband and caring for her son. Hank just wants someone to be with Cole when he can't, in case there's an emergency.
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