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Research Analyst @ 'Acuris Risk Intelligence' (Non-Official Account) Mess with me and I'll leave it to Karma. But if you mess with India, then I'll be Karma
11 Sep 20
One sud follow law & complaint against all using foul language for CMO or any minister. 4 personal agenda people sud stop blaming Uddhav ji, by that logic Modi ji sud be answerable for the BJP minister in WB who said Corona is gone & risking life for his parties promotion.
Also, no offence, but was the victim carrying a sign board stating he is a Naval veteran ? So y claiming that a Naval officer was attacked on purpose, y falling such low for personal agenda, luk at Kangana video sounds so scripted and that too she's not acting like she does
Y not use such language for Yogi ji for all the crimes happening in UP, Y not asking your party to ask all those ministers to resign who all have rape cases on their head. And I m surprised with your tweets and language you use for @CMOMaharashtra
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7 Sep 20
Vow what a language, someone who is followed by @narendramodi ji using foul language for @CMOMaharashtra doesn't look good, apni nahi toh @PMOIndia ki toh izzat mat uchallo, you r behaving like a paid troller or is he the one guiding you on DM🤔
I am sure he won't fall so low and have better things to do, but if you really hurt coz d only daughter of India was abused verbally, then I am sure you will have more wonderful words for the @BJP4India MLA'S who r accused of rape 👇…
Everything sounds like an agenda, it's like @KanganaTeam stomach unwell meaning either @MumbaiPolice or MH govt's after this 🤣🤣🤣, I mean if she was supporting Congress would you guys behave in same manner? And y do u think she's so imp for MH
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5 Sep 20
@ISwetaSing_ Haan but only for Sushant not for @KanganaTeam personal agenda, it was SSR fans who shattered social media. Her agenda was to enter using Sushant with her old sword against nepotism (good) but when it failed, then she pointed Rhea for looting and mentally stressing bhai..
@ISwetaSing_ @KanganaTeam Then when this angle went into investigation and drugs came into PIC she started saying she knows everything and went thru all this then why reveling now why not when this happened probably bhai would be alive now (If this was due to drugs) when that angle is under investigation.
@ISwetaSing_ @KanganaTeam She took a head on with MH Govt all this while common factor is that she wanted to be on lime light, all the info she is sharing is shared by bhai's fans but she never gave them credit. Now when some people started speaking about her personal agenda she is relating...
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26 Aug 20
Here's my view on #SSR case.
Europe trip #SSR was given drugs like skunk weed, chemicals with partial info in his knowledge, quantity of drug and chemicals cud have caused Hallucinations and make him sound crazy while under the influence of drugs. (1)
Continues dosage cud have led to minor attacks of Bipolar. Once he was back he was continued giving drugs and advising him that he is mentally ill, based on this they also advised him to take qutipine tabs. Making him believe that he is mentally ill. (2)
This continues dosage of drugs as reveled by media through chats shows that the plan was to make him believe that he is going crazy and making him conscious to a level where he started keeping himself isolated. (3)
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