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28 May 20

The Versatility of QDXTM Dots. The Power of QDX™ Platform…
Bright and Versatile in Vitro and in Vivo Fluorescence Imaging Biosensors
Quantum Materials Corp Announces Anti-Counterfeit Focus with QDX™ Ledger Blockchain Platform…
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15 Apr 20
@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice No
1/ The PERCEPTION of something *believed* to be threatening triggers a response in the amygdala, which activates lower areas of the brain that changes one's physiology to freeze, fight, or run.
@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 2/ #FakeNews & Daily Death Counts keep the #Amygdala charged-up for those who believe #COVID19 is to be feared.

When the #amygdala is activated your higher brain functions= #criticalthinking, don't work

@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 3/ YOU are more compliant & easily controlled
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15 Apr 20
1/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

a user estimates 4 MILLION comments a day being DELETED
2/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

a user estimates 4 MILLION comments a day being DELETED
end/ 🔥Wow! Bill Gate is getting HAMMERED GLOBALLY on Instagram…

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7 Apr 20
@thereal_truther @Kevin_Tuttle76 More psychology to silence dissent

1/ If you don't see there is a growing movement for mass global vaccination AND to remove from society anyone who disagrees
That it has happened in China already

It's terrible that...
@thereal_truther @Kevin_Tuttle76 2/ wouldn't think that the most important lesson of the holocaust and to truly honor the victims that perished, would be to:


You know...
@thereal_truther @Kevin_Tuttle76 3/ ..there were warning signs

You know there was propaganda & disinformation

maybe you don't see it now.
BUT, it doesn't mean it's not there
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20 Mar 20
2) #HR5717 is #GunContol

If you're a gun owner, you literally need to drop everything you're doing right now & oppose this bill

#HR5717 =worst anti-gun legislation that FPC has ever seen. Could end gun rights in totality w/in a generation."
3) #HR5717 is #GunContol

"In 2016, we fought hard against a huge surge of anti-gun legislation in California. We dubbed it "#Gunpocalypse

Rep. Hank Johnson has introduced bill that rolls up all of Gunpocalypse AND MORE into ONE federal bill"
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31 Jan 20
⚖ THREAD Burisma & Ukraine 🔥
@JudicialWatch files 2 Lawsuits…

h/t: @realGngrbrdgrl
@JudicialWatch @realGngrbrdgrl 2) @JudicialWatch announced today it filed two (FOIA) lawsuits against US Dept of State relating to #BurismaHoldings
1st lawsuit seeks records of communications from US Embassy in Kyiv related to #Burisma

h/t: @realGngrbrdgrl
@JudicialWatch @realGngrbrdgrl 3) 2nd lawsuit seeks records related to a Jan 19, 2016 meeting at White House that included Ukrainian prosecutors, embassy officials & CIA employee #EricCiaramella, who reportedly worked on #Ukraine issues while on detail to BOTH Obama & Trump White Houses
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26 Jan 20
🔥THREAD #HongKong #CoronavirusOutbreak
HK's leader Carrie Lam has raised response level for Wuhan #coronavirus to EMERGENCY

via @sumlokkei
@sumlokkei 2) #HongKong RESPONSE
via @sumlokkei

1. Upping govt's disease contingency plan from serious to emergency lvl

2. Four medical experts appointed to make suggestions directly to Lam
@sumlokkei 3) #HongKong RESPONSE
via @sumlokkei

3. Suspension of flights and trains to #wuhan indefinitely

4. health declaration forms at 4 piers and 6 land ports to mainland #china (punishment for those who give false info)
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21 Jan 20
1) Martin Luther King Jr

Case No. 97242-4 T.D.
November 1999
Judge Swearengen
2) Case No. 97242-4 T.D.

Verdict: "there is abundant evidence of a major high-level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband Martin Luther King jr. And the civil court's unanimous verdict has validated our belief"
3) #MLKDay
Case No. 97242-4 T.D.

"I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury & I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations this verdict is not only a great victory for my family....
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16 Aug 19
1/ #Melatonin

The presence of melatonin in Alphaproteobacteria & 
Cyanobacteria indicates an early appearance of this multifunctional #Serotonin
derivative in the evolution of life
2/ #Melatonin

The discovery of antioxidative properties of melatonin is consistent with an ancient role of this molecule in contributing to survival under high oxygen levels or exposure to UVR.
3/ #Melatonin

Because of melatonin production in mitochondria scavenging of free oxygen radicals has likely been a primary role of melatonin in evolution originating around 2.5–3 billion years ago
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9 Aug 19
1) When I read NY's Chris Cuomo say
Do you remember what the 2a was created for? That there was no....
2)...individual right contemplated until Scalia read it in?
If you are an originalist about the constitution you have no basis for thinking you and not the state controls access." ~C.Cuomo

It makes me think of..
3) Judge Scalia

Who appeared in the #Wikileaks #PodestaEmails

he was referenced by a "contractor" to John Podesta & the term used was #WetWorks
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3 Jul 19

1) What was the first thing the #ManchurianCandidate did when elected to office in 2009 ?
2) If you said
Despite his campaigning against hiring lobbyists, his FIRST hire was William J. Lynn III, who was a registered lobbyist for the military contractor Raytheon, you'd be right!

But, that's not where I'm going.

Note: Obama needed an ethics waiver to hire Lynn
3) #UScensus

in 2009, upon taking the office of the United States Presidency, one of the very first things Barack Hussein Obama did was take control of the US Census Office
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28 Jun 19
A Billion = 1,000 MILLION

The US gave away 49 BILLION taxpayer dollars to foreign countries

49 x 1,000 = 49,000 Million Dollars given away to FOREIGN countries last year

There are 330 million people in the US

Why are you paying taxes again?
Where is YOUR $?
Article: Trump Says the US is the World's Piggybank

By @TheGistOfItIs
@thegistofitis I'd like to find someone smarter than me that could point out how & where this occurs SPECIFICALLY in government

Then build a way to stop it

☆I gotta believe that every class, group, & party of US CITIZENS could easily unite against their being fleeced.
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8 Jun 19
Thread: How Many Security Clearances??

As of Oct 1, 2010

• 2,166 679 Gov employees held a "Confidential/Secret" Security Clearance
2) As of Oct 1, 2010

• 666 008 Gov employees held a "Top Secret" Security Clearance
3) As of Oct 1, 2010

• 541,097 Gov CONTRACTORS held a "Confidential/Secret" Security Clearance
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4 May 19
1) President @realDonaldTrump Saved the #2ndAmendment for America last week!
2) Last Friday, President Trump took the historic step of ordering the “UNsigning” of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during his address to the NRA-ILA’s Leadership Forum.
3) President Trump’s action effectively WITHDRAWS the United States from the most comprehensive effort towards international #GunControl.
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1 May 19
1) Long before #qanon there was #FBIanon who appeared briefly on the chans in 2016-- most famously in July

2) An important interchange:

Can you tell us more about the SAPs and were the classified information sent via those compromised too? Also is Obama tied to Clinton Foundation in any way?

#79480356 #FBIanon July 2nd
3) #79480356 #FBIanon July 2nd

All I can tell you about the SAPs is that Hillary had them, & she did not have proper authority to have any of them. They were leaked to her by someone, & she did sell them to overseas donors. Possessing them alone makes her guilty of treason.
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13 Apr 19
1) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2017: Seattle Leaders DEFEND #SanctuaryCity Status…
2) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2018: #Seattle to get FEDERAL MONEY Despite #SanctuaryCity Threats…
3) #SeattleISDying
#SOCIALIST Leadership & #FAILED Mayor @MayorJenny

2018: Mayor Jenny Durkan Responds to U.S. Department of Justice Threats Against King County for Protecting Immigrants & Refugees…
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27 Feb 19
1) #WAKEUP Libs trying to rig, steal, & stack voting to steal elections w/ #HR1
2) #HR1
6 to 1 match to any individual donation for congressional or presidential
$200 individual = $1200 of taxpayer money
3) #HR1

Establishes a new voucher pilot program grants eligible voters $25 of gov money to donate to any candidate.
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25 Jan 19
2) #Washington State: NEW Proposed #GunControl Laws


AN ACT Relating to undetectable or untraceable firearms…

#2A #2Amendment
3) #Washington State: NEW Proposed #GunControl Laws


REQUIRES Mandatory 8 Hours Training for Concealed Pistol License…

This training will include 9 items:

#2A #2Amendment
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