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19 Oct
Our Constitution has both design and manufacturing defects as it is built on the false premise that Majority will oppress the Minorities. Therefore, Majority has to be subjugated and Minorities have to patronised.
Let us see in next tweets how it is false.1/N
Majority oppressing minority is itself an Abrahamic doctrine which ordains faithfuls to enforce the will of God/Allah on non-faithfuls. But it has no place in Hindu religion or Hindu civilisational ethos which is primarily informed by pluralism in its truest sense. 2/N
In a non-doctrinal pluralistic society as ours no non-Abrahamic group can ever be a crystalline majority. That leaves only Abrahamic groups who are doctrinally ordained, motivated & determined to enforce will of their God/Allah on numerically big but amorphous non-Abrahamics. 3/N
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15 Oct
Hon'ble @narendramodi Ji,
You may have heard about this English proverb:
And if Khalistani tërrørïsm gets revived then utter incompetence of your BJP Govt alone will be responsible & you will be go down in history for giving it a fresh lease of life.
Sir @narendramodi
When key posts like Cabinet Secretary, Home Secretary, Director IB, Director R&AW, CP Delhi etc are manned by people on daily wages at your pleasure after their retirement, they will neither tell you unpleasant reality nor have courage to enforce law strictly.
Sir @narendramodi
Governance is political activity, not Babugiri.
You've too many non-politicians as Ministers who have no connect with people.
Since they're at your mercy they only do Dandiya to please you.
As a result, your political feedback about your governance is lopsided.
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11 Sep
Hindutva is a socio-political ideology inspired by Abrahamism which cannot survive without the 'other'. And if there is no 'other' from without, it would invent one from within.
Whereas Hinduism is ritualistic, spiritual & empowering, and hence it is Sanatan--eternal aka divine.
Test of pudding is in eating.

If Hindutva is same as Hinduism aka Sanatan Dharma, then why there is so much aversion to teaching/learning शास्त्र विद्या by/among Hindutva organisation?

And why there is NO institutional protest by Hindutva organizations against ongoing #DGH?
Assuming but not admitting that Hindutva meant same as Hinduism when it was coined, its current meaning/purpose is not Sanatan.

Just as Secularism in India means opposite of its original, whatever HINDUTVA may mean etymologically, IN ACTION IT IS ANYTHING BUT HINDUISM.
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11 Sep
Hindu was proud warrior till 1857. Fierce, impossible to subdue. Till then, if the invaders got better of one kingdom, another rose against them. Villagers would abandon the villages and relocate into hills and forests and continue to fight.+
In 1857, the British crown took over, and guaranteed the stability to the Hindu kings in lieu of peace. And our downfall began.

Hindu kings became like zoo animals: food security, no struggle, no danger; and as a result, fight drained out of them.+
Instead they became supplicants to the British. Brother princes would lobby with the British for throne after the death of the king.

This culture soon percolated to masses. Riches lay not in work, but in ingratiating oneself to those in power.+
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