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25 Mar 20
Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $111 billion. Amazon, who he is the founder and CEO, is valued at approximately $1 trillion. But the billionaire wants the public to pay financial aid to his employees affected by the coronavirus.
Jeff Bezos created a Relief Fund for his 800,000 employees, who are facing financial difficulties due to unforeseen personal circumstances. For this, he is asking the public for donations.
Amazon employees live in poverty. Data from the company in Arizona, quoted in an article by The Intercept, indicates that one in three employees relies on food stamps to be able to eat.
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14 Feb 20
Guaidó fails politically on his return to Venezuela. Despite the photo with Trump, the political opposition near-experienced his expiration date.

Let's review some keys on this thread.
After his tour through several countries and after generating high expectations in social media, Juan Guaidó returned on February 11th to Venezuela through the Simón Bolívar International Airport, located in the state of La Guaira.
Upon arrival, Guaidó met with a noticeable rejection from Conviasa workers (state airline recently sanctioned by the US) and Chavismo militants, who waited for his arrival at the airport’s arrivals exit.

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10 Nov 19
IMPORTANT | To have a clearer understanding regarding the current Bolivian political crisis and who's behind the coup attempt against the constitutional president of #Bolivia, Evo Morales, let's follow this thread by @GBorgesRevilla, Director at Misión Verdad.
Bolivia is being intervened by foreign powers, but no one mentions this. So far, all analyses focus on narrating the conflict as a local issue, a terrible mistake. Leading the coup we find organizations and companies financed by the US and Europe since at least 2005.
Officially, USAID has not been operating in Bolivia since 2013, but the financing of sedition and racist groups never stopped. The embassies of Germany and Spain have served as ‘clutch’ entities to fuel those leaderships we see today as “surprises”.
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6 Jul 19
#Thread Venezuela welcomed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, on June 19 of this year. During her visit, the official met with government representatives, opposition leaders, trade unions and NGOs.
The visit of Bachelet was significant based on the expectation and pressure on social media by anti-chavez spokespersons. 13 days after her visit, the report delivered at the UN was published, where the exclusion of important social and political data predominates.
Despite having first-hand information, offered by the national government, social organizations and human rights NGOs, the High Commissioner deliberately omitted them. The final report is a copy of a copy of the anti-Chavez NGO’s narrative.
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