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Jan 18 8 tweets 5 min read
Big update on @eulerfinance: cbETH is now finally a collateral asset!

Let's dive in on how you can trade @coinbase's cbETH on Euler

🧵 1/7 Image Since release, cbETH has steadily gained market share from Lido and other projects. It saw steady volumes on both @coinbase and DEXes, and was able to secure a @chainlink oracle.

This makes it finally feasible to integrate into a lending protocol like @eulerfinance

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Nov 4, 2022 16 tweets 8 min read
Should cbETH by @coinbase be collateral on @eulerfinance? Provided liquidity risk is mitigated, I think YES. Why?

🔼 It would let cbETH lenders to earn additional APY
🔼 Let DeFi users trade cbETH/ETH and cbETH/stETH in an ultra capital efficient way

Let's dive in 🧵 1/16 First of all, why cbETH by @CoinbaseAssets?

@coinbase is a huge validator. There is enough staking on Coinbase to allow their ETH stakers to mint 1bil+ of cbETH that can be taken into DeFi.

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Jun 29, 2022 13 tweets 21 min read
New proposal on @eulerfinance to allocate treasury $ to EUROC by @circlepay and WETH.

The funds are intended for strengthening @Uniswap oracles and laying the foundation for onchain EURUSD FX trading powered by Euler and Circle.

Let's discuss the proposal and onchain FX 🧵 1/13 @eulerfinance @circlepay @Uniswap EUROC by @circlepay will launch soon and has the potential to become as big as USDC. To get there, it needs two things:

🔺 Good onchain liquidity
🔺 Strong decentralised oracles.

Should eTP1 pass, @eulerfinance could contribute to strong oracles.


Jun 21, 2022 13 tweets 19 min read
Recent market volatility highlighted why it's crucial that collateral assets are extremely liquid.

In response to market conditions, there's a new proposal to adjust LTVs for UNI, LINK and MATIC on @eulerfinance

Let's dive into risks this is trying to avert

1/13 🧵 @eulerfinance While @eulerfinance performed extremely well during market vol, one cannot be complacent. Recent news around @CelsiusNetwork and @3arrowscap highlight hidden systemic risks.

In fact, poor risk choices can lead to teams taking untenable positions