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16 Jul
Funny how that works....

This needs to be investigated!

Need eyes on!

San Antonio is a sister city to China

I can still remember it like it was yesterday....

Oh wait! It was yesterday

Oh hey Orlando established a sister city inside china in 1986....wait that's weird right? Two is just happenstance right?…
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10 Jul
@We_Have_Risen @DTerran2 @2Spaceninja15 @RobertPLewis I looked at 2 sites the wordpress which is in spanish and no blog posts.

But the second one I looked at was rather interesting and worth digging further but I am at work.
@We_Have_Risen @DTerran2 @2Spaceninja15 @RobertPLewis Why are they important?

Extinction rebellion
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5 Jun
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5 Jun
@QbiWonton @AsteroidStryke @CarrollQuigley1 Thing is the writing was on the wall. Unfortunately the housing crisis and the terrible recovery stunted the ability for middle class to laterally move somewhere else.
@QbiWonton @AsteroidStryke @CarrollQuigley1 Because remember 95% of all new jobs that Obama created were part-time or contract work. Plus some of the largest social welfare recipients in history. Trump has crushed that only due to the pandemic. Speaking of trump he was raising the inner city up. Allowing a lot of then
@QbiWonton @AsteroidStryke @CarrollQuigley1 Them to build a life for themselves and for once in history could start to become economically free. And that is why he had a 36% approval rate amongst black voters before riots.
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4 Jun
Good for John Dowd!

Mattis turned his back on suffering Americans & sided w/the people looking to take down our President anyway they can.

Mattis swore an oath just like the President to defend the constitution against enemies both FOREIGN & DOMESTIC. He has now failed in both
It now makes you wonder why in both Iraq and Afghanistan did we take control of an area only to give it back. Losing precious lives of some of the bravest men and women this country will never know.
Does Mattis not realize that some of those National Guardsmen raised their right hand to serve and protect their country? While some have done the same for their local communities as Police Officers.
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4 Jun
Now explain to me why would a city like Minneapolis AKA Lil Mogadishu, heavily populated by Muslim refugees, want to disband the police?

With friends like them who needs enemies.....
This article states Ellison's son Jeremiah....yes the one that pledged allegiance to ANTIFA......was a candidate for Minneapolis "lil Mogadishu" city council.

Guess what he made it....…
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3 Jun
I found out some info on how the Rioters are entering cities. It may not be busses like everyone has been reporting.

A friend told me that his ex-nanny works at an airport car rental. It is full of out of town rentals.
Mother-in-law said a family member also works for enterprise and that people are returning cars from out of town and claiming they have COVID-19.

How do you get rid of finger prints in a vehicle?

I hope law enforcement is tracking this.

We are now starting to see how they move
For all who liked and retweeted those tweets this is a long thread but please give it a look

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3 Jun
When does Brennan vet pulled into all of this Rioting planning?
We are witnessing [THEIR] Kinetic War
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3 Jun
Just a side note:

Al-Qaeda in northern africa are the wealthiest of terror groups. They make their money drug smuggling from columbia. Link in next tweet

Qaddafi trained guerrillas in libya for latin american countries…
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3 Jun
So it seems to me that ANTI FA is using the looting/fires to cover themselves.

1)So police have to show up which they can track with their scouts. In order to maneuver troops to a weaker point.

2)To Basically keep the criminal element interested in being at the protest
High levels of law enforcement I am sure are tracking the scouts from the air and on the ground.

Patterns emerge. Pay attention!
I also wouldnt be surprised if they were using protest signs as communication code.

Red Black Green
Specific lettering
Specific words

All to coordinate movement and attack. Pay Attention!
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2 Jun
Been seeing this a lot more even on hats by people being interviewed in the states about the riots

H/T @JarradKushner
Climate change
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1 Jun
We are now making foriegn connections to funding of this Insurrection

Muslim Brother Hood
China (media)
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29 May
Wasnt patient zero found in Wuhan Nov 17 2019?
Joe tweets on October 25th 2019

Politico article October 31 2019…
Oh and October 22 Natasha Bertrand has sources that say brennan is focus of durham…
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27 May
Heads up 4 people in congress have been shadow banned. Also the president is now being censored.

Jim asks whose next.....

The rest of us Constitutional Conservatives over here banging pots and pans digging for truth dont matter as much.

What I am getting tired of is politicians, some cant even operate a facebook page, waxing poetic about the unfairness of the internet Facebook and Twitter.

Complaints with no solutions.

What are they going to do now have lyndsey Graham write a letter? Pull the robot Zuckerberg
Up to capital hill again to explain how messenger works?

Its exhausting and a waste of tax payer dollars.

My suggestion either shit or get off the pot. Patriots are done playing footsie trying to play along to get along.

Hold the companies accountable nothing else matters
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27 May
I will start a new thread:


And anyone else.....

Has anyone dug into Dozier School for Boys?

The reason I asked is because I watched the entire season of Kids behind bars: life or parole.

I was keyed into Preston's story of abuse at Dozier.…
Which reminded me of True Detective season 1…
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25 May
It's all connected!

This is interesting
This just came out recently…
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23 May
@M2Madness @realDonaldTrump BTW this is Hillary defending her use of "Super Predators".....Notice how she brings up the Childrens Defense fund

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