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I used to play World of Warcraft and lead the #Acherus Death Knight community. Now I look back at all the memories and smile.
16 Oct
I will no longer be silent.

If you're curious about why I (and others) are cynical about the WoW team's feedback process, here's a thread about private avenues of feedback that some theorycrafters were/are offered — and why they haven’t made an ounce of difference in a long time
Around early/mid 2013, just before the release of the Throne of Thunder raid, I was invited to a private feedback forum for WoW theorycrafters. This was the first incarnation of the "private forums", which many have speculated about ever since.
In its initial stages, this forum was wonderful. Many of the most positive developments in both MoP and even the developmental stages of WoD were the result of the careful, thoughtful feedback that players on this forum provided.
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15 Oct
Theory time: Yogg-Saron is the reason that Sylvanas specifically ended up in the Maw after her suicide atop Icecrown Citadel. Moreover, Yogg-Saron may have been the reason behind the Jailer ever being aware of Azeroth and its World Soul.

How does this make sense?
Chronicles Volume 1 states that when the Titanforged began their invasion to cleanse Azeroth of the Old Gods, they began in the Black Empire's Northernmost holdings.
Going off of this map, that suggests that the Titanic invasion began in Yogg-Saron's territory.

Yet, it was not the first of the Old Gods to fall -- and I think there's a good reason as to why this occurred.
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