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Sep 26, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
@RajivMessage Guru-ji, this is the damage done by Ambedkar. Now his chamchas masquerade as Buddhists. But these chamchas are actually Ambedkarites 1) mostly belonging to SC/ST community 2) who have converted into Christianity and 3) only few Buddhists who hate Hinduism as taught by Ambedkar. @RajivMessage So, the game is actually run mostly by converted Christians from the SC/ST community under the Dalit tag. Co-opt with the small number of Buddhist minorities, Muslims + Commies with the common goal of hurting Hinduism. Church hijacked Ambedkar, not that he was our friend anyway.
Jun 28, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
@RajivMessage-ji, I’m deeply disappointed at this tweet of our PM @PMOIndia. He shouldn’t be factually incorrect to appease anybody. This is nothing but going out of the way to appease, by turning a lie into a fact.

1/n In this tweet, PM Modi is giving legitimacy to the myth of Thomas. The myth of Thomas is the lie on which Christianity is anchored in our country (especially in Southern Bhārath). This myth gets used to divide South vs North, 2/n
May 31, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read

1) Disown Chinese Software in 7 days.
2) Disown Chinese Hardware in 12 months.

@RajivMessage @jagdishshetty @pGurus1 @Swamy39 @MaheshJoshi_MJ @praneelraja

facebook.com/10001298302565… I just got these Sennheiser CX 275S earphones from Amazon India, which are Made in China.

I’m returning them. The hardware battle starts from today and it has to reach near completion in 12 months.

Please do you all. 🙏🏽🕉💐 ImageImage
May 28, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
Isn’t it shocking, as a Hindu, to see a young fellow like Tejasvi Surya choosing to become a dishonest Parishad Politician with selective uproar (no protest against Char Dham takeover by BJP in Uttarakhand), instead of becoming a Jana Hitham based Naayaka/Rāja? Shameless fellow! @Tejasvi_Surya, you ask that we fight tooth and nail against an auction by TTD. But this article by @pGurus1 on the take over of 51 temples by Uttarakhand BJP Govt & the petition filed by @Swamy39 is a timely reminder that outrage shouldn’t be selective.

Dec 8, 2019 9 tweets 3 min read
Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om 💐😓😢🕉🙏🏽

This spine-chilling Rape cum brutal Murder of Teku Lakshmi garu is from Asifabad, Telangana. It happened on 24th November, 2019 which was 3 days prior to the horror Disha went through in Bhagyanagaram, Telangana on 27th November, 2019. 1/n ImageImageImageImage Sexual desire doesn’t explain the gruesome violence and brutality that the victim (Teku Lakshmi garu) was put through. It seems more like vicious hatred directed against her with rape as one of the mandatory acts in the whole hate-filled act. 2/n
Nov 18, 2019 7 tweets 2 min read
Whatever be the legitimate political compulsions to put Shauchalaya ahead of Dēvālaya during governance, I’m deeply concerned that @narendramodi had the (over) confidence to say Shauchalaya first and Dēvālaya next in a speech. 1/n

Here is the link. Watch it. 2/n


Oct 27, 2019 6 tweets 3 min read
Are you serious? What is the year long pollution caused by the vehicles you sell? Your unscientific approach to the pollution menace is in itself a menace. Not sure about you and your children but my children and my dog realized your pernicious position.

Being a business, you should stay out of taking a stand against any particular religion. Don’t cry when you face backlash from Hindus. Mahindra will be next I think.

Aug 9, 2019 4 tweets 3 min read
On my way to Tirupathi last night. @Swamy39 gari Darśanam today morning. @jagdishshetty 💐🕉🙏🏽 Image Met Subramanian Swamy gari biggest admirer I know of from Andhra Pradesh for the first time in Vijayawada railway station on our way to Tirupathi. That’s Praneel, a young Hindutva dynamite from @vhsindia Andhra Pradesh. 💐😃 Image
Jul 17, 2019 6 tweets 2 min read
@ysjagan Dear Jagan, my name is Srigiriraju Srinivas Umamahesh. We used to live in USA. We returned to Andhra permanently to see how we can help make our state and country better. Myself and my wife are doctors who left everything in USA. 1/n We settled down in Guntur. Ever since we landed, there are too many fights even for straight forward things. I'm currently facing an issue. Driver's License. Me and my wife hold American Driver's License from the state of Louisiana. We now need Andhra Driver's License. 2/n
May 14, 2019 4 tweets 4 min read
Unbelievable number of Bhagavān Ganesha bathrooms sets and door mats on @amazon website. Please remove these #Hinduphobic products. Hindus don’t even wear footwear in their homes. How can anybody sell our sacred images on bathroom sets and door mats? @RajivMessage @MEAIndia ImageImageImageImage I have no idea why people are soiling my timeline by abusing Amazon and coming up with silly questions like will Amazon put cross on floor mats. What if Amazon has no problem with cross on floor mats? Will that give us respite from the fact that our Ganesha is on the floor mats?
May 10, 2019 18 tweets 4 min read
Namasthe @RajivMessage-ji. 🙏🏽🕉💐

Father of the Nation? Not our Samskrithi. Please educate me Guru-ji as I want to evolve.

When we call our country as భారత మాత (भारत माता), then how can we call MK Gandhi born in that country as Father of the Nation (జాతి పిత, जाति पिता)? 1/n Shouldn’t we oppose this Father of the Nation concept/phrase? I think this is an important issue. Thoughts when proposed for the first time by Thought Leaders (I’m not claiming to be a Thought Leader) are met with very stiff resistance. I’m aware of that practical drawback. 2/n
Feb 6, 2019 6 tweets 6 min read
Here is the latest joint attack by Secular TDP and Christian Missionaries in broad day light on a Hindu Temple in Manadapeta of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Hindus are under Siege in Bhārath. @RajivMessage @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @RSSorg @BJP4Andhra @JaiTDP @ncbn Image Some of my friends have already contacted the local TDP MLA through SMS and WhatsApp. I request others also to do the same. Here is his contact number. I didn’t contact him yet. So, I don’t know if that number is correct. But try and see. Image
Jan 22, 2019 8 tweets 6 min read
1. @myogiadityanath, as the CM of UP, you are obligated to know what’s happening to Kumbha Mela. I’m presenting you a series of videos done by @RajivMessage. Don’t turn around and say nobody told you. 2. Here is Part 1 of a video by Rajiv Malhotra-ji on Kumbha Mela. This was from 2016.

Dec 30, 2018 4 tweets 4 min read
Agusta Westland case: Enforcement Directorate tells Delhi's Patiala House Court that Christian Michel took the name of Sonia Gandhi. @Swamy39 was the first who took her name in Rajya Sabha on the 1st day of his present 6th Term in the Parliament in April 2016. @jagdishshetty 1/2 I was fortunate to meet, talk to and touch the feet of @Swamy39 in October 2017 at Houston, Texas. 2/2
Nov 25, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
@RajivMessage Can we say that the Kumbh Mela battle field looks something like this?👇🏽

Kumbh Mela is the next battle field which is being prepared on/against Hindus and Hinduism of hitherto unseen magnitude. Sabarimala will pale in comparison. Western Academia and their Indian Chamchas are on the prowl:

Some of the lenses which will be used by Harvard University and TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences) will be:
Nov 17, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
@RajivMessage, Guru-ji, any reason this video was taken down?

@PiyushGoyal’s confusions come through very clearly. Dare I say, anti-Hindu leaders are masquerading as Pro-Hindus. This 18 minute video is a must watch to clearly understand the anti-Hindu statements of Piyush Goyal and the anti-Hindu policies of BJP.
Oct 29, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read

TDK is very upset with Jai Italy that finally under immense pressure and persistence of Dr Subramanian Swamy, the Corrupt Chidambaram was chargesheeted for Money-Laundering by The Enforcement Directorate. 1/n

@jagdishshetty Last weekend TDK pulled up Jai Italy that inspite of promises made by him to her that no Cong Leader will be ever touched, why Jai Italy could Not stop the charge-sheeting Of Chidambaram. 2/n
Oct 8, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Namasthe All,

Thanks to @RajivMessage for his insistence on diligence to spot distortions when Intellectual Kshathriyas come across them. Here is one small thread on outright distortion of Rāmāyanam. Stay tuned. This is terrible distortion of Rāmāyanam in the Telugu Hit Movie Lava Kuśa.

Agni Pravēśam by Sītamma was dangerously twisted as Agni Parīksha and Śeela Parīksha taken by Srīrāma on Sītamma. Watch the clip from 4:05 to 4:54 to see the outright twisting.

Oct 6, 2018 20 tweets 7 min read
This is one of my threads on the book Breaking India with focus on some events and the history behind this book. So what is Breaking India book in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, the book specifically focuses on Dalit and Dravidian fault-lines and how the west is using these two fault-lines to intervene in the physical as well as civilizational integrity of India.
Sep 25, 2018 15 tweets 7 min read
@ErikSolheim Dear Mr. Erik Solheim, It gives me great pleasure to note that your organization is at the forefront in tackling the environment issues plaguing our planet. @UN More than pleasure, it gives us peace of mind that there are organizations like yours to address the issues plaguing our Earth. Be it dealing with the menace of marine plastic litter or hazards of plastic on land;
Sep 23, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
While it takes a man of supreme courage and peerless clarity to tweet such an uncompromising tweet, this particular tweet by @RajivMessage created in me some kind of vague discomfort - “Are the gloves coming off”?

In the best interest of Dharma, may this storm settle down in an amicable way. May Maa Durga and Hanuman-ji always protect you in this Kurukshethra.