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1 Jul
A widely circulated myth on social media is that in 1973, Smt Indira Gandhi terminated ‘One Rank One Pension,’ the basis for deciding pension of Indian Armed Forces Personnel ‘which had been in vogue for 26 years since independence’. In addition, the Government, on the basis
of the report of 3rd CPC, from which Armed Forces representation was excluded, and which was dominated by bureaucrats, increased the pension of civilians, who retired at 58, from 30 to 50 percent, a net increase of 20 percent; and reduced the pension of soldier, NCOs & JCOs
by 20 percent, from 70 to 50 percent of basic pay, with the caveat that for full pension the minimum service was 33 years.

Findings are given below:

1. 3rd CPC was the first CPC for Defence Forces. I quote from para 5, chapter 48 Vol 3 of the report,...
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8 Jun
A short story.
4 people (introduced themselves as social activists) visit a veteran in his house who offered them chai & snacks. During the course of the conversation, they started discussing the veteran's writings & social media posts which were critical of the govt.
All of a sudden they get terribly agitated & the language takes a downward spiral & curse words creep in.
A terrible trait in most of us Indians begin with 'Jaante nahin ho, hum kaun hain?"
'Kaun ho Bhai?'
A swelling of a body part later, "hum RSS waale hain. Agar tum ne...
...ye anti BJP aur anti Modi lekh band nahin kiya, toh achha nahin hoga."

'Kyon? Kya achha nahin hoga?'

Some incredulous looks were exchanged amongst themselves. They get up in a huff & body language takes an aggressive turn.
"Kalburgi yaad hai, na?"


"Soch lena."
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26 Apr
Thread #OROP fallacies over social media.
1. 'In 1973, Indira Gandhi terminated ‘One Rank One Pension.'
2. 3rd CPC increased pension of civilians from 30% to 50% & reduced pension of PBORs from 70% to 50% of basic pay. Facts submitted are courtesy Wg Cdr RK Bali & AM SY Savur
For ease of understanding, I will try & split this into two sub threads.
1. Circumstances Pre 3rd CPC (Headed by Justice Raghubir Dayal) &
2. Post 3rd CPC.

P.S. 3rd CPC was the first Commission to review pay & allowances of The Armed Forces of India.
Pay & pensions were lower than those of British personnel in the Indian Army. During WW2, these were hiked. After the war, these were reduced & brought at par with civilians. Post Independence, pensions were fixed by Armed Forces Pension Revision Committee (AFPRC).
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25 Feb
This is a war of attrition.
I have walked across multiple flashpoints in NE Delhi in the past two days.

One common point. Hindutva rioters who are deployed are all outsiders; supported by a few locals & @DelhiPolice

The decisive inflexion point will be..
one of resolve.

The resolve of the protesters to continue fighting an existential fight peacefully.

And that of the mob to deploy themselves indefinitely; far away from their homes for an extended duration.

@OmairTAhmad @prempanicker @HartoshSinghBal @HasibaAmin
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23 Feb
Let me reveal some more details of the despicable nature of @KapilMishra_IND

Rashtriya Yuva Sanghatan, the youth wing of the Gandhian organisations was holding its annual camp at Shahjahanpur (UP) from 1st June to 7th June 2017.

On 6th/7th June, he came to Shahjahanpur with

a few of his supporters. To ask for help from #KumarPrashant #AmarnathBhai & others. To build bridges between him & @ArvindKejriwal after his very public fallout with him. His visit was unsolicited and we had no prior information. He just landed up.

Senior Gandhians, after
hearing him out, told him in no uncertain terms that his insinuations weren't supported by proof & his barging into an internal organisation meeting without invitation/intimation is without precedence. Therefore, there could be no resolution.

Subsequently, post that, in
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11 Feb
That is not correct.

I did'nt know much about @INCIndia before Dec 19. But, what I saw & continue to see has impressed. Let me explain.

Starting, 15.12.19, when JMI was attacked & some of us were trying to extricate the wounded & unconscious students from toilets & sewers..
one SOS call to an INC official ensured that both @NSUIDelhi (led by @Neerajkundan reached Holy Family Hospital within 30 mins) & @IYC reached ITO in numbers to counter the pressure.

2. When Arts Faculty in DU was being assaulted, it was NSUI again who countered the pressure
On 5th Jan when JNU was under assault, both @NSUIDelhi & @IYC activated opposite the main gates while some of us worked from the inside.

Apart from these specific instances there have been numerous appeals for SOS mobilisation which they have responded to with alacrity.
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24 Jan
Thread on NPR enumeration.

When the enumerator comes, he will have 2 sets of questions. One pertaining to the census & another set of 21 questions for the NPR. In all likelihood the enumerator will mix up the questions.

The following common (both to the census & NPR)...
..questions need to be answered.
1. Name of Person ( Start with Head of Household)
2. Relationship to Head
3. Sex ( incl data on 3rd gender)
4. DoB & age.
5. Current marital status
6. Highest Educational level attained.
7. Birth Place.

The following questions for NPR should
not be answered.
8. Name; as to appear in NPR
9. Occupation/Activity
10. Father's name
11. Mother's name
12. Spouse's name
13. Nationality; as declared
14. Duration of stay at present address
15. Permanent residential address
16. Aadhar Number
17. Mobile number
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8 Nov 19
In response to The Adjutant General's Code of Conduct for Veterans, a friend drafted a
*Code of Conduct for Serving Senior Officers of The Armed Forces*

1. Will avoid managing postings under suitable IOs/ROs/SROs.
2. Will not needlessly change interiors of accommodation..
..provided while taking up a assignment in a new station.
3. Will not arrange Temporary Duties/Foreign Trips to look after personal interests.
4. Will pay mess bills at the rates as decided by the Mess Committee without food & drinks at parties being heavily subsidized.
5. Will not expect expensive drinks, separate enclosures or food in a social evenings. Will eat and drink what other officers are served.
5. Will not collect expensive gifts on inspection visits to stations or on farewell visits.
6. Will finish writing Annual ..
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21 Apr 19
1/n For all you Bhakts waxing eloquent abt @BJP4India giving us #OROP.

Let me set the record straight.

Pension enhancement was won after a hard agitation thanks to @satbirsm who had the unflinching support of veterans. That, after @narendramodi forgot his promise made in Rewari
2/n Why the hardline stance?

1. #OROP bheek nahin hai. Adhikar hai
2. @BJP4India really shouldn't have lathi charged us. We are a proud lot who served India. We don't forget & we will institutionalise the memory.
3. @narendramodi constant lies wrt #OROP only aggravates situation
Why is the agitation continuing?
@BJP4India has only itself to blame because of its actions mentioned earlier. BJP moved actively to divide the ESM fraternity.
We moved to unite other sections of society.
We fought for India. Now, India fights for us
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11 Apr 19
Veterans write to the Supreme Commmander of The Armed Forces complaining about the blatant politicisation.

The loyalty of the Armed Forces of India towards the country is beyond doubt.
For India!
Not @BJP4India or @narendramodi
Not even Election Commission, not random...
...politicians who choose to appropriate our dignity when it suits them, while stripping us of dignity by policy.

It is time to make our view clear. We are citizens of India. We are Armed Forces of India. We are #NotYourPoliticalFlunkie
@adgpi @indiannavy @SpokespersonECI
"In an unprecedented election-eve letter of the kind India has never seen before in the 07 decades since independence, over 150 armed forces veterans have written to the President & C in C..."

We promise to defend our integrity and that of India.
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4 Nov 18
Circa 1994, I was on a post at 15000 feet somewhere in Kupwara sector on the LC.

There was a huge Himalayan Black Bear & her cub who used to visit my post (Coy HQ) every evening to feed over leftovers. They just sat on the track 10 feet away from the langar till one of us..
..carried over her share of the evening meal. We could actually go as close as 2 feet away from her & she would let loose a mewling strange sort of a sound from her throat. Sometimes the cub would playfully prance around our legs & allow us to pet.

It was a happy arrangement
..& I daresay both parties used to look forward to this evening ceremony. Till...

22 Jul 1994.

That evening (there was still daylight) she came to the post but was very jittery & fretful. And she had every reason to be so.

The night prior we had been attacked by Pak SSG..
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20 Sep 18
1/n #SayNoToUntouchability
Something wonderful is unfolding in Kandhamal district, Odisha.
Amidst the encompassing din of hyper nationalism, lynchings & economic gloom which hangs like a shroud over our heads, simple village folks & volunteers are taking giant steps to fight...
..social evils & stigma.
Entire villages are taking the following resolutions:
1. We, the people of (village name) will not have not encourage any physical form of untouchability.
2. All public facilities available in the village; like drinking water source, gramya mandap,..
..community hall, sorting & grading center etc will be free for everybody to use without any discrimination.
3. All religious places of worship will be free for everyone without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion.
4. Everyone is free to participate in all village
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14 Aug 18
1/n Today is a sad day in the history of the Armed Forces of India. On the eve of our 72nd Independence Day, irretrievable proof emerges about the ongoing politicisation of our Armed Forces. These are dangerous events which herald ill for our democracy. On 8th Aug 2018,...
2/n ...@DrGPradhan a known polarising handle published a Twitter poll 👇in which he tagged @narendramodi & @PMOIndia . He follows it up by uploading a video recorded at 3 AM on 13 Aug 2018 predicting a portentous event which occurred on 14 Aug 2018. 356 officers,JCOs & ORs went..
3/n ...to the Supreme Court to appeal against it's directives wrt FIRs, reopening of cases & their provisions under AFSPA. IT IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to clarify these matters and the conditions that we serve in.
Be that as it may, my submissions/questions are as follows...
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6 Jun 18
1/n #CorruptMoDPart1 . Here's the sequel #CorruptMoDPart2
What's the hidden agenda behind opening up of Cantonment Roads & thereby compromising #CanttSecurity? Have a look at Press Release reg encroachment of Defence Lands across India. Over 13000 acres of Prime Real Estate.
2/n Across India, there are 2724 Grant Bungalows under illegal occupation;most of which are used for commercial activities in connivance with officers of #DefenceEstates & @SpokespersonMoD . Despite Supreme Court judgement, no action is being initiated by MoD to reclaim the OGBs.
3/n As you clearly see from the extracts of the CAG report below, rampant misuse, unauthorized conversions into hotels/restaurants/commercial establishments of OGBs is in vogue. What's more? Illegal sale of such valuable govt real estate is also going on unchecked.
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