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May 19, 2020 11 tweets 5 min read

Let me tell you a Little Story about a Big Storyteller.

This is about Rusty & Me.

Circa 2015.

On a visit to Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, to meet an old buddy posted there, I took the opportunity to call up the Manager of #Rusty to seek an appointment.. ©️ @MajorAkhill - 2015 2/10

..I didn't wish to disturb good old Rusty as though he is known to be accommodative, he prefers a selected time to welcome visitors to his home given his love for solitude.

I just had 1 Day & #Landour was a good 2 hours from #IMA

I was told that he was away to Delhi and.. ©️ @MajorAkhill - 2015