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22 Jul
1)As promised, this is the thread about how Mbinga Tagwirei started. This thread will focus on what he is famous for,fuel industry. Tagwirei was a CBZ employee not long ago, juggling work and small businesses with his business partner, Mr John Mangudya, the current RBZ governor.
2) Tagwirei was a member of the Gamtox Zanu pf faction, which he had very close ties to Dzikamai Mavhaire. Mavhaire serves as the primary link between Kuda and Zanu pf. Mavhaire introduced Kuda to the Mujurus, with whom he became very close.
3)In 2014, Zimbabwe faced a massive task of refurbishing the Beira pipeline; it is unclear why the government was unable to do so, but what we do know is that Mavhaire, who was close to KUDA and Energy Minister at the time, granted him the licence with help of Sibanda(Chief Sec)
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