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UK Labour Carmarthen East & Dinefwr member, rain or shine. 30 years work in TU movement, Charity Sector & NHS. Anti Austerity.
12 Jan
After Sunday’s correction in Mail on Sunday I want to thank, with every bit of my heart, all my colleagues, friends & family who stood by me & with me over the past 14 months, in what has been an awful experience that no one should have to go through but sadly many do. 1.
2. Every day for the past 14 months I have sought to clear my name. There were days I couldn’t face it, days I had to force myself to keep going. My nights haunted as I sought over & over to make sense of how & why. The support of the real fellowship of labour kept me going.
3. In a detailed, painstaking investigation I have learnt things things I did not want to know. Opened doors to information I would rather have slammed shut. I cannot now ignore those discoveries. Truth, justice & fairness cannot be subjugated by political expedience.
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