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Here for the storm. Back up account to @mariecf17. Had to get a new phone and could not remember my log in info😂😂 E.O. 13825 is my thread 🔥
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1. Slow Kill: The War For Your DNA
The Road To Medical Enslavement

🧵 3: MTHFR - The 650 Diseases it Haunts, Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation, Our DNA, and COVID

Today, in this thread, we knit together the connection of these health issues. Image 2. In our last thread, we speculate possible causation of MTHFR via a combination of folate starvation (folic acid) and chronic low dose radiation exposure. This can cause the most severe of DNA lesions and send many systems in us into an arrested state.
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Slow Kill: The War For Your DNA
The Road To Medical Enslavement

🧵 2: How the damage is done

As we navigate the radiation/folate deficiency rabbit hole, the findings in this thread point to generations of medical suffering. The ability to code our DNA to illness not health. Image Generations have been afraid of nuclear war.

Little did we know, ever since the Gulf War, radiation was infiltrating the water we drink and the ones we love.

Could radiation and deficiency mutate your genes without a mushroom cloud? Yes, it can.…
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Slow Kill: The War For Your DNA
The Road To Medical Enslavement

Why Has Our Health Declined since WW2, while Big Medicine/Big Science has supposedly improved? (80+ yrs)

The information we delve into is so expansive, I will use several threads to tell this story. 🧵:1 History.
We begin in 1940s. The first built machine for enrichment of uranium.
You will soon see this was for more than just a bomb or military use.
The narrative of nuclear security and classified documents surrounding it began in WW2. Image
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How uranium exposure can affect hormones and why it matters.
We know things can negatively affect hormone health.

Does uranium weasle its way into being a big villain for our hormones, too? Yes, BIGTIME.

This affects WOMEN, MEN, and the WOMB. The main hormonal issue this thread will focus on is estrogen and xenoestrogens. For the MEN that read this thread, if you think this does not affect you, buckle up. It's a doozy.
First, a little more on uranium in other bodily/brain damage. A quick recap. Image
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🧵 In a world constantly exposed to heavy metals and RADIOACTIVE metals, ZEOLITE CLINOPTILOLITE is almost a superhero.
This volcanic material has a punch against many other toxins as well. Glysophates, microplastics, viruses, bacteria, and extra histamine do not stand a chance Zeolite in the crystalline form (clinoptilolite) has so many benefits, I am positive I will run out of thread space. As a silicate, it is a wonder the modern world does not know more about it. There is documented use for over 800 years for its health benefits.
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Just how strong is the blood brain barrier?
98% of Western medicine on its own can not cross the BBB. Science has spent a lot of time trying to find a way in.
How does the BBB hold up against chronic low dose radiation and chronic low dose radioactive metals?
A 🧵.
Our bodies are amazing. They have some stout protections built in. Some of these are in the form of barriers like the blood/eye, blood/gut, and blood/brain. Made of unique cells that decide what is allowed access and what is not. Today, we focus on the blood/brain barrier. Image
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A 🧵 I found a fatty tumor on my Rottweiler's neck just behind his right ear.
Vet verified.

The size, 1.5 inch in diameter. I could feel that it was only in the skin, his skin doing its job of containment.

We decided to try to treat at home with things we have learned. We did:

French grey salt added to his water throughout the day. Not enough to make salty just minerals. Maybe 1/4tsp per gallon.

Astaxanthin (wrapped in meat) 8mg in mornings

Fenbendazole 200lbs worth 5 days on 2 days off (he is 130lb dog) in morning.

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Could "illnesses" that we live with now be a result/response to radiation and radioactive materials (e.g. uranium/radon and ammonia nitrate) since 1940?

Does it connect to AUTISM?

Let's explore the global patterns that link it together. Image As we discovered over the last 20 years in the US alone, there is uranium and ammonia nitrate in 45 of 50 states municipal water ways.
The surface symptoms were doppelgangers for anything covid related, including possible vaccine injury symptoms.
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🧵 Nature has some powerhouse answers for combating RADIATION in our bodies.

Is detox possible?

Antioxidants are known scavengers of poisons in the body. Today we will discuss ASATAXANTHIN (AXT) and it's specific ability to detox and HEAL the body (EVEN DNA) from radiation. Image Astaxanthin (AXT) is a carotenoid pigment with strong antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and antitumor activities. It is also anti-radiation.
It is found in red algae, lobsters, red veggies, flamingos, and carries a red/orange tint. Remember this thread?
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This turned into one heck of a dig between @armygirl, @ShieldMaiden17Q, and myself. From intuition to research, a thread on some of the possible dots we found between uranium exposure symptoms and covid symptoms.…
Image One of the most concerning articles I have read since deciding to dig on radiation toxicity and it's "possible" connection to covid-19.
Why wasn't this bigger news in the past 2 decades? What kind of uranium would "just show up" in ⅔ of our water?…
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A thread on symptoms of high cortisol that are often misdiagnosed as disease and the best herb I have ever used for it. This is not medical advice just research found for those who want to do their own. Image Cortisol has many positive functions for our bodies until our adrenal glands get "trained" to pump too much due to trauma or continued stresses and not enough true dopamine moments. High cortisol hormone can lead to Cushings Disease…