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13 May
OMG Russia’s army recruitment video vs. ours —

We’re going to lose whatever war is ahead if we keep on this path. Seriously.
Seriously. Compare.

Here’s Russia.
And here’s America’s sad excuse for a military recruitment video.
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12 May
Another occupied apartment building in Israel hit by Palestinian rocket.

Unlike the Palestinians, the Israelis don’t store missiles in their apartment buildings. So no, this is not the same as when Israel carefully takes out Palestinian military strongholds located in Palestinian apartment buildings — which are emptied before Israel strikes.
New report — 4 Israelis were injured in this attack: 1 serious, 3 moderate.
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11 May
Let’s play: BLM or Palestinians?

Let’s play: BLM or Palestinians?
Let’s play: Kenosha or Lod? Image
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11 May
Team BLM is all over Twitter supporting Palestinian terrorism, calling it "self defense" Image
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11 May
What portion of Americans’ salaries were sent to the Palestinians by Biden’s administration to knowingly fund this terrorist attack on Israel?
American taxpayers fund Palestinian terrorism because of Biden.

Reminder: Trump stoped that “aid” program.…
Israel reported Biden’s secret “aid” to the Palestinians with YOUR money.

Remember — Biden’s administration admitted under oath they are aware that aid money is used to fund terrorism.…
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11 May
Rand Paul right now is tearing into Fauci about funding the Wuhan Virology Institute and supporting/funding a scientist who developed “gain of function” technique for COVID-19.
Rand Paul is raising significant issues that indicate Covid-19 was lab-made.
Rand Paul continues accusing Fauci of funding a scientist who worked on “gain of function research” with Chinese scientists in Wuhan that altered the virus in the lab to create the more dangerous virus that spread through the world out of that Chinese lab.
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11 May
How Palestinian militants lie about deaths to play the gullible leftist media.…
The lying about child deaths is egregious.…
Hamas has a long history of lying to the media.…
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11 May
Hamas cheerleaders in US Congress
This is nothing new. I’ve written about these not-so-secretive Trojans before.
Ilhan Omar doesn’t care about American lives.…
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10 May
Is this NY Times reporter getting paid by Hamas or the PA to post Al Jazeera propaganda? Maybe Qatar?

Or is he swallowing that propaganda all on his own? Not too deep now, boy, you can choke.
He just published a regurgitation of that propaganda for The NY Times. Who is his editor?…
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10 May
Your people literally brought weapons into the mosque, organized a militia, and started this fight. You may want to tell your people to stop disrespecting their mosque, not the other way around.

(The American people are not her people. She made this clear on election night.)
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9 May
This article is a great illustration of science.
Science depends on human ingenuity, on humans connecting the dots. Sometimes we don't have enough information & make guesses based on the little that we know. Sometime we're wayyy off as is illustrated here.…
Other times, scientists are freakin amazing and train bees to sniff out viruses.…
And yet other times, scientists tell healthy people to wear cotton masks outdoors in the summer to prevent viral spread... which is as wise as telling flaccid men to wear fishnet condoms during dinner before sex to prevent semen spread.
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6 May
I’m currently reporting an app to Apple from their App Store that marks itself as for children ages 4+ but that advertises pornographic content to children, a grooming app.

But hey, they removed Parler so y’all safe.
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28 Apr

Arlington County prosecutor’s office will be specifically considering the defendant’s race in plea offers.

“That program is set to launch by the end of the year, starting with 16- to 24-year-olds accused of committing crimes against other people.”…
Theo Stamos, who served as Arlington’s chief prosecutor until losing a primary in 2019, said she never looked at race in her decisions. Doing so, she said, “is an odious practice that makes a mockery of blind justice and corrodes confidence in the criminal justice system.”
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27 Apr
TSA: "The No Fly List is a small subset of the U.S. government Terrorist Screening Database (also known as the terrorist watchlist) that contains the identity information of known or suspected terrorists. This database is maintained by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center."
Fewer than 1,000 of the people on the No Fly List are US citizens.
There are always fake stories spread by bad actors about being on the No Fly List due to their political beliefs. These are either for personal benefit or based on a misunderstanding about why they were kicked off a flight.
Getting kicked off isn't the same as being a terrorist.
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27 Apr
HRW is a Palestinian terrorist mouthpiece. They wrote a long report full of lies and misinformation.
HRW spreads terrorist propaganda with the help of England’s The Telegraph.…
HRW is bullshit on steroids.…
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21 Apr
Conservatives playing into that typical line "facts don't care about your feelings" really misunderstand the irrelevance of this concept on the grand scheme of politics, where feelings can mutate facts into anything that feelings wish these facts to be.
Chauvin trial, prosecutor’s closing argument — about feelings. Not facts. Feelings.
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20 Apr
Al Sharpton spread blood libel against Jews, getting NYC Jews attacked and killed. Kamala Harris said he “spent his life fighting for what’s right” and that he had “don’t so much for our country.” Kamala celebrates the vicious antisemite.
Read what Al Sharpton said.…
Kamala isn’t alone in celebrating this criminal as a hero.
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20 Apr
Uh oh. That’s likely a guilty. Too fast. The faster the guiltier...
This is just standard prediction, that is all. This is common knowledge.
I am still hoping the jury will find him not guilty of the most serious offenses because the defense produced more than sufficient reasonable doubt as to the causation of Floyd’s death. Nonetheless, the expeditious timing of the verdict seriously concerns me.
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19 Apr
I dislike this defense closing. Dislike. He’s giving them, in legalese, a law lesson — instead of firing them up with the facts. He had a chance to sweep them off their feet. He threw it away.

And he’s still going with this. He could have done this later.crazy decision.
OMG he still hasn’t gone into the facts. They’re daydreaming already.
I can’t keep watching this disaster. I feel for that jury.
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11 Apr
Some Americans are still hesitant to come out and say the their leftist friends and neighbors HATE America. That’s a bold statement, after all. But make no mistake: the left is a collection of emotional Marxist puppets. They can and will do and feel whatever their party demands.
Leftists FEEL more loyalty to their party and FEEL more hate towards the right than they can THINK. It’s just the nature of the human beast. Irrespective of how illogical it might be to you fact-driven rightists, humans are creature of FEELINGS.
We marry for feeling not facts. Many didn’t vote for Trump because they “didn’t like him”. Humans are emotional slaves. Don’t let the catchy “facts don’t care about your feelings” line confuse you about human nature. Leftists succeed because they understand this about people.
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11 Apr
Amazing article. Must-read.

Did you know that Lenin hated capitalism so much that he ordered peasants selling produce to be shot.…
Lenin believed in dominance control through sheer terror.

“... for Lenin maximal violence was the default position. He was constantly rebuking subordinates for not using enough force, for restraining mobs from lynchings, and for hesitating to shoot randomly chosen hostages.”
“the first biographer with access to the secret Lenin archives, concluded that for Lenin violence was a goal in itself. He quotes Lenin in 1908 recommending ‘real, nationwide terror, which invigorates the country and through which the Great French Revolution achieved glory.’”
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