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25 Jun 20
My account was locked by Twitter for publishing information about Google from the #BlueLeaks archive released by #DDoSecrets... but I'm back now. They deleted the tweet.

Let's talk about what I posted:
Shortly after the archive went live, I poked through it and came across data sent to US law enforcement from Google, presumably as a result of a subpoena.

This isn't new. We know this happens frequently. Still interesting to look at what they send and how it's formatted.
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3 Aug 18
With all the noise about 3D printed guns, let’s talk about what they are and are not. 1/
First, homemade guns are not a new thing. Gunsmiths and hobbyists have been making their own firearms for centuries. The internet is not ushering in some dangerous new era of home gun production. 2/
You don’t need a 3D printer or expensive tools to make a gun. You can make your own slam-fire shotgun with some pipe and a nail. Parts you can buy from Home Depot. And it’s arguably more effective than 3D printing a gun. 3/
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