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14 Sep
Completely rubbish. It's the UK who want to break ties with the EU and have no intention to get a deal. May actually negiotiated a decent compromise solution over which Johnson resigned. He then negotiated a worse solution and now blames the EU for HIS idea. (1/4)
Now the Tories blame the EU over a deal that Johnson negiotiated, kicked MPs who were against it out of the party for and won a GE on the promise of implementing that deal. Reality is that they want to leave the Single Market & Customs Union. (2/4)
That means there HAS to be a hard border. If we fall back on WTO terms, a hard border is compulsory as it's written in the WTO rules. A hard border on the island of Ireland violates the GFA, so the only way to prevent that is a border in the Irish sea. (3/4)
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